Eleni Mandell - ''Miracle Of Five"

I was lucky enough to catch Eleni Mandell open up a show for The Frames last September in Los Angeles, and I was blown away. I had her latest album, 'Miracle Of Five' before the show, but never really gave it a shot. It has been in heavy rotation ever sense.

Beautifully crafted pop songs with intelligent, sincere lyrics...just a great collection of music. Here is a video and a couple of tracks from the album...enjoy.

Eleni Mandell - 'Girls'

'Moonglow Lamp Low" MP3
"The Make Out King" MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Hot cougar at the Olive Garden - m4w - 30 (Grove City)

Reply to: pers-701362051@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-30, 3:52PM EDT

You sitting next to my friend and eye at lunch. We made eye contact and I couldn't help but stare at you when I could. Would love to know more, even though you had a ring on.


Question: Is the term 'cougar' considered a compliment to women? I thought it was sort of NOT...but I think my track record proves that understanding what women want to hear is NOT something I excell at.

(Editors Note - I HATE zany FM morning radio teams...but the song selection on this one was getting tough)

Some Zany FM Morning Radio Team(you can tell because they think they are HILLARIOUS)

"And a voice, low in my ear,says the things that we did here will never die"

Haunting lyrics, haunting song.

I grabbed the new Shearwater album today(Rook), which then had me revisiting some of their older stuff...and I was reminded of exactly why it is that I still listen to 2006's 'Palo Santo' ALL the time.

Shearwater - 'White Waves' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Today's entry is a series of posts actually...just a little backstory...apparently I am not the only person who reads the Columbus missed connections page EVERY day...this REALLY intense stalker guy posts at LEAST once or twice a week for this girl Nikki, who is apparently a waitress...the first post is his latest attempt to garner her attention, the next couple are backlash from people who either despise him or are a little afraid of him...probably a little of both.

Nikki - m4w (Gahanna)

Reply to: pers-700192445@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-29, 6:20PM EDT

I would like it if you broke the ice. When I see you if you would take my hand in yours, then I will know for sure that you want me to ask you out, and I will. I think I could fall in love with you so easy.

Nikki - m4w (Gahanna)

Reply to: pers-700360496@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-29, 8:42PM EDT

Nikki, please just give me a sign. I know that to you, I'm just a polite and quiet shy guy, who really doesn't even register in your brain as someone who matters, but I need you to do all the work.

I'll be in the womens restroom between 9:15-9:17. Meet me in the second stall, unbutton my pants (buttonfly, remember! zipper=some creep), and put my semi-hard penis into your back left pocket while whispering with your eyes closed "This is everything I hoped it could be".... THEN when you silently shed a tear, I'll know your love for me is an indistinguishable flame.

always yours,
no name/no age/no picture

Re: Nikki

Reply to: pers-700367828@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-29, 8:48PM EDT

OMG guy get over it you are now officially a stalker!!! I'm not Nikki but if she read all your postings and if she's smart she's gone to the police to get a restraining order on your ass!!! Stop posting your shit and get a back bone and ask her out - your not going to know unless you do it.

I tired of reading about your short comings as a man!!

Re: Re:Nikki (gahana)

Reply to: pers-700395140@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-29, 9:13PM EDT

Nikki, please give me a sign that it would be alright to ask you out. Next time you see me staring at you, Cough twice and call me a stalker. We will have so many memories together. xoxoxo

Re: Nikki - - 23

Reply to: pers-700544601@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-29, 11:41PM EDT

OMG man...there is something wrong with you.


Could there really be another song choice??

Foo Fighters - 'Darling Nikki'

What the last 8 years have sounded like

Eddie Vedder executive produced this soundtrack to the Iraq war documentary 'Body Of War'...although the album and its 30 songs serve equally well as a soundtrack for the last 8, long years.

This album needs to be put in some sort of time capsule and set aside for us when it is time to explain to our grandkids HOW this current administration could have POSSIBLY been elected...twice!

