Coachella Artist A Day: Thievery Corporation...50 days to go

Thievery Corporation

* 'Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes' MP3

Titus Andronicus

'The Airing Of Grievances' is the perfect title for the debut album from New Jersey band Titus Andronicus. Equal parts intelligence and angsty. The songs boast super literate lyrics buried under heavily distorted and fuzzy's a beautiful mix.

Here is the track I have been listening to all day long...

* 'Joset Of Nazareth's Blues' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: X...51 days to go


* 'The Unheard Music' MP3

Consolation Prize

The anti-folk musings of Julie Doiron have grown and grown on me over the years. I think it is safe to say that I am a full fledged fan of her music. I love the way she has with words and her quiet vocals. She makes beautiful records.

Julie has a new album coming out in April entitled 'I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day'...and not only is the music on it incredible, but I do believe that the cover art here is an early contender for my 'Album Cover Of The Year' award...yeah, it's a pretty big deal.

* 'Consolation Prize' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Murder CIty Devils...52 days to go

Today's Coachella band o' the day is the first post-lineup announcement addition to the festival...more to come - I hope :-)

Murder City Devils

* 'Johnny Thunders' MP3

Sun Gangs

London based band The Veils have been writing and recording some of my favorite rainy day music for years now. I especially loved 2006's 'Nux Vomica.' Front man and songwriter Finn Andrews has the most perfectly dramatic voice to sing the sort of anthemic tunes of heartbreak and angst that dot the landscape of Veils records.

The band has a brand new record coming out in April entitled 'Sun Gangs' is a track off of the record.

* 'Sit Down By The Fire' MP3

High Fashion

I was under the weather and bed-ridden for most of Sunday, hence I missed the Academy Awards - which is no great tragedy. The sad part was that during my sick day on Monday I was flipping around aimlessly on the television, looking for something - anything to hold my attention until the medicine kicked in and knocked me out - and I somehow ended up on one of those red carpet round table discussion shows.

You know the ones...were four or five inane people over analyze every little detail of a celeb's outfit. I was so mad that it was on, and even madder at myself for not being able to turn it off. Is there anything more frivilous or ridiculous than high fashion? I think not. I think Lester Bangs said it best : "Style is originality; fashion is fascism.The two are eternally and unalterably opposed."

This entire fiasco reminded me of one of my favorite Gram Parsons is the Chris Hillman/Steve Earle version.

* Chris Hillman/Steve Earle - 'High Fashion Queen' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

free coffin (Logan)

Reply to:
Date: 2009-02-24, 10:45AM EST

slightly used but good condition. must be willing to pick up. handsome varnish finish. will take 3 to 4 people to move. bought at garage sale and never put to use. airtight. had been using for produce storage but just taking up space now. will go to first person who can pick it up.


* Modest Mouse - 'Satin In A Coffin' MP3

Rock n roll crush # 218 - Eleni Mandell

It was pretty much love at first listen for me with Eleni Mandell. She has the most amazing old soul voice, blending elements of jazz, pop, folk, and rock seamlessly. It was her album 'Miracle Of Five' that grabbed my attention, but seeing her open up for the Frames last year in LA was what cemented my love of her music.

Ms Mandell has a brand new record out entitled 'Artificial Fire' and it is a keeper. I am currently playing it into the ground. Here is one of my favorite track from the new album...

* 'It Wasn't The Time(It Was The Color)' MP3

Hungry Bird

After former Clem Snide front man Eef Barzelay stepped out and released two stellar solo albums over the past few years, I had resigned myself to a life without Clem Snide. But as I usually am in life, I was wrong.

Eef and the boys are back with their first new album since 2005 with their new record 'Hungry Bird.' The album is probably, for lack of a better word, the 'darkest' one in the Clem Snide catalog. The songs serve as a snapshot of the personal and professional turmoil that surrounded the band(the album was actually recorded in 2006, AFTER the 'official' band break up) and they play out beautifully...even if a little unsettling at times.

Here is my favorite tune off of the album, enjoy.

* Beard of Bees' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

break my, seriously. break it.

