Happy New Year

Just wishing everyone a happy and safe new year's eve...be careful if you are going out, it's amateur's night and people get stupid. And good luck with any resolutions you may be gunning for in the '09!

I do hereby resolve the have the best year of my life in 2009 and to share as much of the music I love as I possibly can. Huzzah!!!!

* Heartless Bastards - 'New Resolution' MP3

The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke may very well have been put on this Earth to play the part of Randy'The Ram' Robinson in Darren Aronofsky's brand new movie 'The Wrestler.' Rourke is pitch perfect as an aging wrestling icon from the 80's. Having filled arenas in his hey day, now the Ram is relegated to weekend matches at the Y and a part time job in the deli of his local supermarket. Throw in a stripper/single mother love interest(portrayed so well by Marissa Tomei) and an adult daughter that he barely knows, and you have the portrait of a broken man.

The movie pulls no punches, put's no silver lining on the cloud. It's a stark, bleak looking picture that is so earnest ,almost to a fault, that it has a documentary like feel ot it. I loved it. I will now forgive Mr. Aronofsky for unleashing 'The Fountain' on us a couple of years ago.

* Lou Barlow - 'Round And Round' MP3


Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Enabler Seeks Addict For Mutually Destructive LTR

Reply to: pers-975387569@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-31, 9:31AM EST

Me: Clean, sober SWF with infinite patience and a degree in astrophysics who gives stellar blowjobs and loves to cook and travel. Reads for fun, loves rock music, xkcd, dive bars, and pays all bills on time.

You: Tall, handsome 21-45 year old SWM with moderate to severe meth addiction, raging alcoholism, and a healthy streak of paranoia. Must enjoy late night activities, including (but not limited to) chasing invisible intruders who are crawling around in the rafters trying to find your stash and/or steal things from you, picking at scabs, bundling things together with tape, and drinking shitty domestic beer. Must come home drunk at least 3x a week wanting (but being too drunk to engage in) mediocre sex. Must be willing to keep loaded weapons in bed with us to defend against the crank monsters that come in at night. Must assume that any time I leave the house I am seeking penis elsewhere. Must love animals.

Hope to hear from you soon!


* Bright Eyes - 'Lover I Don't Have To Love' MP3

Elizabeth Willis - 'One'

Elizabeth Willis is a singer/songwriter based out of New York City. She was formally trained on both classical violin and piano as a child, but thankfully for us, has veered more into direction of intelligent pop music. Very intelligent. Ms. Willis was a Russian lit major at Smith College.

Here is a great tune of of her beautiful self-titled debut CD...it's a perfect soundtrack for winter.

* Elizabeth Willis - 'One

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Empty Nest - Nudists- Travelers- Dancers (Columbus ,Ohio)

Reply to: comm-957787276@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-14, 3:54PM EST

Wife and I are long time AANR members who would love to meet other central Ohio nudists for get togethers and hopefully travel. We are open minded but we are not swingers. We are fit and trim for our age... active, educated, self employed business owners. We are rather successful and now have the time and resources to enjoy life fully and would love to find a similar couple to share the adventure with. We are advertising in your area as we have found that many nudist couples are shy about meeting people from their own area, (we are somewhat included.) If this posting is of interest to you... please respond with at least a paragraph about you and your spouse and we will send you our contact information. We would be willing to travel to meet if all agree that is what we want to do. Have a nice day...


Finally...an older naked couple to hang out with. Thank you Craigslist!!

* Iron & Wine - 'Naked As We Came' MP3

Quote Of The Day

I have that little Quotes Of The Day widget on my google home page, and every once in awhile one will jump off the page at me. This one did today:

"There is no greater importance in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you." - Norman Mailer

* Manic Street Preacheers - 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next' MP3

* New Pornographers - 'The Laws Have Changed' MP3

Sanges Sweet

This Camille record, 'Music Hole' is growing on me more and more every day. She has the most powerfully angelic voice and the a capella and minimalist arrangements serve as the perfect backdrop for that instrument of hers. It's easily one of the most original sounding albums I've heard all year. Every time I spin it I hear another reason to love it.

* Camille - 'Sanges Sweet' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Papa Joes about 10 years ago - m4w (Cbus)

Reply to: pers-969084369@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-24, 2:41PM EST

C, I met you when I worked at Papa Joes on Capital about 10 years ago. You ALWAYS ordered the same thing with an extra bag of chips. I lost contact with you and don't know what happened. We seemed to have a pretty good connection. Just curious if you're around. Tell me what you used to order every time (I met you by knowing what you were about to order without you saying anything) so I know it's you. Hope to talk to you soon. B


If I am still single in 10 years and my best shot at finding love is to track down someone who used to order pizza from me a full decade ago, then anyone reading this has my permission to track me down and kill me. Thank you.

* Golden Smog - 'Until You Came Along' MP3

Na Na Ni

Fredric are a six piece band hailing from...where else, Sweden. They play a slightly experimental brand of pop, but there are still plenty of hooks to go around. Have I mentioned before that I am REALLY bad at describing what stuff sounds like? Cause I am...but I am good at attaching songs, so give it a spin...good stuff.

* Fredric - 'Alina's Place' MP3

At War With Walls And Mazes

Ryan Lott is as real life rock n roll super hero, complete with alter ego and everything. By day, Lott is a mild mannered composer of music for commercials. But at night, under the name Son Lux, he records beautifully bleak records that sound like a wonderfully formed collage of sound. You will hear everything from hip hop rhythms to experimental noise riffs on his album 'At War With Walls And Mazes'...it an ethereal soundscape that you won't want to stop listening to.

Here is one of my favorite tunes off of the record, enjoy.

* Son Lux - 'Weapons' MP3

3 Rounds And A Sound

So much new music, so little time. It's been a great weekend here for finding new stuff. My latest soon-to-be obsession is the lo-fi Portland duo Blind Pilot. I heard this song I am sharing for the first time last night and I was hooked. Such great songwriters....hope you like it.

