Sounds LIke Wanderlust

You know that scene at the end of 'Ghost World' where Enid takes her one suitcase and boards the ghost bus to who knows where? I wish I were brave enough to do that...and this song reminds me of that.

* Elephant Micah - 'The Story Of My Expatriate Friends' MP3

Sounds Like Autumn

I hereby pronounce Summer the Midwest at least. It is an absolutely perfect fall day here, and fate would have it, I just stumbled into what is going to be a huge part of my Autumn soundtrack I have a feeling. Volcano Choir is the latest project from Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon and this album 'Unmap' is absolutely hits stores on September 22nd.

* 'Youlogy' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Goodale Park Saturday nite - m4m - 35 (Short North)

Date: 2009-08-30, 12:02PM EDT

Hey man, I was on my way home when we passed in Goodale last nite. I absolutely loved sucking you and playing with that hot little ass of yours. But your kissing was the best. Would love to meet up for a drink if you like. You were wearing a black shirt and jeans and had an amazing smile. Tell me what I had on and something about me. Hope to hear from you.


You know, the gay community might just be onto something here. Maybe we should all just get the oral sex and awkwardness out of the way RIGHT off the bat...plenty of time for introductions later.

* New Pornographers - 'Adventures In Solitude' MP3

Masters Of The Burial

If you just take pause for a moment and look at all of the incredible music that Amy Milan has been involved with in her life, it's staggering. Her work with Stars and Broken Social Scene is of course brilliant, and yet she still finds the inspiration and the time to record the occasional solo record, lucky for us. 'Masters Of The Burial' drops on September 22nd and it is beautiful. Here is her cover of a Death Cab For Cutie favorite.

* ' I Will Follow You Into The Dark' MP3

Meet Glen Campbell

File this one under sentences I never thought I would say: "Here is one of my dad's favorite all time singers covering Green Day"

* Glen Campbell -'Good Riddance' MP3

When The Devil's Loose

It's so great to have new music from AA Bondy. His 2007 'American Hearts' record was one of my favorites from that year and his new album, 'When The Devil's Loose' is cut from that same cloth. Ten more songs of his gorgeously sculpted brand of folk. His music always has me wanting to listen while sitting outside at dusk, in close proximity to a campfire.

* 'Oh The Vampyre' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

In love with my cousin - m4w - 32 (olathe)

Date: 2009-08-15, 2:34AM CDT

It has been almost 6 years since i first meet my cousin for the first time,back then she was 20,i didn't know that she was my cousin and started a close friendship,later on,my mom told me that in fact she was my first cousin,from that moment on everything change for us cause the family was always against our close friendship if you know what i mean,we stop seeing each other for almost 3 years and then i saw her in a family reunion and she told me that she had a boyfriend but still was feeling something for me,our family always opposed to our feelings feeding us traditions and family standards.
well i just completed a long research and found out that first cousin relationships are legal and perfectly normal ,in fact even marriage is legal in 38 states,but now its too late because she has a boyfriend.
can someone please tell me if this is right or wrong cause I'm going crazy trying to bare the fact that we could be happy and thanks to lies and lack of information we didn't.
what do you think?,please let me know if something like this ever happened to you,or something similar,I'm very interested in your opinion that is going to help me decide what to do next.


3 billion women on this planet...and he falls for his 1st cousin...

The Lucksmiths - 'First Cousin' MP3

"So what if all my heroes are the losin' kind?"

Consider my weekend made. Finally, some new Lucero music for these ears. Listening to the impending band's forthcoming '1372 Overton Park', which drops on October 6th. I am such a huge fan of this band, a review would be futile, as it would be SO biased! But if you are a Lucero fan, you will love it. More of that beautiful bar room poetry from Ben Nichols and a fuller, deeper sound...augmented by horns on several tracks.

Not to worry, the trademark 'cow punk' sound of Lucero is still VERY much in tact. Here is a track to give you an idea of what you can's a scorcher.