Reply to:
Date: 2009-02-23, 4:24PM EST

Are you serious?
1. Yes, I'm serious.
Why do you want your arm broken?
2. Not really any of your business.
Are you trying to set someone up or something?
3. No, it's not for fraudulent purposes.
Okay, which arm?
4. The left one. Radius or ulna or both acceptable.
Why are you asking somebody else to do it?
5. If I could break it myself, I would have done so already.
Can we have sex?
6. I'd rather not.
You need psychiatric help.
7. Don't we all?


* The White Stripes - 'Bone Broke' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: The Aggrolites...54 days to go

The Aggrolites

* 'Sound Of Bombshell' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Throbbing Gristle...55 days to go

I am viral. But not in the good, youtube clip of a ninja cat kinda way...but rather in the strep throat kind of way. I feel like Throbbing Gristle sounds.

Throbbing Gristle

* 'Hot On The Heels Of Love' MP3

Influences: Gillian Welch and Ane Brun

I love it when artists write songs about the music that they love. I imagine that in the songwriting social scene, there is no higher honor than to be name checked by one of your own. So I am sure that Gillian Welch probably fell in love with Ane Brun the second she her Ms Brun's beautiful song 'Gillian.'

It's just a gorgeous song about how those special albums can get you through the rough patches that this life is fond of offering up.

* Ane Brun - 'Gillian' MP3

* Gillian Welch - 'Look At Miss Ohio' MP3

(PS - I think it's official...'Look At Miss Ohio' has probably been posted here more than any other song - I don't think I will be happy until everyone in the free world has heard it)

Coachella Artist A Day: Paolo Nutini...56 days to go

Paolo Nutini

* 'Last Request' MP3

Audio Nostalgia - Pearl Jam - 'Leash'

As I sit here typing this, I am still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that Pearl Jam has been together for nearly 20 I was at their 10th anniversary gig in Las Vegas in 1999 and that seemed like an epic milestone. Now double that. I am ancient. But at least Pearl Jam has stuck it out and held my hand for the last 20 years of life experience. I have literally grown up with their music, and while I don't listen to it as often as I used is like that one amazing old friend that you know will ALWAYS be there for matter what.

Speaking of milestones, I am getting really excited for the reissue of '10' on March 24! But I was sitting here and zoning about, just listening to some music and 'Leash'(off of VS) came on via the shuffle. For my money, there is no better song for good old fashioned visceral rocking out...I still turn this one up to 11 every time :-)

* Leash' MP3

My favorite band + a classic song + a beautiful cause =

The oh-so worthy cause:

War Child: Heroes’ is an unprecedented collaboration between music’s most heralded legends and the finest current artists.

We asked 15 ultimate icons to select a favourite song from their classic back catalogue and to nominate the new act they most trust to create a unique interpretation of that hand-picked track.

This album is the result: 15 exclusive and breath-taking cover versions.

The album was released in the UK by Parlophone and internationally by EMI on February 16.

One of the killer songs:

* The Hold Steady - 'Atlantic City' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

make some cash girls. - m4w - 21 (columbus)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-02-20, 12:35PM EST

looking to buy some used panties. maybe we could go out for a drink tomorrow night on me. then i cold buy some of your dirty/worn panties. send me your info and pic.
then we can work out the details. age and race open 18+ tho. hope to hear from you soon.


Seriously. The small talk exchanged over this drink would be THE most awkward conversation in the history of humanity...oh what I wouldn't give to get to hear it!

* Elvis/JXL - 'A Little Less Conversation' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: The Presets...57 days to go

The Presets

'If I Know You' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

ADORABLE girl in prison seeks male---loves the beach

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-19, 5:27PM EST

NOTICE: I am not Diana. I am a friend. DO NOT SEND ME PHOTOS for her! I will NOT foward them to her. Send me an email, and I'll mail you her mailing address. She is in prison, and has NO email access! You must snail-mail her!

Diana is 22. The photo was taken when she was 19. She has not changed. She is in prison at a woman's prison in Marion. She is from Lancaster. She got 3 years in prison for "carjacking" (i.e. her boyfriend told her to drive the truck after he carjacked a man who owed him money). Her boyfriend got life ("three stikes"). Diana got 3 years.