* Blind Pilot - 'Oviedo' MP3


This song is instantly in the 'songs I wish I could have written' folder. I am such a sucker for great singer/songwriter stuff anyway...then you add in Joshua Morrison's somber, yet sweet words and there you have it...another amazing song that I wish I had written. I predict that you will see this song in a movie trailer before too long...it has that sorta quality too it.

Hope you like it...Morrison's debut record is entitled 'Home'..its so gorgeous, check it out.

* Joshua Morrison - 'Home' MP3

Outside Our Gates

Liz Durret has the immense talent and the incredible pedigree(she is the niece of Vic Chestnutt) it takes to make great records. And her latest, 'Outside The Gates' is just that. On the album she sings an amazing set of Gothic Southern folk songs that overflow with emotion. Such powerful stuff. I just picked it up and am on my third consecutive spin...and I have no plans of taking it off any time soon. I am transfixed.

* Liz Durret - 'Note For A Girl' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Video games and starbucks - m4w

Reply to: pers-971135790@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-27, 1:02PM EST

Ok, this is going to sound odd, but the Starbucks near my house has like NO parking in the morning.

So, what I'm looking for is a girl who wants to crash out with me the night before, and then in the morning, ride in my car with me past the Starbucks, so I can have someone run in without me having to find parking.

I'll pay for the Starbucks and up to one (1) baked item. No venti's. You can leave a tip if the barista (or baristo) is worthy of one, but make sure to bring me the receipt.

I understand that we are human beings with needs, so if we should happen to let our bodies get the better of ourselves for hours and hours the night before, then there isn't really much I can do about that, but seriously - this is about coffee - not wildly passionate, kinky, orgasm sessions, ok? OR if you could give me a good blow job while I play video games, that would be even better.

The only oral delight taking place will be when those sweet Arabica beans are hitting our lips. Certainly not anything to do with my head between your legs for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Got it? Ok, cool. Be sure to send a picture so I can tell we're going to be looking good sipping Starbucks together in my ride (1991 two-tone Saturn).


* Jennifer O'Connor - 'Here With Me' MP3

Nickelback Lyric Of The Week

It's getting late have you seen my mates
Ma tell me when the boys get here
It's seven o'clock and I want to rock
Want to get a belly full of beer

My old man's drunker than a barrel full of monkeys
And my old lady she don't care
My sister looks cute in her braces and boots
A handful of grease in her hair

A couple of the sounds that I really like
Are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike
I'm a juvenile product of the working class
Whose best friend floats from the bottom of a glass

Don't give us none of your aggravation
We had it with your discipline
Saturday night's alright for fighting
Get a little action in


I know...these are really Elton John lyrics...but the idea of NB singing it horrifies me...and I have always hated this song anyway,so it counts.

'It's 7 O'clock and I want to rock.'
'A couple of the sounds I really like are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike.'

I didn't check the liner notes for this song, 'Saturday Night's Alright(For Fighting)'...but I think Dr. Seuss should have been given song writing credit.

How about another couple of great songs from the Kills latest album to help you forget the bad NB poetry...

* The Kills - 'Tape Song' MP3

* The Kills - 'What New York Used To Be' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Tattoo Guy buyer beware (Beechmont area)

Reply to: sale-969620030@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-25, 7:17PM EST

This Guys name is Brian Moticka. He lives on the East side of town (Beechmont) and his phone number is 513-947-3659 513-732-6294. He claims to be an "Award Winning Tattoo Artist" a "Decorated Veteran" and has posted on Craigs List. He also claims to have been in " Tattoo Magazine over 13 times" which is why I contacted him and made a deal to do a large Tattoo on my back. BIG MISTAKE and now I have filed a law suit in the county where he lives. I have tried to work it out with him but he keeps giving me the run around and finally threatened my life so I stopped calling him and filed the suit. Check out the picture and judge for yourself. Pay close attention to the claws (hands),hair and face. He told me the tattoo would look "Exactly" like the picture.
If you want to see a better picture of his work or more info just ask.
I also showed my "MESS" to several other real tatoo artists, and they ALL said the work was BAD and they all wanted to know who did the work. Thank you to everyone that has emailed me with support and to several others that emailed telling me about similar stories about the same guy.


First of all, nice choice in body art. ALL CLASS. And maybe tattoos aren't something you should be making deals for on Craigslist...you think?

I love how the guy took creative license and gave the hot chick a baseball bat to hold...that really ties the piece together in my humble opinion.

* Tim Easton - 'Happy Now' MP3

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

I am not a film critic. That's why I write in blurbs. I don't have the attention span or the vocabulary to wax poetic on films. But since I see so few movies these days it seems, I feel obligated to cover the big event.

If I had to describe 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' in algebraic terms, it would look something like this:

Cocoon + Forest Gump/Magnolia = TCCOBB

David Fincher wants you to know that growing old is no fun, and yes, you are going to grow old. But at least he tells you via a beautifully shot movie that - even at just under 3 hours - never feels slow. I really wanted to dislike this movie. I just had a feeling that it was going to be too over the top with feel-goodness, which I don't do to well with. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. It does tend to hammer its themes home, but never to the point of feeling preachy. And any movie with Cate Blanchett in it is almost always going to be worth the price of the ticket.
Verdict? Well worth your time...now go and seize the day while you are young.

* Bob Dylan - 'My Back Pages' MP3

Mea Culpa - State Of The Blog Address

I think I would have shamed my patron saints of rock n roll, The Hold Steady, tonight. I broke my own cardinal rule. I dropped the ball. I went negative.

My whole reason for starting this blog(aside from it being a fun way to kill time while at the office) was simply to share songs that I love with as many people as possible. No advertising, no agenda, no real game plan. I just wanted to sort of use this as a soundtrack to my life. A sounding board for my thoughts, in the most literal sense. Everything I do, everything I think, everything I feel has a song attached to it...for better or worse. I am forever thinking in song lyrics and my mind instantly attaches a song to any situation I find myself in. It's a blessing and a curse. Actually, it's all blessing.

But every now and again I find myself in mid-sentence, bad mouthing a band or a song, and that should never happen here. Sure, there are bands I don't like. But I don't need to broadcast it here. Stay positive.. Those two words are now officially my mission statement. The Hold Steady almost taught me. I should NEVER doubt Craig Finn. Ever.

