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Ok so Im lookin 4 my punky artsy emo boy ..Might as well try this - 27 (delaware ohio)

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Date: 2008-12-14, 12:52AM EST

First off its what Im looking for so if your not extremly hot emo or punky then dont respond and I must have pics will not reply without
heres mine

So Ya wanna know about me? well baby here we go!
Im NIKII 27 years old a student at c.o.b. yeah baby graduation august 5th.. ok now 1st and foremost Im country at heart But im diva slash princess all in one. Im very down to earth even sometimes brutally honest..BUT truth hurts so I know sweety it sucks but ya gotta swallow it down cause I spit reality... well Im a girl who knows what she wants and knows what I deserve and Im not afraid to demand it To any one ...and when I feel its not bieng givin to me I will be the first to tell ya and sometimes I let ya know and not be at all nice about it... now Im not gonna lie Im picky as hell and sometimes hard to please but that again goes right along with just knowing what I want in my life plus But when I find what I want in life and I have found out its the small things from having a happy home and the best little girl ever made not to mention The best of friends.. I love abstract art of all kinds .Writings from actual intellectual people who inspire me or know what writing is all about.The thing I love the most is my passion of music and theater and abstract painting ... most definitelymy outlet And Sure I can go out and tear it up diva style better than any of those other girls but a night at home is just as good and sometimes even better.. Ya can never have too many friends and the more interesting and pepole I meet the better I love deep intellectual conversation So if your up for it and can keep up... buckle up baby cause its sure gonna be a fun ride


How much would you love to be a fly on the wall in the room where this girl is having her "deep intellectual conversations"? Aw, I can just imagine us talking way into the middle of the night about 'The Hills' and stuff.

* Pearl Jam - 'Deep' MP3

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