Diana's parents are both deceased, and her sister died in a car crash. She has nobody in the world when she gets out. She is seeking a HUSBAND, somebody who can visit her while she is still in prison, and to take care of her once she is out of prison. SHE LOVES THE BEACH! She wants to live somewhere where she can go to the beach often; once per week or at least twice per month. Diana is 5'4", 120 pounds. She is bi-sexual, and willing to pick up girls for her husband and share the girl with him if he wishes. She does not smoke. She kicked drugs in prison, and wants to STAY OFF DRUGS forever. She wants at least two kids. Men who are NOT willing to have children, DO NOT RESPOND!

You need to have your own apartment or home. You need to make at least 25K per year. She's not asking for much! YOU CANNOT TAKE DRUGS! Any man who does, she's going to leave immediately.

MARRIAGE ONLY! She is NOT interested in "sex" only. You must be willing to visit her at least once a month until she is released in 15 months. If you wish to write her...send an email with "DIANA" in the subject line.

DO NOT SEND PHOTOS! I will NOT foward them!


* Jens Lekman - 'If You Ever Need A Stranger(To Sing At Your Wedding)' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Paul Weller...58 days to go

Paul Weller

* 'You Do Something To Me' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Morrissey...59 days to go


Here is one of off Moz's brand new 'Years Of Refusal' album that came out this week...enjoy:

* 'Sorry Doesn't Help' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

To my new Physician - m4m

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-18, 5:50AM EST

I was in your practice yesterday for the first time. You are very goodlooking. I thought everything was normal, until my rectal exam. Were you trying to tell me something? Because not only did I enjoy it, I think you enjoyed being a little rough as well. Maybe we can explore some things together. Tell me what town your practice is in, and describe me. You left me very horny I thought about you and jerked off the rest of the day!


I...really...have nothing to add to this!

* White Stripes - 'St James Infirmary Blues' MP3

Sounds Like Ohio: Southeast Engine

One of my blog-related resolutions for the new year was to feature a few more local bands. Local meaning Ohio - it isn't THAT big of a state, so I consider all of Ohio local. Here is the first in what I hope will become at least a semi-regular series I am calling 'Sounds Like Ohio.'

Southeast Engine are one of my favorite central Ohio bands. They call Athens,OH home - which is about an hour or so south of Columbus. They have been around, in one form or another since 1999 and have released a handful of albums featuring their take on indie rock with some alt-country leanings.

Their latest record JUST came out on Feb 18th and is called 'From The Forest To The Sea.' Here is one of my favorite tracks off of the record:

* 'Law Abiding Citizen' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Band Of Horses...60 days to go

Band Of Horses

* 'Detlef Schrempf' MP3

Rock n roll crush # 217

I have this dreadful weakness for pretty girls that plays guitar. Add in an accent, and I am done for. Enter this installment of my rock n roll crushes: Emmy The Great.

This singer/songwriter(real name Emma Lee-Moss) was payed her dues in the burgeoning London anti-folk scene for years before releasing her first single 'Secret Circus' in 2006. An EP followed the year after, and in 2009 she put out her first proper album entitled 'First Love.' My friend John just hipped me to this yesterday and I am already playing it into the ground.

Here is the title track from the new record...a great song.

*Emmy The Great - 'First Love' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: The Crystal Method...61 days to go

The Crystal Method

* 'The Name Of The Game' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Brian Jonestown Massacre...62 days to go

Brian Jonestown Massacre

I admit that I knew very little about BJM before seeing the now infamous rock documentary 'Dig!'
But I have picked up a few records and several EP's since then and I have grown into a really big fan of their music...maybe not Anton's persona, but definitely the music. They are very high on my curiosity scale for this year's Coachella.

* 'I've Been Waiting' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: My Bloody Valentine...62 days to go

My Bloody Valentine

Today's Coachella band o' the day is the terribly predictable and thematic 'My Bloody Valentine'...sorry...had to do it.