Here are three beautiful examples of the kind of genre hopping protest music that make up the compilation:

Bright Eyes - 'When The President Talks To God' MP3

John Lennon - 'Gimme Some Truth' MP3

Public Enemy - 'Son Of Bush' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Ms. Colo - m4w - 18 (Euclid)
Reply to: pers-697753501@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-27, 11:30PM EDT

i'm already done with school, but i want to keep comming back just so I can see you again. I was shocked by the way you hugged me on Friday. and today, I just loved it! it felt so right and i could tell that you were really into it. to be completly honost with you, i've liked you all year. and i'm sure that you're smart enough to have figured that out already, but i just ont have the balls to tell you to your face. it may seem kinda gay, but some of the poety I have wrote was inspired by the feelings i have for you. so if you wanna, hit me up so we can hang out some time. I'm really gonna miss you if we dont. Much Love


"it may seem kinda gay, but some of the poety I have wrote was inspired by the feelings i have for you" - Touching...really, really touching!

Katy Perry ' 'Ur So Gay'

Building A Better Bar Band

I have been following the career of Alabama's The Dexateens since seeing them open up for the Drive By Truckers three or four years ago. They have just released a free 9 track offering on their own website...grab it here if you are so inclined:


A great band...here is a heartfelt tune called 'Kid'...great lyrics.

The Dexateens - 'Kid' MP3

Is she REALLY only 18?

To say that an artist is 'wise beyond her years' is SO cliche, I know. But to listen to the folk-pop tunes of teenager Laura Marling is to hear the phrase 'wise beyond her years' play out right in front of your ears.

Her debut disc, 'Alas I Cannot Swim' is already out it the UK, and will be out stateside later this summer.
Laura Marling - 'Failure' MP3


This week's impending obsession: KaiserCartel

He is Benjamin Cartel, she is Courtney Kaiser...together they equal beautiful nu-folk music from Brooklyn.

Their debut disc 'March Forth' comes out in July I believe...and if it is half as good as the track I am posting here...my ears will be thrilled.

KaiserCartel - 'Okay' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Many Loves focused on you - m4w - 30 (Forever in Hospital)

Reply to: pers-695088576@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-26, 12:22AM EDT

We had a long talk about polyamory (among other things) and how you responded completely changed the way I saw (and felt about) you. Didn't hurt that we were naked and sweaty at the time. It was so warm in there, but the hottest place by far was the scorching center of my heart. Our kiss on the couch only gave me a taste of what could be, yet what can never be.

Somewhere, somehow, I'm beside you telling you I love you, making love to you, and we're happy with each other... and some dogs... :)


I am sure MANY a great love affair have started over long polyamory conversations....

Crosby, Stills, and Nash - 'Love The One Your With'

Not exactly the 'Feel Good Song Of The Year' here...

But I think the one constant member and sole songwriter for Spiritualized, Jason Pierce, is incapable of writing such a song.

Dark, beautiful, brooding stuff here...I am loving the new record, 'Songs In A & E'

Spiritualized - 'Death Take Your Fiddle' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

I do ,do you? (out in the cold)

Reply to: pers-697158725@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-27, 3:59PM EDT

to look into your eyes, I could swear you care. But I am good at being wrong,as you know this already! I wish I could erase you from my mind.you have taken over all of my senses completly. I no longer see! I no longer hear, I only feel you. Its a sad sad day, dont think it will ever stop raining. I havent seen the sun in months. Noah's flood wasnt shit compared to mine. shards of pain rip through my soul. tearing and bleeding, I waste away. No love at all for me in this world. I am all alone. only thing I carry is a pocket full of pain and the memory of my most precious. You know who you are, please dont go far. I need you. I love you.I miss you. I want US to be US! not you and me, or him and her. I want to hear you say I DO! I want this dream to come true! I love you and only you and that will never change no matter what, not even if I never see you again. I could never love another woman other than you, I shouldnt love you. but yet.......... I DO!


So is this person lonely? Or sad maybe? I wish they would stop beating around the bush, STAND UP and vehemently TELL the world how they feel! Sitting there all listless and passive won't find your missed connection my friend...

Cat Stevens - 'Don't Be Shy'

Breaking News: Weezer 'Red Album' leaks, sounds EXACTLY like every other Weezer record(except Pinkerton)

Actually...I couldn't make it all the way through...I am just not a really big Weezer fan. It's not that I dislike them...it's more like I just don't think about them, like they are irrelevant to me. The songs I listened to sounded JUST like Weezer circa the Blue album...fuzzy, happy, and in one ear, out the other...nothing that really relates to me.