And since I am on the subject of the blog, I just wanted to say a gigantic THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has stumbled across this site and taken the time to read these ramblings. And an extra special thanks to those who take the time to comment. Even if i am too scatter-brained, or otherwise unavailable, to respond...I appreciate the comments so much. There is just SO much stuff floating around here on this interweb we got...so to think that anyone takes the time to come and check out what I have to say...means the world to me.

You are loved.

Stay Positive

Stay Positive - The Hold Steady


We Brave Bee Stings And All

How have I not written a single word about this album all year? I've listened to it constantly, and I STILL love it. Some how the idea of actually expressing my love for the record on this blog, got lost in my cluttered head. Trust me, if you spent any time at all in my head, you would see how easily that could happen.

Thao is a singer/songwriter originally from the Washington DC area who now calls San Fransisco home. Her 2008 album 'We Brave Bee Stings And All' is absolutely great. It's just the right amount of folky, and oh so catchy...and completely original sounding.

Here is one of my favorite tunes off of the record...enjoy.

Thao - 'Swimming Pools' MP3

Sometime Around Midnight

I love songs that are SO painfully specific that you just know that they are sung in the first person. I think everyone has been in the singer's place in this song...I know I have. The first listen is brutal, but with each subsequent listen this tune becomes more and more anthemic.

This is music as therapy in the absolute best sense of the phrase.

This track is available on the self-titled disc from The Airborne Toxic Event.

The Airborne Toxic Event - 'Sometime Around Midnight' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

looking for a good fight (Columbus)

Reply to: comm-963798489@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-19, 10:43AM EST

Yea, I'm looking for a good fight. I'm 31 and I've been a coward all my life, and I'm sick of it, I know some guys like to fight, so maybe we could meet have a drink, and then go outside and duke it out, I don't want to just start a fight with someone because I don't want to be an asshole about it... I'm not looking to end up in the emergency room either. E-mail me, jsn_nwsm, directly at Yahoo.


Uh oh, I think somebody was drinking and watching 'Fight Club' last night.

Why? - 'Pick Fights' MP3

Pavement - 'Fight This Generation' MP3

Lucero - 'Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good' MP3

Chuck D - and black people everywhere - please, PLEASE forgive me...

I had two emusic credits to burn by the end of today, and my curiosity got the better of me.

Vanilla Ice - 'Fight The Power' MP3

DISCLAIMER: This song is posted for the sole purpose of irony and comedy only, PLEASE do not, in any way, purchase this 'artist's' music or in any other way support him. Thank you in advance.

The Onion's Least Essential Albums Of 2008

God bless the people at The Onion.


Least essential comeback, least essential covers album, and least essential album of the year all rolled up into one

Vanilla Ice, Vanilla Ice Is Back!: Hip Hop Classics
As one of the first, and worst, white rappers, Vanilla Ice nearly smothered the art form in its crib, and since then, he’s spent much of his career attempting to finish the job. Ice Is Back: Hip-Hop Classics features the nth comeback attempt by the now 41-year-old Rob Van Winkle, and it’s far and away the most unforgivable thing he’s ever done, far surpassing other crimes against humanity like Cool As Ice, “Ninja Rap,” and Hard To Swallow. This time out, he does wretched covers of classic rap songs, including “You Gots To Chill,” “Insane In The Brain,” and in an extended middle finger to the entirety of black culture, “Fight The Power” and “Buffalo Soldier.” Although it claims to be produced by someone named Adam Hamilton, Vanilla Ice Is Back! features beats and sounds straight out of a karaoke machine, and as if to absolutely cement the dismal amateurishness of it all, the retro-ish cover looks like it was incompetently Photoshopped by a friend of Van Winkle’s who works at a copy shop. It’s irony from someone who doesn’t get irony.

Full List Here


* Depeche Mode - 'Enjoy The Silence' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

I was a stripper at "The Centerfold", summer of 2006 - w4m - 32 (C-Bus)

Reply to: pers-967888770@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-23, 7:07AM EST

The Centerfold is off of Stelzter Road, eastside of C-Bus

My stage name was Gemini
I have blonde hair
Sexy if you have seen me dance

I danced in the year 2006, from May until Sept.

If I had a sexual affair with you let me know what I look like and what you remember

If you are the guy that wanted me to go to the Waffle House for a 1000.00 then email so I know it was you.

There is a couple of others that I wouldn't mind seeing???? hahaha

Anyway, let me know and send a picture to prove it!!!

I want to see you again!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for you and my husband still doesn't know about that night I didn't go home!!!!!!


Stay classy Gemini.

* Kanye West - 'Gold Digger' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Two Trannies at UDF - m4m - 30 (Short North)

Reply to: pers-966191426@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-21, 3:41PM EST

Two smokin' hot trannies at the UDF on High St in the Short North on Friday night around 10pm buying candy. I was in line behind you. One of you was a tall white girl and the other was a shorter black girl with a great ass! If any of you read this email me and maybe we can hook up.


To anyone out there who is ever planning a trip to Columbus,OH...you should probably make it a point to stop into this UDF after like 3AM on a Friday or Saturday night. This 'missed connection' was probably FAR from the weirdest thing that went down there that night.

* 10.000 Maniacs - 'Candy Everybody Wants' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

NEW YEARS! lookin for 3 CUTE girls for LIMO ride! - 21 (Columbus)

Reply to: pers-965702927@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-21, 1:20AM EST

So heres the deal. We have pictures posted below. The first one is Marc (19), the shy one, 100% gorgeous with ehough to go around. The next picture posted is Bryan (25), Handsome sweet and sexy with many talents such as a love for music and wide diversity of knowledge, the "philosophical one." The last picture is me, Josh (19), the eccentric genius with a talent for all that is comical. All I wanna do is make ya giggle.


On New Years Marc, Bryan and I are going to rent a Limo and have some alcohol, the only thing missing is the biological counterpart, the LADIES.

REQUIREMENTS: you have to have nothing to do on New Year's, your CUTE, and want FREE drinks in a FREE limo ride then email me back WITH, let me say again WITH, your PICTURES and we will get back to you. And dress is FORMAL, we are gonna be three studs, IN SUITS, so dress nice.