* 'What Are You Willing To Lose?' MP3

It Feels Good When I Stop

Joe Pernice has taken a short break from writing his own fabulous songs to author a semi-autobiographical novel entitled 'It Feels Good When I Stop' and record an accompanying album full of cover songs that are mentioned throughout the book. I am a huge fan of Joe's music, espeically his stuff with the Pernice Brothers, so I can't wait to read the book. The record is fantastic. It contains a few book excerpts narrated by Mr. Pernice himself, and his take on songs by artists as varied as Sebadoh, Tom T. Hall, and Del Shannon.

* 'I Go To Pieces' MP3 (Del Shannon cover)

True Romance

I have been listening to a ton of 'True Romance' this week, the debut release from London band Golden Silvers. It's a bouncy, funk-tinged set of songs for the most part that is fun from start to finish, but there is a darkness lurking in this record. Never gloomy, but just the right amount of gray sounds to keep it from seeming frivolous. I hear something new with each consecutive spin.

* 'Another Universe' MP3

My Old Familiar Friend

Today mark's the release of the brand new album by super talented singer/songwriter/Raconteur Brendan Benson, 'My Old Familiar Friend.' And it is a beautiful set of songs. Leaving the gritty blues stuff back with the Raconteurs, Benson gets back to his pop roots on this record, and it works wonderfully.

Here is one of my favorite tracks on the album...enjoy.

* 'Misery' MP3

Be Set Free

One of the most memorable sets I took in at 2009's Lollapalooza was Pennslyvania's Langhorne Slim. He is incredible live and his love of performing is totally infectious. Love the man. Which makes me so happy to report that his third full length record, 'Set me Free', will becoming out on September 29 of this year. Can't wait to hear it all...til then, here is tune to serve a sneak preview. Check it out after these upcoming tour dates:

10/15 - Bell House - Brooklyn, NY
10/17 - TT The Bears - Cambridge, MA
10/21 - Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH
10/22 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
10/24 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
10/25 - 400 Bar - Minneapolis, MN
10/26 - Waiting Room - Omaha, NE
10/28 - Jackpot - Lawrence, KS
10/29 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO
10/30 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
11/02 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA
11/03 - Media Club - Vancouver, BC
11/06 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
11/08 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
11/09 - Rhythm Room - Tempe, AZ
11/11 - Mohawk Outside - Austin, TX
11/13 - The Basement - Nashville, TN
11/15 - Cats Cradle - Carrboro, NC
11/16 - The Southern - Charlottesville, VA
11/17 - Rock N Roll Hotel - DC
11/19 - Johnny Brenda’s - Philadelphia, PA

* 'I Love You But Goodbye' MP3

Keep In Mind Frankenstein

I have a feeling that my 2009 Autumn soundtrack will be this brand new Grand Archives record, 'Keep In Mind Frankenstein.' It's brilliant. The record comes out September 8th...mark it down.

* 'Left For All The Strays' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

house of meats at andersons on talmadge rd - w4m (oh/mi line)

Date: 2009-08-16, 11:29PM EDT

you were helping me get my meats and man u were hot u looked at me and i looked at u the same would love to have some fun with you so i hope you or someone else see's this ad and tells ya you were tall brown hair and eyes


I am such a sucker for slaughterhouse romance.

*The Shout Out Louds - 'Meat Is Murder' MP3

Break Up

I have to admit that when I hit PLAY on this one, I really wasn't excpeting all. I mean I LOVED Pete Yorn's debut record, but have been less than blown away with his stuff since then. And the only thing I had heard from Scarlett Johansson was her far from thrilling album of Tom Waits Covers.

But what would life be without the plesant surprises? The nine tracks on 'Breakup' are some of the best Pete Yorn stuff I have heard in years, and the harmonies between the two really work. Is it the album of the year? Probably not, but still really good.

* 'Someday' MP3

Ordinary Riches

I have found the woman I want to marry...again. My latest rock n'roll crush is Genevieve Schatz, the singer and lead songwriter for the Chicago band Company Of Thieves. Of course she is beautiful, and has an amazing voice, and writes incredible songs, but what stole really my heart was this video:

How can you NOT love a girl that loves Max Fischer??