* 'When You Sleep' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

singer looking for help

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-13, 10:08AM EST

my name is pam and i stay in downtown cols. i will be 35 in march and i would like someone to hear me. i dont want to be famous or anything like that but i would like to be able to start putting my voice to use before i end up old and losing it. and please i only need serious replies. i have been singing since i was little but nothing really big ever came of it. when i was in my twenties i worked in a bar on the westside running the kareoke machine and all that stuff. i got paid fifty bucks a night. but i was young and naive and quite the job. well anyway im older and wiser now so if anyone reads this and can offer any help or advice it would be appreciated. people r always telling me i need to be on american idol and things like that so i know i have the voice. i just need some kind of exposure. so i guess this is what im looking for. thanks.


" people r always telling me i need to be on american idol"...
says the 35yr old who used to run a karaoke machine in a west side bar...people and their delusions of grandeur never fail to stun me - and make me laugh.

* The Jayhawks - 'Big Star' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: The Horrors...63 days to go

The Horrors

Today is the Friday The 13th Edition of the daily Coachella artist!! Naturally, I went with The Horrors, a great British garage band with an appropriately dark name . And an appropriately dark song title as well..

* 'Jack The Ripper' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Brother-In_Law in Jail looking for a pen pal maybe more - m4w - 19 (Orient)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-03, 6:56PM EST

I have a brother-in-law who is doing 6 months in P.C.I. he gets out in May and is looking for someone to write him and visit him in jail. Lonely times in there. He is a really great guy if your looking for a man he's the one...He is the one in the wife beater shirt..


* Afghan Whigs - 'What Jail Is Like' MP3

Audio Nostalgia: Girls Agains Boys

The Girls Against Boys album 'Freakonica', and even more specifically the song 'Roxy' always reminds me of 1998. That was such a good year. We drank too much, went out too much,we spent too much money...but never we seemed to suffer the consequences for it.

Good times.

* Girls Against Boys - 'Roxy' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: The Night Marchers...64 days to go

The Night Marchers

Pure punk rock in all of it's glory from the former Rocket From The Crypt front man Speedo. It's punk rock in it's most classic sense. Their debut record is called 'See You In The Magic''s a track for you.

* 'I Wanna Deadbeat You' MP3

Audio Nostalgia: Matthew Sweet

If my memory is correct, I do believe that Matthew Sweet's 'Girlfriend' was the first singer/songwriter album I ever bought. For some reason I thought only bands could make music for the longest time. Have I mentioned before how I was a late bloomer, musically speaking?

I was just thinking about this album and this song the other day...and thought I would post it.

* Matthew Sweet - 'Evangeline' MP3

The Akron Blues

I don't have enough superlatives for Dan Auerbach's first solo record.

Living here in Columbus,Ohio I have been lucky enough to see the Black Keys close to ten times(the boys are from Akron - aboout an hour and a half Northeast) and it makes me so happy to see them blow up. I remember the first time I saw them. There were probably 50 people in a bar called Little Brothers. The show was six or seven years ago and I think we were all blown away by hearing these two skinny white kids from Ohio churn out one killer song after another of their blues infused rock. Fast forward to 2009 and they are near the top of the bill at Coachella. God bless them.

And as if the Keys records weren't great enough, Dan Auerbach released an amazing solo album this week - 'Keep It Hid.' It's been playing on a constant loop here for days. Same powerful, soulful voice of Dan's, but this time fleshed out with an entire backing band - as opposed to JUST one powerful drummer and his thrashing lead guitar. The results are stunning. A must have.

Below is a video of my favorite track on the album, 'Trouble Weighs A Ton'...that is Dan's uncle James Quine sitting in with him. James is the man who taught Dan to play guitar. I have four nephews, and after watching this I feel like getting in my car and driving as fast as I can to the nearest pawn shop to buy a guitar to teach them how to play...then I remember that i don't know how to play. Ah...the amazing power of rock n' roll :-)

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

good used hippie - 38 (north)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-11, 9:28AM EST

i got my older brother sleeping on my couch that needs a good woman to take care of him,any takers.he's good with kids and sure with a good woman he could be rejuvenated back to good hippie me help him.thanks

Ah...brotherly love.