Tough choice...do you go for the shy one, the handsome one with a diversity of knowledge(but who also might be in some sort of street gang), or do you dare take your shot at the eccentric genius(with his shirt strategically unbuttoned)? A brutal choice, I know...but it is obvious from the tone of the ad listing that it would be an absolute privilege to get to ride in this limo. Really.

* Soundgarden - 'Limo Wreck' MP3

The(Musical) Science Of Sleep

I love music. I love to sleep. So why not combine these two loves of mine into one short blog post I thought. The following blurb is the result of that thought as it has come to life. And yes, it's been a really slow weekend.

I once reccomended an album to a friend using the phrase "it's such a great record to sleep to"...she thought I didn't like the album at all. Just the opposite actually. Like I said, I love to sleep, so finding a perfect album to doze off to is sort of a science. It has to be mellow of course(dreamy is a nice bonus quality if you can find it) and it needs to be good from start to finish. I mean you can't be seconds away from drifting off when all of a sudden the third track pops up and it's awfulness startles you right out of your impending sleep. That would be tragic. Consistency is a must.

I have assembled what I believe to be my Top 3 All Time Greatest Records To Sleep Too...yes, a prestigious list to be certain. So without further ado, here you are(songs you can listen to are to the right of the album titles.) Sweet dreams.

Beth Orton - "Central Reservation" - *Pass In Time MP3

Chris Issak - "Forever Blue" -
*The End Of Everything MP3

Cowboy Junies - "Trinity Sessions" -
*Walking After Midnight MP3

A mixtape for Jesus(...an early birthday present)

Jesus gave his life for our sins... seems like a mixtape is the least I can do for the guy's birthday. So here it is...plus a couple of bonus tracks!

* Mugison - 'Jesus Is A Good Name To Moan' MP3

* Concrete Blonde - 'Jesus Forgive Me(For The Things I'm About To Say)' MP3

Nickelback Lyrics Of The Week

" "No" is a dirty word,
Never gonna say it first,
"No" is just a thought that never crosses my mind.
Maybe in the parking lot,
Better bring your friend along,
Better rock together than just one at a time.

S is for the simple need.
E is for the ecstasy.
X is just to mark the spot,
Because that's the one you really want.
(Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,
'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answers (Yes)
Not just a suggestion, if you ask a question,
Then it's always yes. Yeah!


Yes, these heartfelt sentiments come from the Nickelback tune cleverly titled 'S.E.X.' Again, I am rendered almost speechless with the emotional depth of their words. Here is a very, VERY non-Nickelback song, sort of on the same subject.

* Soul Asylum - 'Sexual Healing' MP3


I do believe that I will make the Fruit Bats album 'Moutfuls' my unofficial soundtrack for the day. It's a cold, gray, somewhat miserable day here and that record always makes me so happy. It's just sounds like one long smile to me. Especially these two songs I am sharing...perfect Friday music.

* Fruit Bats - 'Slipping Through The Sensors' MP3

* Fruit Bats - 'When U Love Somebody' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

To the girl who snorted my grape crystal light packet - m4w - 28 (columbus, ohio)

Reply to: pers-963547956@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-19, 12:57AM EST

So I was sitting at the local bar with a buddy of mine that I have hung out at since I was in the 4th grade. (Now 28 and yes I know everyone there and their business) We were playing music at the bar when you kept annoying the shit out of my friend and I to come talk to you. You finally seemed to get the point that we werent attracked to you or in the least bit interested in talking to you, however you took it upon your own sweet self to appoach us at the music box.

You came on pretty strong and very forward with your first words asking if I could score you some coke or anything else. Now the bartender warned me to stay away from you, but wow, you really had me at hello! I informed you that I am not really into that anymore, but you kept asking me to ask others since I seemed to know everyone there. Only to get you the hell away from me after the 4th time you came up to me and asked, I told you I would see what I could do.

So, back with my friends, I had my hands in my pockets standing along the bar side as I noticed you still checkin me out!!! Once again, WOW! I ran across a single packet of grape flavored crystal light single packet that I didnt get around to drinkin at work that day. I pulled it out, poured it on the bar, and started "cuttin it" with a card. I really seemed to have caught your eye at this time. So I then put it in a small bar napkin and rolled it in a tight knot, then approached you with it. I was really starting to feel the connection at this point...... You once again asked me if I had found anything and I informed you that I scored some "Crystal". You seemed very excited but had never tried it before but was ready to try it. I set it on the bar, and you suddenly reminded me that the bar had new cameras so we couldnt do it there.

You followed me outside where I dumped it on the table, where god knows what has been on there previosly, and I cut it up into one big fat line. Without hesitation, asking how much, if I wanted any or even a blow job or telling me where we were going to party afterwards, you grabbed a bill, rolled it, and cleaned the shit out of that line! You complained it burned pretty bad, then later tasted like grape! (Wow, what a surpize!) I told you they tend to flavor the stuff now.

It was pretty funny to watch how messed up you were acting to be from "crystal". Needless to say, all of my friends got a huge kick out of it. You left on your bar tab, and I didnt even get the blowjob bitch!

I know you used to work at CVS across the street, but got fired from a drug problem, but if your still out there and get this, im waiting for you!


* Phosphorescent - 'Cocaine Lights' MP3

In a Damien Jurado state of mind

I have been caught in a major Damin Jurado rut lately. 'Rut' isn't the right word. 'Rut' alludes to bad. My current Jurado obsession isn't bad, it's just omnipresent. I guess it could be bad though, if it persisted for a few more months. For while Damien's beautiful songs totally agree with the ear, I am not so sure that an extended exposure to his words are really that good for the soul. They are just so melancholy. Gorgeous, no doubt, but oh so melancholy.

Here is a great example. Just a beautiful song, but the story it tells is just heartbreaking. Great stuff...in moderation.

* Damien Jurado - 'Medication' MP3

First Frost

Here is yet another band/record that I never knew existed until I started to peruse lots of 'Best Of 2008' music lists...this one made a few of them. I have lots of back tracking to do with this English band, they have been releasing records since 1993. Oh well, better to show up late to the party than never at all.