I am attaching an acoustic version of 'Oscar Wilde' as well.The entire record is really fabulous, it has been a wonderful Sunday morning soundtrack.many thanks to AP for turning me on to these guys...she is most definitely invited to the wedding :-)

* 'Oscar Wilde' MP3

Everthing Is New

I am not supposed to like music like Jack Penate makes. I am a 33yr old American guy who worships at the altar of bar bands and the singer/songwriter. But I really, really love this new Jack Penate record 'Everything Is New.' Really I do.

It does an amazing job of taking such bleak, sometimes woeful subject matter and pairing it with this really upbeat, almost euphoric music...the contrast won me over. All 9 songs on the record are really solid, not a second of filler. I am so glad I decided to open my ears and my mind...good things happened.

* Jack Penate - 'Be The One' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Alchemical, Video, Archaeological Assistant

Date: 2009-07-13, 10:46PM PDT

Yes, this is certainly an unusual title for any job advertisement, and we�re looking for someone just as unusual.

We are based in St Helens, Oregon. We need someone who either lives locally, or who is willing to travel here a few days week (to start), and who can eventually work full time. What we are seeking a very special employee with a bit more imagination, more integrity and more concern for truth than most people. What we are offering is far more than a job, and � we hope � you�ll find this more of an avocation than a vocation.

Our research is independently funded. We are looking for an absolutely honorable, spiritually-centered and healthy individual who is not only looking to earn a paycheck, but who wants to (literally) change the world. This is a non-smoking workplace, but your life is your own. It is results we are looking for.

The short version: we are an independent video production company, which � during the course of filming a radical new science documentary � made a series of rather incredible discoveries (and these discoveries are on-going). Our breakthroughs represent a radical new view of an esoteric world history, and resulted in equally amazing technologies. We are now preparing to market some of these.

What are these technologies?

As amazing as our answer seems, we are not exaggerating. We have rediscovered the �elixir of life,� once known also as Amrita, Soma, and (through the European mythos) the �Holy Grail!� And that�s not all.

Quietly, we started a company to develop and market several products which resulted from these breakthroughs, and the sales of these alchemically-related products are being used to fund the completion of our documentary series. Recently we went public with some of our discoveries. Now we need some help to produce these products.

Can you work with shop tools and wood? Do you have a background in chemistry, archaeology or biology? Do you have a familiarity with lab safety, using a microscope or with chemical reagents? A person familiar with scientific disciplines is preferable.

Yet, such scientific training can often prevent one from dealing well with many paradigm shifts resulting from research such as ours. What we're up to will turn your world upside down!

Do you have a problem working with evidence of real-world ancient occult (occult meaning esoteric, or hidden; i.e., sacred) sciences and/or religions? Can you travel over a weekend or week if necessary? What if you were asked to climb down into a cave, or travel to an archaeologically-significant site across the Great Basin? Are you a certified diver? Discoveries have lead us to seek for answers in all sorts of places Anything can happen. Are you physically fit enough to carry gear under such circumstances. Are you sure-footed. All of these things and more may affect your ability to work with us.

To work with us you'd need more than a very wide range of skills. You must possess a quick and open mind, a curiosity to pursue truth (no matter where it leads), and the willingness to do whatever it takes to complete those jobs and tasks required responsibly. Skills you can develop, but the desire to learn and grow is part of one's personality. We will train you wherever needed. Skills with various power tools is a deal-breaker, and familiarity Macintosh-based graphics a plus. If your skills lie in the arenas of videography, special effects and/or animation, even better. Why?

We need one (or two) personal assistants willing to both learn and assist in any and all facets of the work we do here ' and that can be anything from assisting in manufacturing and shipping our products, to mailing boxes to clients, answering questions. For example, as mundane as the business part of our work is, this is not all we do. However, it is how we fund ourselves, and stay independent.

You may be asked to assist in acquiring video and still imagery, assist research, and so on. We will be willing to train our employees. Our Executive producer is a professional with many years of training experience in digital imaging and video/special FX.

All we discover we document. All we document and study, we use to build technologies. Your salary will eventually depend on how well (and quickly) you can accomplish what is required. This will be a part-time salary, but who knows where it will lead? This is (at least partly) up to you.

