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Tattoo Guy buyer beware (Beechmont area)

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Date: 2008-12-25, 7:17PM EST

This Guys name is Brian Moticka. He lives on the East side of town (Beechmont) and his phone number is 513-947-3659 513-732-6294. He claims to be an "Award Winning Tattoo Artist" a "Decorated Veteran" and has posted on Craigs List. He also claims to have been in " Tattoo Magazine over 13 times" which is why I contacted him and made a deal to do a large Tattoo on my back. BIG MISTAKE and now I have filed a law suit in the county where he lives. I have tried to work it out with him but he keeps giving me the run around and finally threatened my life so I stopped calling him and filed the suit. Check out the picture and judge for yourself. Pay close attention to the claws (hands),hair and face. He told me the tattoo would look "Exactly" like the picture.
If you want to see a better picture of his work or more info just ask.
I also showed my "MESS" to several other real tatoo artists, and they ALL said the work was BAD and they all wanted to know who did the work. Thank you to everyone that has emailed me with support and to several others that emailed telling me about similar stories about the same guy.


First of all, nice choice in body art. ALL CLASS. And maybe tattoos aren't something you should be making deals for on think?

I love how the guy took creative license and gave the hot chick a baseball bat to hold...that really ties the piece together in my humble opinion.

* Tim Easton - 'Happy Now' MP3

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