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you: Prius guy; me: not a hooker (redhead in purple fishnets) - w4m

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Date: 2008-12-09, 8:45AM EST

Me: A redhead on a bicycle, in fishnets and a short skirt, biking home from the Short North

You: A guy driving a Prius who tried to hire me for sexual services.

There I was, biking along, thinking it would be smarter to ride down Goodale than along the bigger streets at dusk because I didn't have my light or helmet. Now, I don't walk down Goodale much because it's where all the hookers work and I don't want to interfere. But it seemed safe by bike.

So when you slowed down to pass me in your Prius, I was a little apprehensive. Sure enough, "Want to make some money?" you asked. I was startled, though. You didn't look like the usual sleazebags who trawl these corners. I said no, with a smile. I should've been more firm, I guess.

(I admit that my getup was a bit more suggestive than usual, my mini-kilt draped over my bike seat, my tall boots making pedaling a little difficult. Nothing naughtier than you'd see street punks wearing anywhere, though. And who tries to pick up a hooker who's riding a bike? I am not a hooker, for the record, though I'm not offended. I have a science PhD, which might earn me less at first, but so far it's seemed to be the best use of my talents.)

Anyway, I said no. And I kept biking. And you kept tailing me slowly in your Prius. Half a block later, you asked again and I answered more firmly, though still (too) politely. And then again, further along. By then I had a plan in mind to keep you from following me to my house, but you gave up at that point.

So what gives? Do you come here often? In a city of yuppie geeks, why does a not-unattractive man with a Prius need to find a streetwalker on that particular corner of crack whores? Did I inspire visions of kinky sex? Did I, with my messenger bag and commuter bike, look like the type to mete out exotic punishments? Are you just having a dry spell? And how much money are we talking?

I'm actually curious. (Not interested, but curious.)


Everclear - 'You Make Me Feel Like A Whore' MP3

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