Think of this as an old style apprenticeship job, dealing with sacred-scientific/esoteric research and cutting edge alchemy.

If such an alternate and intimate work/learning environment doesn't freak you out, then let's talk.

You'll be contacted for a brief Q&A session. Then, if we think you're someone we might want to work with us, you'll be participating in a small telephone conference with three of the principles associated with our several companies. Finally, we'll meet and talk person-to-person, at our St Helens facility.

Interested? E-mail us. You may even find some of life's most elusive questions actually have answers.


I was all set to rattle off a snarky comment about this manifesto, but there is just so much weirdness going on in this post I just sort of blanked out. But the truth is out there.

* Nada Surf - 'The Blankest Year' MP3


As the occasional great movie finds it's way into my life, I will sometimes show some love to said film in blog form and set music to my ramblings. This is one of those times.

Thanks to the modern marvel that is my Xbox 360 I am able to stream netflix movies right into my living room on demand. This invention has been the death of boredom on many a Tuesday night here. Last night's late night feature was 'Gigantic' starring Paul Dano as an introspective bed salesman in NYC and Zooey Deschanel as his quirky,adorable muse.

I am not a writer nor am I a critic, so I will attempt to keep this brief...bear with me. It's basically that same old story. You know the one where the quiet, sweet guy who has spent an entire lifetime obsessing over adopting a Chinese baby FINALLY gets close to his ultimate goal of obtaining an actual Chinese baby, then accidentally meets the girl of his dreams and suddenly there is conflict. Obviously, that was a very trite plot summary, but the point being this is not like every other movie you have ever seen. And while it is by no means the greatest film of all time, it still does a way better than average job of documenting the dysfunction of families and relationships and trying to make them all fit into these, our so-called lives.

Well worth your 90 minutes....go see it, we must discuss.

* Pixies - 'Gigantic' MP3

* Clem Snide - 'Chinese Baby' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Beer Can Collection - $2500 (Ashville)

Date: 2009-08-19, 4:47PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

1970's beer can collection. Actual collection has about 2000 different cans or more. No cone tops and some flat tops. With traders and collection there are about 6500 beer cans. You could easily sell the traders on ebay and get your money back. Collection is closed up in boxes. These are just two pictures of the cases full of traders. Tried to load more pictures but said too much. Could be a great money maker if you are ebay savy. I only check emails every several days so please be patient. Serious inquiries only.

  • Location: Ashville
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1331802077-0 image 1331802077-1


* Beck - 'Beercan' MP3

Audio Nostalgia - Pearl Jam - 'Betterman'

This song will turn 15yrs old in November...sigh.

It is a testament to Pearl Jam(or to my obsession with them) that I still love it so much....especially this version with the backing

* 'Betterman' MP3

Sounds Like Confusion

I was just sitting here, minding my own business...returning some emails, aimlessly surfing the web, when this song came on via the shuffle mode. I love Jenny Owens Youngs, and have probably proclaimed said love on this space several times before, but apparently it had been awhile since I had heard this gem off of her 2005 'Batten The Hatches' LP, because it stopped me cold.

God bless the great songwriters for being able to take the anguish and confusion that we have ALL felt at one time or another and put it into a catchy 4 minute pop song. I am in awe of this skill.

* 'Coyote' MP3

Best Crisis Ever

My inner geek can't help but to love a band that names itself after a college course. Apsci are a husband and wife duo out out of New York who specialize in genre-bending awesomeness. Their previous records were rooted in hip ho yet veered off that course from time to time, but this new record (Best Crisis Ever)is all over the map - sonically speaking - and it's a beautiful thing. The digital version of the album is available everywhere will have to wait til September for a hard copy.

WARNING: If you press play to hear this song, it will be embedded in your brain for days. Really. The writer of this blog is in no way responsible for whatever measures his readers take while attempting to shake this unbelievable infectiousness.


* 'Crazy Crazy Insane' MP3

Eager To Please

If you like your rock n roll with a whole lotta vigor and ZERO pretension, then you may just fall for Portland, Maine's The Leftovers like I did. Sort of a great mix of Elvis Costello, The Ramones, and the Beach Boys all rolled into one band.

