Another song from the movie playing in my head

I have a running list of songs that I want use for the movie that I am never going to make. Some of them have specific scenes attached to them, some of them just moods. I am not sure where exactly this Smog song fits in, but it most definitely fits in. If I had an ultra cool love scene like George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez share in 'Out Of Sight' it would work beautifully there...or maybe it would be better as the soundtrack to some sort of intense confrontation, like EVERY scene featuring Javier Bardem in 'No Country For Old Men.' I don't know...the movie and the scenes change every day. It's a constant work in progress. But the soundtrack keeps getting better.

* Smog - 'Justice Aversion' MP3

2 Response to "Another song from the movie playing in my head"

  • Tim Says:

    I've got a similar soundtrack to my imaginary movie in progress. Too bad the scenes can't come together.

    This song fits perfectly.

  • Blair Says:

    Yeah, I have so many great scenes imagined...none of which tie together at all...maybe I should just make some really high budget youtube clips!