* Karen Dalton - 'In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best)

Coachella Artist A Day: Conor Oberst...65 days to go

Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band

Somehow I missed Bright Eyes when we were both at Coachella 2005, so I am making a concentrated effort to see Conor with the Mystic Valley Band this time around. I am still playing the self-titled record all the time. A breif aside have I seen Run-DMC, Bush, Letters To Cleo, and Sponge all multiple times and yet never seen Bright Eyes?? Bush...twice...I know, I was young and I was live music starved.

* 'Moab' MP3

The Black Lips

There is something about the lo-fi sound that comes rattling out of the speakers when you put a Black Lips record on that makes you want to pick up an old guitar, plug it into a beat up amp, and rock out in the garage. Or is that just me?

I just love the fuzzy guitars and even fuzzier vocals. It's beautiful music to my ears.

The Lips have a new record forthcoming, entitled '200 Million Thousand' is a track off of the album.

* The Black Lips - 'I'll Be With You' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Brothers in search of new friends - 21 (Columbus)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-10, 8:47AM EST

Two best friend brothers are in search of some random sisters that can give us some excitement while living in Columbus. My brother,27, and I,21, are in search of some new friends. Were best friend brothers who live together and if your best friend sisters then email us, haha. Pictures will be sent upon request. Also pictures are much appreciated in your response to this add. We are not creepers or anything of the sort, were just in search of new friends.


If I've said it once, I've said it a million times...the moment you need to state that you are "not creepers or anything" you are, in fact, creepy. Brothers looking for sisters is way,WAY creepy!

* Blur - Brothers And Sisters' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti..66 days to go

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

I felt like checking into another band that I had never heard of for the daily Coachella post...because learning can be fun(click the link above for a full band bio). I learned, for example, that Ariel Pink was the first artist signed to the Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label in 2003. And I learned that while I may not be a huge fan of this music, something tells me the stage show will probably me something to see.

Here is a tune off of the 2006 album 'House Arrest'

* 'The People I Am Not' MP3

"And the book says...

...we may be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us"

* Aimee Mann - 'Wise Up' MP3

Let's Talk About Spaceships...

Say Hi(formerly Say Hi To Your Mom) will always have a special place in my musical heart for writing and recording 'Lets Talk About Spaceships'...probably THE greatest relationship conflict-avoidance anthem ever put on record.

Say Hi, which is basically Seattle based singer/songwriter Eric Elbogen, also has a brand new record coming out soon entitled 'Ooh's and Ahh's.' More of his trademark cutting, introspective lyrics, but I think musically this record is a little more adventurous than the previous stuff that I have heard. I love it...been spinning it all day.

Here is a track from the new one, and then the obligatory title-of-the-post song.

* 'The Stars Just Blink For Us' MP3

* 'Let's Talk About Spacecships' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Kickstand pub - m4w

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-08, 12:56PM EST

You were celebrating your birthday at the Kickstand pub. You were wearing a birthday girl tiara and a red sweater. I would like to wear your ass like a hat.


All. Class.

This place is the only live music venue in town with a stripper pole in the middle of the floor in front of the stage. I wish I was kidding.

* Weezer - 'Undone(The Sweater Song)' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Calexico...67 days to go


The more I think about it, the more I am looking forward to seeing Calexico. First of all, they are amazing musicians. And their brand of southwesterny folk rock will sound so perfect out in the desert. That saturday afternoon can not get here soon enough!

I love these guys so much, I am going to post two tunes. The first track if off of their 'Hot Rail' LP, and the second song can be found on 'Garden Ruin'

* 'The Ballad Of Cable Houge' MP3

* 'Cruel' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Noah And The Whale...67 days to go

Noah And The Whale

I loved this band without ever hearing a single note. I was hooked when I heard how they arrived at their name. The guys combined the title of one of their favorite films, 'Squid And The Whale', with the director of said favorite film, Noah Baumbach. I LOVE that movie. And the band absolutely does their ingenious name justice.

Here is a tune off of last year's 'Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down'

* Noah And The Whale - 'Give A Little Love' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Liars...68 days to go


Los Angeles based band Liars have been on my "need to see" list for years. I have read so many great things about their amazing live shows, I can't wait to finally check them this year at Coachella.

Here is one of my favorite tunes off of 2007's self titled release.