Here are a couple of my favorites off of the new album...enjoy.

* The Lucksmiths - 'Up With The Sun' MP3

* The Lucksmiths - 'How We Met' MP3

Merry Christmas To Me!

Just before the holiday, Ben Nichols - lead singer and songwriter of one of my VERY favorite bands, Lucero - puts out a new acoustic seven song EP, 'The Last Pale Light In The West.' I am happy.

* Ben Nichols - 'Chambers' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Necrophiliac seeking corpse

Reply to: pers-962682019@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-18, 11:54AM EST

Seeking a tall, well-muscled insomniac to indulge a very particular fantasy. I would like to see you lie motionless on a green-and-cream chintz bedspread, face-up, wearing only your plaid boxer shorts, with your arms crossed on your chest like a corpse at an open-casket funeral. You will sleep like a cat, and I will watch you, ignore you, go out for a coffee, or possibly photograph you with my BlackBerry. When you awaken, we will watch low-quality American television and eat coconut sorbet.

Snorers, sheet-stealers, seafood-eaters and those with a post-CEGEP education need not apply.


* Ra Ra Riot - 'Dying Is Fine' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Beautiful artistic seductive Brandy - m4w

Reply to: pers-961140479@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-17, 6:36AM EST

I dont know any were else to say this i dont know any other way to say this you were the best thing that ever happened to me i wish my situation was different i wish there was some way you were abel to deal with it i dont blame you for not being abel to though your so wonderfull and deserve all you dream and desire things i wouldnt be abel to give you the only thing i would ever be abel to give you could be the animal lust we shared and more of it now that things are slightly different but it still wouldnt be all the things you need and desire it would only be the intense passion we shared and i still long for i have never felt that way about anyone and probably never will again i have never held any one like i did you and again probably never will again and i have never felt such pure animal lust as we shared and again probably never will again and i want you to know brandy i fell for you fell hard but it was for you for your dreams and hopes and future i dissapeared it was the hardest thing i ever had to do becuase Brandy i did and i do love you


Honestly, I only picked this one because I LOVE the song I am attaching, and I figured it could be years before I get to post it again. But guy, I have a feeling she left you because of your horrendous spelling and your unnatural fear of punctuation. Not even 'animal lust' can make a girl look past grammar shortcomings like you have.

* Looking Glass - 'Brandy(You're A Fine Girl) MP3

Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future

In what has to be an early contender for Best Album Title Of 2009, LA duo The Bird And The Bee are back with their follow up to their 2007 self-titled debut.

'Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future' features more of the same beautifully crafted pop. Here is a tune off of the record, which comes out January 27th.

* The Bird And The Bee - 'What's In The Middle' MP3

The Dark End Of The Street

To me, Chan Marshall = love. I never tire of hearing her insanely soulful voice singing other people's classic songs.

And, just in time for the holidays, she was sweet enough to release a new Cat Power EP, the brilliantly down tempo 'The Dark End Of The Street.'

Here is her version of an absolutely timeless Otis Redding tune...enjoy.

* Cat Power - 'I've Been Loving You Too Long' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Daniel at Planned Parenthood - w4m

Reply to: pers-959536628@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-15, 9:29PM EST

You: The bearded, bescrubbed, tatooed office manager on duty at the local Planned Parenthood.

Me: The blonde female who came in for an annual exam this afternoon and is undoubtedly violating some code of privacy/ethics by trying to hit on you.

You kindly and thoroughly assisted me with all my requisite paperwork for today's visit. After handing you documents disclosing the intimate details of my personal health and sexual history, discussing my insurance coverage, and (for good measure) talking about my presidential preferences and voting status, I found myself wondering whether you were this friendly to everyone (read: single). I realize it's your job to find out how many sexual partners a girl has had and hand her a cup to pee in, but I felt like we might have had a special spark. Charm, confidence, the ability to multitask, and a heightened awareness of STDs are all very attractive qualities to me in a man, and provided you're not gay, I'm pretty sure our mutual openness regarding all things sexual would bode well for "outside the clinic" compatibility.

If you're interested and available, let's go have coffee/drinks sometime. (This is obviously a slightly unorthodox invitation, but I figured it was less objectionable coming from the patient than the provider.) If you want to wait until my test results come back to respond to this, that's fine too.


* Tortoise w/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - 'Daniel'(Elton John Cover) MP3

Another song from the movie playing in my head

I have a running list of songs that I want use for the movie that I am never going to make. Some of them have specific scenes attached to them, some of them just moods. I am not sure where exactly this Smog song fits in, but it most definitely fits in. If I had an ultra cool love scene like George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez share in 'Out Of Sight' it would work beautifully there...or maybe it would be better as the soundtrack to some sort of intense confrontation, like EVERY scene featuring Javier Bardem in 'No Country For Old Men.' I don't know...the movie and the scenes change every day. It's a constant work in progress. But the soundtrack keeps getting better.

* Smog - 'Justice Aversion' MP3

Those Prolific Pornographers

The various artists that make up The New Pornographers are nothing if not prolific. Dan Bejar is seemingly releasing like two albums every year, in one form or another. Neko Case has her latest solo record slated for an early 2009 release, and so does front man AC Newman.

Here is a beautiful tune off of Newman's new 'Get Guilty', out January 20th I believe.

* AC Newman - 'There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve' MP3

The Music Hole

Here is another one I found by scouring year end 'Best Of' lists compiled by people who are far hipper than me. Camille's 'The Music Hole' record was on one or two such lists, so I tracked down the record and gave it a spin. Not at all like what I usually listen to, but still SO interesting. The French singer/songwriter has an absolutely incredible voice, and uses it to wail over very sparse a capella and electronic backdrops.

This song that I am sharing is a great example of what's on the record. Hang in there through the odd beginning, it really takes off, trust me.

* Camille - 'Money Note' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Looking for Deer meat... Do you have extra - $1 (COLUMBUS )

Reply to: sale-957669652@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-14, 2:17PM EST

Im looking to get some deer meat. I will pay for the processing of your deer if you can share some with me.