I am glad I found this record before the summer exited stage left.

* 'Telephone Operator' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Wanted: Pony

Date: 2009-07-15, 9:52PM

My kid is having a birthday coming up soon, and there'll be a lot of children around, so I figured I'd better get a pony.

I suspect there'll be what - about 20 or 30 kids, and I thought a pony would fit the bill nicely.

Please let me know what you feed your pony - hay, grain, whatever, so I know what to expect.

Also, let me know if the pony gets a lot of exercise, or if it just kinda hangs out all day, so I know what kind of shape it is in.

If you do have a pony you could sell, please contact me, and then immediately start putting barbeque sauce in it's bedding or add some Lawry's to it's salt lick - I like to marinade it early and long, so that the flavor is at it's peak by the time I take possession.

If things work out well, I may contact you for other parties I'll be involved in; they kids can't tell the difference between ponies and burger, and usually they're a lot cheaper.


* Minus The Bear - 'Pony Up' MP3

Hawthorne To Hennepin

While I am in the folk-rock state of mind, here is some more great stuff - much more on the folk side of the ledger I would say. Clint Michigan is a two piece band out of Brlooklyn who play gorgeous folk music. Their new record 'Hawthorn To Hennepin' is just so perfect...I can't recommend it highly enough.

* 'Act Naturally' MP3

North Hills

I posted this track as part of my weekly mixtape this morning(which you can hear on the side bar of the blog)...but I feel as though it deserves a post unto itself, it is JUST that gorgeous. The band is the California outfit Dawes, and the album is 'North Hills.'

Enjoy and try not melt when lead songwriter and singer Talor Goldsmith whispers "Oh rue, though my dreams did not come true; no they only came apart."

* 'That Western Skyline' MP3

My Boys

Taken By Trees put there spin on almost everyone's favorite song from can find this on their upcoming 'East Of Eden' album.

* 'My Boys' MP3

This Empty Northern Hemisphere

I am really loving this new album from Colorado singer/songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov. 'This Empty Northern Hemisphere.' I never tire of songs about heartbreak and the day to day struggles, and I am always impressed when someone is able to put a new, melodic spin on these tried and true sources.

And, he has included a beautiful duet with Brandi Carlile of the Leonard Cohen song 'One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong.'

* 'Virginia May' MP3

* 'One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong' MP3

White Flag

I was sitting here trying to shake this mild post music festival depression that has overcome me, and looking for the perfect soundtrack for just such an undertaking when I fell upon 'White Flag' from Ahtens,GA singer/songwriter Madeline Adams. This was a beautiful thing.

I have been listening to the record all day and my mood is continuing to improve with each sequential listen. She has a beautiful voice that fits her simple, yet gorgeous, folk songs perfectly. A wonderful way to ease into a late summer weekend.

* 'White Flag' MP3

You Will Miss Me When I Burn

"When you have no one, No one can hurt you"

As soon as I heard Mark Lanegan sing these lyrics on the tune 'You Will Miss Me When I Burn' I wondered what took Lanegan SO LONG to cover Will Oldham(the song is a Palace Brothers original). Lanegan's trademark brooding vocals work so incredibly well with Oldham's knack for writing gorgeously downtrodden songs. And this song doesn't dissapoint.

This tune as well as Langegan colloborations with such talent as Mike Patton, Gibby Haynes, and several others can be found on the brand new Soulsavers record, aptly titled 'Broken.'

* 'You Will Miss Me When I Burn' MP3

Ezra Furman And The Harpoons

In the category of best Lollapalooza surprise for me, the winner goes to Ezra Furman And The Harpoons. Sort of stumbled across the second half of their set, but I loved what I heard. Quirky lyrics with a David Byrne like delivery. Loved it.

This post concludes my Lollapalooza 2009 coverage...I now return you to the regularly scheduled programming - me blurbing about songs I like.