* Liars - 'Plaster Casts Of Everything' MP3

I Still Miss Someone

Johnny Cash's 'I Still Miss Someone' has to be one of THE most covered songs in all of pop music history. Probably because it's such a heartbreakingly beautiful song. Simple, but with words that make it as relevant now as when it was written over 50yrs ago.

This version has instantly become one of my favorites. It's from former 70's punk Wreckless Eric and his new wife, country-ish crooner Amy Rigby. It is the lone cover on their self-titled home recorded album.

I will post one of my favorite originals from the record too...really great stuff.

* Wreckless Eric And Amy Rigby - 'I Still Miss Someone' MP3

* Wreckless Eric And Amy Rigby - 'Here Comes My Ship' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: The Gaslight Anthem...69 days to go

The Gaslight Anthem

I have written multiple times about my love for this band. Just great songwriting parlayed into ultra hooky rock songs...pure bar room bliss.

I am going to see them here in Columbus at a club gig in March, but I will still make a point to check them out at Coachella as well...there really is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Here is a track off their first full length album 'Sink Or Swim'...I love how they will drop other great song's lyrics into their own tunes from time to someone who is constantly thinking in song lyrics, I totally get it.

* 'I Coulda Been A Contender' MP3


So today I got my weekly "You live in a Midwestern college case you forgot" email from Live Nation. But, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I clicked anyway. And I am glad I did. Because if you are a fan of choreographed dancing(and really, who isn't?)*, then have I got the SHOW FOR YOU! April 3rd, right here in Columbus, OH...the original boy band, New Kids On The Block are coming to town...with...wait for it... Jabbawockeez - those guys in masks who won the MTV reality dance show!! YES....I's like a cultural awakening!

But don't take my word for it...I have cut and pasted THIS review for you - and trust me, it was brutal picking just one...but seeing the word 'ambiance' in a NKOTB review sealed the deal:

This concert was the best concert I have ever seen hands down!! I saw the guys back in 1991 and I thought they were excellent.....but after seeing them 17 years later, they have only improved in every sense!! The ambiance in the venue was breathtaking!! Enough to bring tears to my eyes!! To me, they made each member of the audience feel special to be there. I was very proud of the guys not only with their performance, but with their vocals as well. I felt privileged to have been a part of this amazing night. I am counting down the days until I see them again!! I can't wait to experience this feeling again!

Have you seen 'Ghost World'? Some days...most days actually...I just want to go and wait for that ghost bus to take me out of town...anywhere out of town...just drop me someplace new that is dying to be explored...ah...soon...very, very soon :-)

Tortoise Regrets Hare

God bless Scotland! First they brought me Frightened Rabbit, now James Yorkston. I may be relocating to Fife around this time next year.

I heard this song today, and had to pass it along. Mr. Yorkston is such a talented songwriter.

Here is his bio:(which I am obviously too lazy to recreate)

And here is the song:

* 'Tortoise Regrets Hare' MP3

Like Titanic

We are in the midst of the dog days of winter here in Ohio. Snow, ice, slush, gray. Repeat.

To me, that means a steady stream of Damien Jurado music. This one came on last night and I think I repeated it about 13 times. The honesty of it all just hit me I think. Great songwriter...great song.

* Damine Jurado - 'Like Titanic' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day: Booker T...70 days to go

Booker T. Jones.

To me, this is one of the coolest additions and can't miss sets for Coachella this year. How often do you get to see somebody that got in on the ground floor of rock n roll?

And since we don't get Booker T and the MG's...we get the next best thing, Booker T and the DBT's. Patterson Hood and the Drive By Truckers will be the perfect house band for Booker, I have no doubt.

Booker has a new record coming out this April featuring the DBT's and with Neil Young playing guitar on nine of the ten tracks called 'Potato Hole.'

Booker is too legendary for just one song...he gets two:

* Booker T & The MG's - 'Greem Onions' MP3

* Booker T & Jolie Holland - 'What A Wonderful World' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Needs snuggled now - 26 (Powell Oh.)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-04, 4:45PM EST

I don't wanna type everything about me right now.