Dream big or don't dream at all I always say. My dream? To one day live in a city where people don't use the online classifieds to barter for deer meat.

* Deerhunter - 'Saved By Old Times' MP3

Surviving Xmas

I just got back from the mall and right now I am very firm in my anti-people stance. What is it about Jesus' birthday that brings out the absolute worst in humanity? If there is a Hell, I am pretty sure it would be a suburban Midwestern mall around Christmas time.

*Everclear - 'I Will Be Hating You For Christmas'

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Ok so Im lookin 4 my punky artsy emo boy ..Might as well try this - 27 (delaware ohio)

Reply to: pers-957213195@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-14, 12:52AM EST

First off its what Im looking for so if your not extremly hot emo or punky then dont respond and I must have pics will not reply without
heres mine www.myspace.com/nikiiloomis

So Ya wanna know about me? well baby here we go!
Im NIKII 27 years old a student at c.o.b. yeah baby graduation august 5th.. ok now 1st and foremost Im country at heart But im diva slash princess all in one. Im very down to earth even sometimes brutally honest..BUT truth hurts so I know sweety it sucks but ya gotta swallow it down cause I spit reality... well Im a girl who knows what she wants and knows what I deserve and Im not afraid to demand it To any one ...and when I feel its not bieng givin to me I will be the first to tell ya and sometimes I let ya know and not be at all nice about it... now Im not gonna lie Im picky as hell and sometimes hard to please but that again goes right along with just knowing what I want in my life plus But when I find what I want in life and I have found out its the small things from having a happy home and the best little girl ever made not to mention The best of friends.. I love abstract art of all kinds .Writings from actual intellectual people who inspire me or know what writing is all about.The thing I love the most is my passion of music and theater and abstract painting ... most definitelymy outlet And Sure I can go out and tear it up diva style better than any of those other girls but a night at home is just as good and sometimes even better.. Ya can never have too many friends and the more interesting and pepole I meet the better I love deep intellectual conversation So if your up for it and can keep up... buckle up baby cause its sure gonna be a fun ride


How much would you love to be a fly on the wall in the room where this girl is having her "deep intellectual conversations"? Aw, I can just imagine us talking way into the middle of the night about 'The Hills' and stuff.

* Pearl Jam - 'Deep' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

White Castle South High St... - m4w - 23 (Southend)

Reply to: pers-956101232@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-13, 2:12AM EST

You gave me a discount, extra food and waved and smiled at me when i pulled off. You left a certain item OUT of my order. im hoping this was intentional so you could see me again but you were too busy for me to give you my number :(

Send the item that you left out of my order so i know its really you!!!

you are a beautiful young women, i hope you read this...


I dub thee 'King Of Wishful Thinking.' Imagining that his messed up order at White Castle was actually part of an elaborate courtship ritual...stay positive, man, stay positive.

*Wilco - 'Wishful Thinking' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

The baby is yours, Chris - w4m

Reply to: pers-954122212@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-11, 2:45PM EST

Chris -- I lied when you asked if the baby was yours. She is. I don't know why I didn't want you in our lives at the time, but now I regret it. Our daughter is 10 months old now and so beautiful. She deserves to know her daddy. Will you forgive me for lying to you? Will you be there for your daughter now? Please write to me.


Sigh. Telling a guy that he is the father of your child via the Craigslist 'Missed Connections' section is about a half a notch better than dragging the poor guy on to the Maury show for a DNA test.

*Arctic Monkeys - 'Baby I'm Yours' MP3

My Year In Live Music

5) Langhorne Slim (Columbus)
4) The Hold Steady (Cleveland)
3) My Morning Jacket (Coachella and Columbus)
2) The Swell Season (Coachella and Columbus)
1) Prince (Coachella)

4) 'Cactus'(Pixies cover) - The Swell Season @ Coachella

3) 'It Could Be Sweet' - Portishead @ Coachella
2) 'Bittersweet Symphony' - The Verve @ Coachella
1) 'Creep'(Radiohead cover) - Prince @ Coachella

1) Minnie Driver @ the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood (And I didn't even rush the stage...I was really proud of myself)

* Minnie Driver - 'Down' MP3

1) Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip @ Coachella - I wandered over to their stage most accidentally and was blown away!
* Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - 'Rappers Battles' MP3

1) Jens Lekman @ Coachella - Maybe it was too early in the day, or maybe I built him up too much in my music obsessive mind...either way, it just fell flat :-(

1) Stephen Malkmus @ Coachella - What??? Seriously...my ears haven't been the same since April.

1) Glen Hansard - In a LANDSLIDE! I have never seen somebody so genuinley happy to be on a stage playing music in all my life.

1) Bill Callahan - I LOVE your music Bill, I really do...you just looked painfully uncomfortable up there. To make it up to you I will play one of my favorite songs of yours.

* Smog - 'Dress Sexy At My Funeral' MP3

In conclusion...it was a very,very, VERY good year! Can't wait to start all over again in 2009

*Los Campesinos! - 'My Year In Lists' MP3

List-a-palooza 2008 - Favorite Duets Of The Year

Pretty self explanatory, no? So without further ado...(OK, the third one on my list was probably actually recorded in 2007, but I caught it live twice in 2008...so it will forever be linked with this year in my mind)

Thea Gilmore and Dave McCabe(The Zutons) - 'Old Soul' MP3

She & Him(Zooey Deschanel and M Ward) - 'Sweet Darlin' MP3

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - 'Into The Mystic' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Reply to: comm-951330894@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-11, 4:40PM EST

I found this guy the other day on my back porch. I tried feeding him and it turns out that he is not very friendly because i think he may be scared. Not quite sure the breed but I am assuming he is part Siamese. I have him in a crate because he is not really house broken. If he is yours please reply.