* Ezra Furman And The Harpoons - 'Take Off Your Sunglasses' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication: Lollapalooza Edition

Were you literally attacked by a bear?! - w4m - 29 (Lollapalooza)

Date: 2009-08-10, 11:47PM CDT

Hi. I tapped on your shoulder during Lollapallooza to ask you what attacked you. Whilst fumbling to take your picture, you told my friend the story about the bear attack. She has not stopped talking about you since then, and would like a second opportunity to be with the illusive "Bear Claw" (which was your immediate nickname). I was the one in the bright colored dress. My friend is super hot and amazing and I think you belong together. Tell me where you were headed, details of the attack, or where abouts this took place at Grant Park. You sort of invited us to come with you but I was pulling my friend away to see Lou Reed. If this is you, or you know this God amongst men, please reply!!!

  • Location: Lollapalooza
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1316911461-0


* Grizzly Bear - 'Knife' MP3

The Breeze My Baby Cries

Another day, another song from that Kath Bloom tribute

This album is so warrants ONE more post. This one is from Bill perfect for this grayish day.

* 'The Breeze My Baby Cries' MP3

Loving Taking It's Course

I guess you can say I have a major weakness when it comes to tribue albums. I love them. Even if I am not all that familiar with the person being immortalized in tribute album form, as is the case here with 'Loving Taking This Course: A Tribute To The Songs Of Kath Bloom.' Bloom is a singer/songwriter who you can read all about here.

The album is really fantastic, and I do believe it did its job - with me anyhow - as I am now inclined to check out some more of Ms Bloom's body of work. And the beautiful thing about this record sis that it's a double disc, one cd of the tribute songs, and one of Kath Bloom's original recordings. Here are the covered tracks and their artists:

01 Marble Sounds: "Come Here"
02 Bill Callahan: "The Breeze/My Baby Cries"
03 Laura Jean: "When I See You"
04 Mark Kozelek: "Finally"
05 Mick Turner and Peggy Frew: "Window"
06 Devendra Banhart: "Forget About Him"
07 Scout Niblett: "I Wanna Love"
08 The Dodos: "Biggest Light of All"
09 Josephine Foster: "Look at Me"
10 Mia Doi Todd: "Ready or Not"
11 Corrina Repp: "Fall Again"
12 Marianne Dissard and Joey Burns of Calexico: "It's So Hard to Come Home"
13 Amy Rude: "In Your School"
14 Tom Hanford: "If This Journey"
15 Meg Baird of Espers: "There Was a Boy"
16 The Concretes: "Come Here"

And here is my favorite track of the bunch...enjoy:

* Meg Baird - 'There Was A Boy' MP3


Sort of stumbled into hearing a track from this Nottingham band The Soundcarriers this afternoon and it must have been the right song at the right time, since I immediately tracked down their new record 'Harmonium.'

Sort of hard to pin down their sound, since the influences(which the band's offical bio attempts to sum up as: "love of Can, Pink Floyd, rare groove, soundtracks, library music, acid folk and jazz") are a bit scattered...but whatever you want to call the sound, it works.

Here is the song that hooked me earlier...enjoy.

* 'Without Sound' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Ride to liquor store. please help. will pay (wilson ave.)

Date: 2009-08-02, 6:48PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

need at quck ride to the liquor store. it closes at 8. good pay. please help


* Bonnie "Prince" Billy - 'I Am Drinking Again' MP3

I Became A Prostitute

Finally got around to listening to the new single from one of my favorite Scottish bands, The Twilight Sad...and it's incredible...dare I say anthemic. I love the big sound...can't wait to hear the rest of the new record!

* 'I Became A Prostitute' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Nude Buckeye Fan(s) Out There? - m4m - 55 (Far East - Far North)

Date: 2009-07-24, 8:37AM EDT

MWM, 5'9" 185 seeking someone who can host. In search of Buckeye football & basketball fan that would like to watch games in the nude. Should be close to h/w proportionate and no younger than 45ish. Football starting soon. Would like to chat to get to know. Must be very discrete. No problem with more than one or females to participate. All must be d/d free and nonsmoker. Let's see how much fun these games can become.

From 270 to as far east as Newark and North to Mt. Vernon. Would really like this to be fun and regular.


I love that is guy will only do his naked football watching with NON-SMOKERS...because he obviously has high standards.

* Iron & Wine - 'Naked As We Came' MP3