Like this song...repetitive lyrics, contrived song structures...just sort of boring. But I am sure if you like Weezer, you will like this album...

Weezer - 'Dreamin' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Cara at Starbucks - m4w - 45 (clifton)

Reply to: pers-687164983@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-19, 6:16PM EDT

I see you when I get my coffee in the morning and you are always so cheery and loud, in a good way. I always look forward to when you are working so I can see you smile at me. Also, I saw you with your sister? once outside and you two were so hot together. Want to have a threesome? I'm the tall thug that winked at you. Hit me back if you want to hook this up. You can serve me up that loud cup of coffee in the bedroom.


What kind of self respecting 'thug' hits up the local Starbucks everyday?? He is SO gangsta! And I thought it was a pretty classy move to ask for a threesome with the girl and her sister for the first date.

Trick Daddy - 'I'm A Thug'

So The Glory Goes

"You remind me of something, a song that I am...and you sing me back in to myself"

What an incredible songwriter Will Oldham is. What I wouldn't give to find one of those mythical wormholes, like in the movie 'Being John Malkovich'...seeing the world through Mr. Oldham's eyes, even if only for a short time, would probably be amazing.

This is another one from his incredible new record, 'Lie Down In The Light'

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - 'You Remind Me Of Something(The Glory Goes) MP3


I caught an awesome Ramones documentary on
cable yesterday.(End Of The Century)

So, I have been basking in the short bursts of rock n roll purity that are the Ramones songs all morning.

Here's a cover of Pete Yorn taking on what is maybe the greatest punk rock love song of all time...and a video of the legends themselves.

Pete Yorn - 'I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Homeless Guy with Bowtie - w4m

Reply to: pers-692354015@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-23, 2:56PM EDT

I winked at you when I threw my change in your guitar case while you panhandled downtown. I would love to be your muse to inspire a love song that will help you make it big.


It's SUCH good karma to support your local buskers...

The Weight Of Lies

It's not every day that one of my really good friends covers and records a song by one of my favorite bands...yeah, I had to post it.

'Me And The Horse I Rode In On' is Danish singer/songwriter(and all around great guy) Henry Toft. I just wanted to pass a long his version of the Avett Brothers tune 'The Weight Of Lies'...a beautiful rendition of a gorgeous song.

Henry is an artist in the truest sense of the word. He paid out of his own pocket to record and package hid debut EP...which he is giving away! How beautiful is that? To get information or to check out some more of his music, go here:


Enjoy the song!

'The Weight Of Lies'

Not Angry Anymore

Good timing has never been an attribute of mine. But what I lack in promptness, I make up for with sincerity.

This would have been the perfect track to share for Mother's Day.

This song is another great example of just why it is that I am in awe of great songwriters. Artists like DiFranco have an uncanny knack for turning their pain into melody and harmony. Take 'Not Angry Anymore' for example. While must of us just ruminate endlessly over our less than perfect childhoods, Ani turns her angst into a terrific 4 minute pop song.

Ani DiFranco - 'Angry Anymore'

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

what will it take to avoid looking at this stupid website - w4m - 32 (dayton)

Reply to: pers-693019485@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-24, 1:53AM EDT

I wish that I had had the coureage and optimism to approach you face to face from the beginning, and avoid this becoming just another missed connection. There are so many out there. It is a shame when a man makes it known that he is interested . . . with such polite gestures like presenting a balloon . . . and still I do nothing. I am sorry. If there is a next time, and I know there will be, I swear I'll be brave. I swear.


To paraphrase John Cusak here..."I gave him my heart. and she gave me a balloon"

Foals - 'Balloons'

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

The next big Swedish thing, Ida Maria.

This is just a brilliant song...turn it way, way up.

Ida Marie - 'Better When You're Naked' MP3

Sequestered In Memphis

This is the first single off of the forthcoming Hold Steady LP, 'Stay Positive'...featuring Ben Nichols from Lucero on backing vocals.