Porno For Pyros - 'Pets' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Ms. Surrender (M.S.) - m4w (EYE)

Reply to: pers-951553168@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-09, 4:08PM EST

I feel compelled to express to you that you are the only girl (out of quite a few) for whom I've felt ANY affection during the past few years. So I'm a drunk and a lowlife... you appreciated that in me: It complimented your bullshit, goody-goody, banana republic, professional-woman style... and admit it, we had fun together! Obviously, it was just a fling from its inception... but I still wonder why you decided to end it how and when you did. So what!? My roommate walked in on us having sex on the sofa!? That was kind of erotic, and you felt so too. I passed out on top of you?! Come on, that could've happened to anyone at any (drunken) time. Sadly, I awoke and you were gone. The final word from your pretty mouth was "Well, we weren't that good of friends anyways..." which was, of course, true, so no arguing that fact. To add insult to injury, our last date was on the very day that my car was repossessed. O, to lose both you and Sophia on the same day...


Otis Redding - 'Mr. Pitiful' MP3

Mark Kozelek's 'Finally' LP

Former Red House Painter and current Sun Kil Moon frontman Mark Kozelek has just released an LP of compilation tracks and covers called the 'Finally' LP. And it is beautiful, of course. A really cool variety of coversm, including tracks from Husker Du and Low.

Here is one of the standouts from the album, it's a ultra mellow take on an AC/DC tune. Enjoy.

Mark Kozelek - 'What's Next To The Moon' MP3

List-a-palooza 2008 - Favorite Songs With US States In Their Title

Ah yes, the totally pointless compiling of lists continues with this completely unnecessary list. The rules are really simple, these are my three favorite songs from 2008 with a US state named in their title. Yes...I am that bored.

Imaginary Johnny - 'Everyone Has A Texas Song' MP3

Lambchop - 'Ohio' MP3

Wolf Parade - 'California Dreamer' MP3

Secret Army

Conrad Ford is a singer songwriter from the great Pacific Northwest who specializes in writing and recording these amazing, darkness tinged country songs. His new record 'Secret Army' has a wonderfully dark tone too it...not depressing, just a little ominous.

Here is what I think is my favorite track on the record, for today anyway.

Conrad Ford - 'Marry The Unknown' MP3

Passenger Seat

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors are an ultra American sounding rock band from Nashiville,TN. It's hard to listen to their latest record 'Passenger Seat' and not hear the Bruce Springsteen influence.

Not that that's a bad thing, it's just omni-present. At least they do what they do really, really well.

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors - 'Hallelujah' MP3

Frankie's Gun

I have been killing time at the office lately by scouring people's 'Best Songs Of 2008' lists...people who know a LOT more about music than I do. I have found so many great tunes that I totally missed...thank you internet!

Here is one that I have seen on several lists that I somehow never heard. But better late than never I always say.

The Felice Brothers - 'Frankie's Gun!' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

you: Prius guy; me: not a hooker (redhead in purple fishnets) - w4m

Reply to: pers-950908512@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-09, 8:45AM EST

Me: A redhead on a bicycle, in fishnets and a short skirt, biking home from the Short North

You: A guy driving a Prius who tried to hire me for sexual services.

There I was, biking along, thinking it would be smarter to ride down Goodale than along the bigger streets at dusk because I didn't have my light or helmet. Now, I don't walk down Goodale much because it's where all the hookers work and I don't want to interfere. But it seemed safe by bike.

So when you slowed down to pass me in your Prius, I was a little apprehensive. Sure enough, "Want to make some money?" you asked. I was startled, though. You didn't look like the usual sleazebags who trawl these corners. I said no, with a smile. I should've been more firm, I guess.

(I admit that my getup was a bit more suggestive than usual, my mini-kilt draped over my bike seat, my tall boots making pedaling a little difficult. Nothing naughtier than you'd see street punks wearing anywhere, though. And who tries to pick up a hooker who's riding a bike? I am not a hooker, for the record, though I'm not offended. I have a science PhD, which might earn me less at first, but so far it's seemed to be the best use of my talents.)

Anyway, I said no. And I kept biking. And you kept tailing me slowly in your Prius. Half a block later, you asked again and I answered more firmly, though still (too) politely. And then again, further along. By then I had a plan in mind to keep you from following me to my house, but you gave up at that point.

So what gives? Do you come here often? In a city of yuppie geeks, why does a not-unattractive man with a Prius need to find a streetwalker on that particular corner of crack whores? Did I inspire visions of kinky sex? Did I, with my messenger bag and commuter bike, look like the type to mete out exotic punishments? Are you just having a dry spell? And how much money are we talking?

I'm actually curious. (Not interested, but curious.)


Everclear - 'You Make Me Feel Like A Whore' MP3

Western Tales & Trails

I struggle sometimes to describe what some artists sound like. I am much better at knowing what I like than I am at telling people why. So for this one, singer/songwriter Adam Klein from Athens Georgia, I am going to let No Depression magazine do the heavy lifting.

They say that his debut album, 'Western Tales & Trails is " sometimes like stepping into a sepia toned photograph, or through the swinging doors of a saloon." Perfectly phrased.

Adam Klein - 'Hank's Woman' MP3

This Is Benji

This Is Benji is a folk project from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His debut album was produced with Ken Stringfellow who has worked with Big Star and REM in the past. Really good singer/songwriter stuff...the guy has major pop sensibilities, but I think he is a folk musician at heart...at least the lyrics tell me so.

Here is one of my favorite tracks off of his new record 'Far Too Honest'

This Is Benji - 'Heaven Don't Want Me For It's Altar Boy' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

NOTE - my blog didn't like the way this thing was formatted and I couldn't figure out how to adjust it. If you REALLY want to see this ad in all its creepy glory, here is the link:




Reply to: event-934380281@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-11-25, 8:12PM EST

Hello Columbus! Read this neat little trick below. 90% of the time it works every time:) Seriously though, If you really want to get any girl you want, you're gonna have to stop acting like every other in the World is acting. David shows you exactly how to do that. Take a class or just read the eBook and your life with women will change forever.

How To Get A Woman's Phone Number And Email Address Within Three Minutes Of Meeting Her

By David DeAngelo

Let me start off by telling you something interesting:

I've personally stopped focusing on just getting phone numbers. I've found that EMAIL addresses are far better (I still get the phone number too, of course).

Let me explain.

I perfected the art of getting phone numbers a couple of years ago.

