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I was a stripper at "The Centerfold", summer of 2006 - w4m - 32 (C-Bus)

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Date: 2008-12-23, 7:07AM EST

The Centerfold is off of Stelzter Road, eastside of C-Bus

My stage name was Gemini
I have blonde hair
Sexy if you have seen me dance

I danced in the year 2006, from May until Sept.

If I had a sexual affair with you let me know what I look like and what you remember

If you are the guy that wanted me to go to the Waffle House for a 1000.00 then email so I know it was you.

There is a couple of others that I wouldn't mind seeing???? hahaha

Anyway, let me know and send a picture to prove it!!!

I want to see you again!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for you and my husband still doesn't know about that night I didn't go home!!!!!!


Stay classy Gemini.

* Kanye West - 'Gold Digger' MP3

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