Could there be a Lucero/Hold Steady tour far behind?? Let's hope so...i will start prepping my liver now!

The Hold Steady - 'Sequestered In Memphis' MP3

I'll Be Glad

I will forever associate all of Will Oldham's music with alcohol. If one HAD to drink alone, this would be the perfect soundtrack.

I just love the downtrodden beauty of his songs...so stark, so beautiful. I am loving the new album...and I am getting thirsty.

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Pierced & Tattooed Nichole. - m4w - 33 (Karl & Schrock)

Reply to: pers-684045937@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-17, 6:34AM EDT

I have called several times, but there was no return call back from you. You worked so hard to give me your number and giving me info of your move. We persuded each other for the last couple of years as neighbors. As well as, the interest in your eyes I've seen in no other woman, I just can't believe you would drop me like a penny to the ground. It's the most likely that it's the man already in your life and you said you were trying to get rid of him. I hope we still keep in touch after your move. I miss seeing you everyday, you made me smile everytime, I'd see your smile and gazed into your eyes. You made me feel like puddin'. If you want to just talk, just call. We can just be friends, you know(maybe)LOL. I think I've seen a couple of post on here from you. If it is you, I'll be here and my number won't change. I will be moving as well in Aug. If I don't hear from you, I hope you have a good life and that you will always be happy. Get in touch. Take care. Ciao~R~ I really do miss you.


"As well as, the interest in your eyes I've seen in no other woman, I just can't believe you would drop me like a penny to the ground." - Maybe because you use words like 'puddin'...just a guess.

Ben Kweller - 'Penny On A Train Track'

Wovles On Parade

The new Wolf Parade album, 'At Mount Zoomer' has been slowly creeping its way into heavy rotation. After an initial listen, I didn't think I liked it...but with each additional spin, I am seeing the error of my ways.

Wolf Parade - 'Grey Estates'

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

And the picture you see there WAS in fact included on the original post...a Bon Jovi lover AND he wants to be a fighter pilot...get in line ladies!

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride - m4w - 36 (Hilliard)

Reply to: pers-683246495@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-16, 2:33PM EDT

Are there any women out there neglected by their men? I'm listening. I have the afternoon available. Email me.


Blondie - 'Dreaming'

Apocolypse Rock

From Popmatters.com:

"After seeing the results of the 2000 election, long-time pals lead singer/bassist Kelly Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas decided that the world was headed for certain doom. Instead of gunning for a traditional day job, the two friends decided that they could have a lot more fun and reach more people by starting a rock band."

That is the best 'let's start a band' story I have ever heard And The DollyRots' music is well worth checking out too!

A super-fun record too! I have been dying for someone to cover this Melanie song...FINALLY, my wait is over.

The DollyRots - 'Brand New Key' MP3

A hip hop masterpiece?

I like hop hop, but I in no way claim to be an expert in the genre. But I do know what I like...and I LOVE this new Lyrics Born album, 'Everywhere At Once.' Just a great album, from start to finish...

Here is one of my favorites, the almost tearjerker, 'Whispers'

Lryics Born - 'Whispers' MP3

Thank you Alex Chilton

Thank you Aex Chilton for the music Big Star blessed us with! I have been listening to these three glorious records for about 2 days straight...such brilliant stuff.

Just...thank you!

Big Star - 'Thirteen' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

cute black asian in class.. - m4m - 20 (campus)

Reply to: pers-679207067@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-13, 3:02PM EDT

You're a cute black asian...and definitely see some chemistry between us. You're in one of my clases, and we don't very talk much but I like to stare at you. Let me know if you're interested. I promise I'm not creepy.


If you have to go out of your way to say that you are not creepy in a missed connections post, you are then, by default, creepy.

The Police - 'Every Breath You Take'

New Mates Of State

Sitting here listening to the brand new Mates Of State record...pure audio bliss. It's on it's second spin now, and getting better with each play.

Here is my favorite track so far...enjoy.