If a woman is single, I can walk up to her and get her number in about a minute or two (if I'm in a hurry). I found out later, after working like a mad scientist on this that GETTING PHONE NUMBERS ALONE DOESNT'T EQUAL SUCCESS.

You see, women have many different reasons for giving out their phone numbers. Some love the attention of having a lot of men call them. Some like to turn guys down. Some are actually interested. But the universal feedback that I get from men, and in my personal experience, women act different on the phone than they do in person.

When you call a woman for the first time, she'll often start acting stand offish or even worse, just plain rude. It's almost like she's a different person than the one you met.

I've found that getting an EMAIL address is not only easier, but it gets more positive responses later on. It's almost as if women appreciate it that you've taken the time to think about what you're going to say when you write an email to them, and they think of you more like someone they know.

The other benefit of email is that it can be written and answered anytime.

If you call, you have to actually reach them. But an email can be answered anytime. And I've found that emails are answered FAR more often than voicemail messages.


After I've talked to a woman for about 3 or 4 minutes, I'll often say something like "Well, it was nice meeting you. I'm going to get back to my friends."

They usually don't know what to do, as they're used to guys clinging to them. Most of the time, they say "It was nice meeting you too..." Then, just as I'm turning to walk away, and we kind of disconnect, I turn back and say "HEY! Do you have email?"

The "HEY!" is a bit surprising, and "Do you have email" is non-threatening. In fact, I'm technically asking her if she HAS email, not if she'll GIVE IT TO ME.

If she says "yes," I take out a pen and paper and say "Great, write it down for me" and I have her write it down. (This is great, as I just treat the 'yes' that they give me as a yes to get it from them as well. And they've almost ALL gone along with it so far) Then AS SHE'S IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING, I say "Write your number down there too."

When you ask for email, it's very low risk for a woman, so she'll think "Fine, I'll do that." Most women will give out an email address without thinking about it, because they know that they can choose later to just not answer.

The magic of asking them to write their phone number down WHILE they're in the middle of writing down their email is all about the psychology of human behavior.

She's already mentally said "OK, I'll give you my email address"... and she's in the middle of writing it down. When you say "And just write your number down there too" it's only NATURAL to just write it.

In other words, it's a MUCH smaller step than giving out the phone number all by itself. It took me a LONG time to figure out this simple move, but it works like magic! You will have women writing their phone numbers down without even thinking twice.

Here's a great add-on to make sure you're getting a real phone number and not a pager or voicemail:

As she's writing down her phone number I say "Is this a number that you actually answer?" If she looks at me and hesitates, or says that it's her "voicemail or pager number," then I say "Look, write your real number down. It's going to be OK, I'll only call you nine times a day..." They laugh and usually give me their real number.

Now, if she answers my first question and says "No, I don't have email" then I bust on them and say "Well, do you have electricity?" This is a GREAT opportunity to use humor.

Then I say "Well, OK then. I like email better, but I'll take your regular phone number. It's so damn hard to reach people on the phone these days."

Just realize that all you have to do is ask.

Like I said, I've tried all kinds of things. And I've gotten hundreds of phone numbers. And I use this exact sequence every time I talk to a woman and I want to get her phone number. I've gotten to the point where I can often do this in a minute or two - no kidding!

Now that you know the sequence, write it down with the words and the steps, and rehearse it in your mind over and over until you know exactly what to say for each step and each response.

Many guys have asked me "But what do I tell her as a reason why I want her number or email?" I've never had a woman ask me. If you ask, and they give it, then she knows why you asked. If she doesn't give it to you, then she also knew why you asked.

Just assume that this is the case.

If you ask every time, and you do it in a smooth, assuming, calm way, you'll get a lot of emails and phone numbers.

Note: Carry a pen on you at all times. I prefer the Fisher Space Pen (chrome) because it's small, classy, and women love it!

If you haven't signed up for my free newsletter, or downloaded your copy of my eBook, just go to:

Craigslist Special: Free Dating Tips Newsletter And eBook Download

...and download your copy right now. Learn the secrets that thousands of my readers all over the world are using right now to meet women and get more dates. You'll learn how to approach women, how to get more dates, places to take women that are fun and FREE instead of paying for expensive dinners, how to get physical with women, and a lot more.

David DeAngelo is the author of "Double Your Dating - What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women", and has taught thousands of men how to be more successful with women and dating.

Copyright 2008 David DeAngelo Communications Inc., All Rights Reserved. "David DeAngelo" and "Double Your Dating" are trademarks used by David DeAngelo Communications Inc.


I have never met this guy, yet I hate him. Have you seen 'Magnolia'? He is like Frank TJ Mackey...only not nearly as successful. Now...if anyone needs me I am going to be practicing my DeAngelo approved pick-up lines.

Tommy Tutone - '867-5309' MP3

Farewell sweet weekend...I hardly knew you

It was a nice, but fleeting weekend...gone before I realized it had even started. The highlight came late this afternoon, when my niece and I plugged in the Xbox for some Guitar Hero Word Tour action. Me on the plastic guitar, her on lead vocals. And while I am her uncle, and slightly biased, I have to say that she pulled off that J Mascis growl really well(especially for a 6yr old) on 'Feel The Pain'...I have never been prouder!

So I am putting the weekend to bed with that beautiful Dinosaur,Jr song and one of my favorite Belle And Sebastian songs...just because it's sort of dreamy and sounds to me like a weekend ending.

Dinosaur Jr - 'Feel The Pain' MP3

Belle And Sebastian - 'If You Ever Find Yourself Caught In Love' MP3

Audio Nostalgia: Creeper Lagoon

Here is another song from another album that reminds me of a very specific time in my life. Oh, 1998 was a very good year. I got my first post-college 'real' job and decided almost immediately that I was going to hate it. I was right.

But I would trudge on through the days(which turned into years), come home and open a beer and put on records like Creeper Lagoon's 'I Become Small And Go' and let all of the pent up stress of my new cubicle dwelling, 8-5 kinda life had thrust upon on me just wash away. Listened to this for the first time in a long time today...still sounds great.

Creeper Lagoon - 'Dear Deadly' MP3