If you think I'm cute then send a pic

I'm 26

I'm looking for a long term relationship but if you just want.... y'know... then I think I can handle that too

I'm 420 friendly and I smoke ciggerettes

I wanna snuggle... Now!!!!


OK...any guy who posts THIS many pictures of himself and pays THAT much attention to his hair, is going to run you through emo hell and back again...right???

* Loney Dear - 'Harsh Words'

Coachella Artist A Day:The Courteeners..71 days to go

Today's daily dose of Coachella goodness comes courtesy of that musical Mecca that is Manchester, England. I honestly don't know very much about these lads, and I am hoping to be able to check them out at Coachella,(they sound like they would be a blast to pogo to) but they are the bill for Friday - and Friday is LOADED. So we shall see. But I digress. Here is a track off of their 2008 release 'St. Jude.'

* The Courteneers - 'Cavorting' M P3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

Allow me to complicate your semi-charmed life

Date: 2009-01-08, 9:02PM EST

So, you've got a great job, a house, a car. Your friends are encouraging and supportive. Your family adores you. Dogs, cats, and children flock to you.

But, you're just missing that little something. You just need a little more flavor. Something to keep you on your toes.

I've met your type before and I know just what you need.

I can provide you with a ration of anxiety attacks, sleep disturbances, and newfound paranoia. I am also willing to upset the most solid of friendships, anger your mother, and challenge your ability to keep your job. I can convince you that you are responsible for my well-being and, despite the havoc I leave in my wake, you will be inexplicably attracted to me.

I'm sure you're wondering how I will accomplish this feat. That is not important. My undeniable sex appeal, charm, and natural talent for mayhem will not fail.

What you should be asking is why. Why would you want this? Well, you'll be the first to admit that your comfortable life is getting quite dull. Once our courtship ensues you will have a renewed appreciation for the ho-hum. You'll catch glimpses of the life you once had...casual drinks after work, football on Sundays, barbeques in the summertime...and though you'll long for those days, you will feel wounded, crippled, unable to crawl back to that time. Eventually, though, I will feel you've had enough. I will leave you helpless, friendless, and so accustomed to my insatiable sex drive that you will continue to be isolated, frightened, and incapacitated in my absence. A ghost from your past life will find you, just before you turn to hard drugs to soothe your scarred psyche, and will nurse you back to emotional health.

This journey, this voyage will create a lifetime of unwavering appreciation for all of the things you had once thought to be dull. Food will taste better. Laughter will be more joyful. Warm human contact will be orgasmic. Plus, you will have an abundance of interesting stories to share with your loved ones. This experience may even lead to a new career as a motivational speaker.

Why am I willing to offer this life changing experience?

Well, frankly, I really need a good back rub right now.


* Lake - 'Bad Dream' MP3

Coachella Artist A Day:K'naan..72 days to go

Another day, another great bio. Today's daily Coachella act is Somali born, Toronto based hip hop artist K'naan. As a young man, K'naan taught himself to speak English by listening to hip hop records that his father sent back to Somalia from the United States. His story is really interesting, check out a full bio on here.

Here is a song from his 2009 record 'Troubador'...the track features guitar work by Metallica's Kirk Hammet.

* K'naan - 'If Rap Gets Jealous' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day

2/1-2/14: Intimate Video Class - as seen on HBO (Columbus)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-01, 2:23AM EST

So, you got that new digital video camera for the holidays, and you and your partner have always wanted to make a special "private" video of the two of you. Don't know where to start? Want to do more than "switch to on and leave it on the dresser"?

Classes forming now. Former television producer will help you:
- plan the production
- scout any locations
- choose wardrobe
- set up the scene

Come meet discreetly alone, or with other like-minded couples in small group.


I wonder if there is a section in this class on blocking out your own face and being able to post the video online for maximum exposure/embarrassment after the inevitable break-up this tape will cause.

* The Botticellis - 'Old Home Movies' MP3

To Willie

Phosphorescent, aka Brooklyn singer/songwriter Matthew Houck is back with a beautiful new album of Willie Nelson covers entitled 'To Willie.'

A gorgeous, listen.

* Phosphorescent - 'It's Not Supposed To Be That Way' MP3