Mates Of State - 'The Re-arranger' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Can You Feel Anything When I Do THIS? - w4m - 40 (Dayton)

my hobbies are scrapbooking and soon quilting.i aspire to get more tattoos,when i'm able to and from my brother,he's a tattoo artist.my attachment is my beautiful 4 year old little girl.my triumps are my 7 parenting certificates and being healed from the lord jesus of depression from 18 years,yea.what my friends from church admire in me is the glow now in my face,the happiness and peacefulness.i like to eat and i dislike when the cold weather hits my ears and makes them hurt, when i'm walking home from the store.i guess my cute fault is when i'm dancing with my daughter to her jack's big music show moments.my personality is friendly but strong.and my love style is romantic and passionate.


All aboard the excitement train!! Scrapbooking AND quilting...and parenting certicifacates! Thank Jesus that she is writing this AFTER he saved her from depression...she must have been much less exciting then.

The Caulfields - 'Devil's Diary'

Blame It On Gravity

Rhett Miller and the rest of the Old 97's are back with another set of songs, an LP called 'Blame It On Gravity.'

Here are a couple from the new record.

'She Loves Sunset' MP3

'I Will Remain' MP3

Lose Big

Eef Barzelay,the front man for one of my very favorite bands, 'Clem Snide', is releasing a new record any time now. You can pick it up digitally at Itunes, and I think the hard copy comes out in early June...and I love it.

Here is the title track...enjoy.

Eef Barzelay - 'Lose Big' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

cable transfer - m4w - 28 (columbus)

Reply to: pers-675977758@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-10, 10:00PM EDT

I called to have my cable transferred 2 weeks ago. The sound of your voice was so hot and sounded to be about my age. Maybe my hearing is going, but it sounded like you had somewhat of a boys name. We broke away from the actual task at hand during the call and were talking about work schedules in Columbus. Do you remember?

It really doesn't get any lonlier than this.

Steve Ealre - 'Lonlier Than This'

You don't have to be loud to make meaningful noise

I love the do it yourself aesthetic of Mates Of State.

Give this happy couple an organ and a drum kit and get out of the way...purely pleasurable lo-fi pop will surely ensue.

I believe they have a new record coming out next week(don't quote me on that)...so I spent a thought I would share one of my favorite tunes...off of 2003's 'Team Boo'

Mates Of State - 'An Experiment'

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

My Miracle - m4w - 32 (Dublin)

Reply to: pers-672989418@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-08, 2:16PM EDT

I stumble to put together the words to describe how you make me feel. Your presence reveals a reflection of who I should have been. I never knew that I could be great until I met you. You take all of my faults and show me how to be a better person. Without you I never would have known what it was like to experience true love. You give me strength when I thought there was nothing left. You give me hope when I was about to give up.

Your beauty is incomprehensible to most. I know you don't see it but you are stunning and truly amazing. I'll never forget the first time I was floored at the sight of this pulchritudinous woman; it was you.

When you read this please don't feel bad that we can't be together. I'll always feel this way about you. Some days I regret that you realized how much I love you even though you didn't believe me at first. I only regret it because I know how it makes you feel and that was not my intension. Just know that I will always be here for you if ever needed.

I would give anything for you to realize what a wonderful person you are. You've changed me forever. I'll never be able to repay what you've given me. I love you.

Your Friend,
Crazy :)

You see what happens when a guy is left alone on a Friday night with some whiskey and a thesaurus.I mean is pulchritudinous even a real word?? Come on man, next time you get drunk and pour out your heart into a love manifesto at least send it to the intended victim...er...I mean girl. Posting your masterpiece on Craigslist is like dying a coward's death.

John Cougar Mellencamp - 'Hurts So Good'

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Wow, I have sort of neglected this little piece of cyber space! I had the best weekend of my life at Coachella, then was paying for it by being sick for a week...I will now attempt to get back into the swing of things...with a little help from Craigslist!

Girl from Diamonds - 25

Reply to: pers-671346915@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-07, 9:57AM EDT

Got a lap dance from you a few saturdays ago and then the sunday after, would love to bring you home to my girl so we could all have a great time together and maybe have a LTR, if you remember the guy with the great blue eyes and the cinci shirt, email me!
PS You said you just moved in with a new roomate and i said if things didnt work out you could move in with us...


Two lap dances and he is asking her to movie in with him...and his girlfriend. For the love of GOD.

Blind Melon - 'Three's A Magic Number'