The(Musical) Science Of Sleep

I love music. I love to sleep. So why not combine these two loves of mine into one short blog post I thought. The following blurb is the result of that thought as it has come to life. And yes, it's been a really slow weekend.

I once reccomended an album to a friend using the phrase "it's such a great record to sleep to"...she thought I didn't like the album at all. Just the opposite actually. Like I said, I love to sleep, so finding a perfect album to doze off to is sort of a science. It has to be mellow of course(dreamy is a nice bonus quality if you can find it) and it needs to be good from start to finish. I mean you can't be seconds away from drifting off when all of a sudden the third track pops up and it's awfulness startles you right out of your impending sleep. That would be tragic. Consistency is a must.

I have assembled what I believe to be my Top 3 All Time Greatest Records To Sleep Too...yes, a prestigious list to be certain. So without further ado, here you are(songs you can listen to are to the right of the album titles.) Sweet dreams.

Beth Orton - "Central Reservation" - *Pass In Time MP3

Chris Issak - "Forever Blue" -
*The End Of Everything MP3

Cowboy Junies - "Trinity Sessions" -
*Walking After Midnight MP3

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