Coachella Artist O'the Day: 47 Days To Go

If I were in charge of the scheduling at Coachella(which I should be...but whatever) I would definitely have Grizzly Bear playing the Outdoor Stage at sunset on Friday night.

* 'Knife' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 48 Days To Go

Today's Coachella countdown band have more than 30yrs logged in the rock n roll game, The Specials. True legends, these guys. Bringing their brand of punk-infused ska to the masses and inspiring bands for mulitple generations now they are a must see on Friday night.

* 'Pressure Drop' MP3

Check 1,2

Been fighting some file hosting issues all week...hopefully I have things turned around...can you hear this???

* Charlotte Gainsbourg - 'Trick Pony' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

I Did What I said I was

Going To Do - m4w - 39


Date: 2010-02-26, 1:15AM EST

My turn to play games.

I did exactly what I said I was going to do. They acted like it wasn't the first time they heard about you. Have you taken your drug test at work yet or have you already been fired? Play games with me again and all your neighbors and your parents will know next. Too bad you're not a man, I would take care of things a different way. I've been waiting for your new bi-sexual friend(s) to come talk to me, maybe your pimp. Oh, I'm waiting for your hero.

Maybe you'll think twice next time you lie to someone and play with their heart when they love you. Maybe you'll think twice before you tell someone you love them when you don't.

Thanks for the disease!


This missed connection was like a poorly made film noir...or a really good episode of Jerry Springer.

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 49 Days To Go

So very exciting - we are sub 50 days...only 49 and counting till festival launch!

This calls for something how about a little old school hip hop today, courtesy of Friday performers De La Soul.

I am experiencing some hosting it's videos for the foreseeable future...sorry.

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 50 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is the lovely and talented Charlotte Gainsbourg. I am gonna make every attempt to catch her set in Indio, as the chances of her ever playing Columbus,OH are slim and none I fear.

Here is a killer song-in video form- off of her latest record, 'IRM', which she co-wrote with Beck.


Craigslist Musical Dedication

Redhead outside

St. Vincent Concert - m4w

(Outland on Liberty)

Date: 2010-02-24, 11:13AM EST

I know it's late for Valentine's, but the way you threw those snowballs was like arrows shot into my heart. I was so upset about the show being canceled and was glad to see someone raging against the machine.

Let's meet for coffee or another concert.


I read this and instantly thought of my favorite song about love and civil disobedience.

* Jens Lekman - 'I Saw Her At The Anti War Demonstration' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 51 Days To Go

Ah yes, The Raveonettes. They will always hold a specail place in my Coachella loving heart as they were the second band that I ever saw(Buck 65 being the first) on those glorious polo grounds of Indio,California. They were also playing when I made my first of what turned out to be several Danny Devito signings in my 5 trips to the festival.

If memory serves, this was the song playing...

* 'That Great Love Sound' MP3


Today's commuting soundtrack was the lovely new album from singer/songwriter Simone White. The record is full of gorgeous songs that make Ms White's vocals the star attraction.

Here is one of my favorite tunes, the heartbreaking 'Psalms.'

* 'Psalms' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 52 Days To Go

The subject of today's edition of the countdown was just added yesteryday, Imogen Heap. I caught her one woman set either 3 or 4 Coachellas ago...they are all sort of starting to blur in my was amazing. Definitely going to make a point to catch her this year too!

Here is a tune off of her latest record 'Ellipse.'

* 'Swoon' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

OMG WOW!!!!!!! - 28

(Heath Ohio Rt 79)

Date: 2010-02-22, 5:09PM EST

For the guy that changed my oil at Valvoline oil on 79 You are one HOT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are Luke Wolfe and you wolud like to know what i want to do with your penis FOR THE LOVE OF GOD give me a call 74zero six44 006two


Stay classy Ohio...

*Ida Maria - 'Oh My God' MP3

The Return Of Clem Snide

Lovers of quirky,hyper-literate country rock gold rejoice, Eef Barzelay and his band Clem Snide are back with a brand new record called 'The Meat Of Life.'

It totally caught me by surprise as I wasn't expceting the band to follow up their trimuphant return- 2009's 'Hungry Bird'- so quickly. But I am so glad they did, the record is fantastic.

Here is a perfect example, enjoy.

* Wal-Mart Parking Lot' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 53 Days To Go

Today's Coachella act is a band that I have always had opportunities to see(mostly because it seems that they LIVE on the road) but for whatever reason it has never come to fruition. The star-crossed band in question is Old Crow Medicine Show. I WILL NOT MISS this them this year in Indio. Here it is in writing.

* 'Fall On My Knees' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

guitar playing singer - w4m

Date: 2010-02-20, 10:19PM EST

I can't remember your name but I can't forget you. I first saw you play almost 2 years ago when I was out with friends. You had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. We only talked for a few minutes but you asked intriguing questions. I wanted to talk much longer.

Later that summer I saw a band and thought you were singing, but couldn't be sure it was you and I couldn't stay to find out. I also think I saw you out walking downtown with your guitar a couple of different times over this summer. I kick myself for not stopping and asking if it was you.

You're tall with a beard, and you have a kind of brooding quality. You said you write your own music, but play cover songs more because that's what people in bars want to hear. You were funny but seemed very sad. I would like to see you play again if you're still in the area. For some reason I think you moved to Newark from somewhere else.

If this sounds like anybody you know of please let me know.


OMG! I totally know this guy:

* Glen Hansard - 'Cry Me A River'(Justin Timberlake cover) MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 54 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is definitely in my Top Ten most anticipated list: Florence And The Machine. Front woman Florence Welch has that most rare of qualities. One that makes me fall madly in love with her, yet has me scared to death of her at the same time. I can only name a few singers whole hold this power over me. PJ Harvey is one, Allison Moorhart is another. Rare air indeed. And the music is of course amazing...the band's LP 'Lungs' has been one of the best debut records in the last few years, hopefully just the start of a brilliant career.

* Florence And The Machine - 'Dog Days Are Over' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

St James Tavern - m4w (4th St)

Date: 2010-02-19, 11:48PM EST

So, I was in a work meeting, and you were there with a married man. I know this because you said it loud enough for me to hear, along with your name and his name.

You got there about 9:30, and I left a little afterwards. Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind seeing you there again sometime.

PS(You're gorgeous)


I post this one because I was there last night while this was going down apparently!
So exciting to be part of a missed connection...even if i was just an extra.

* White Stripes - 'St. James Infirmary Blues' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 55 Days To Go

James Murphy is one of those artists that I would follow blindly into the desert. I mean, I trust him that much. Everything he seems to touch turns into sonic gold. That's the great thing about the LCD Soundstytem records, they are just all over the place in just the right places. He meshes styles and genres seamlessly to make some incredible pop music. I can't wait to hear the new stuff this the desert, ironically enough. See what I did there...brought it all back together - solid gold blogging!

* 'All My Friends' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

cute brunette smiling at me

- 37 (walmart lancaster)

Date: 2010-02-18, 2:31AM EST

i was pushing the cart standing in the aisle way,you walked by and gave me the loveliest smile.i couldnt help but feel like their was a spark of mutual attraction there.i was standing near the beverage aisle in a carhart coat.if you see this and are single id love to get to know you.


Do you see why I love these so much? The fact that something as simple as a smile triggered this whole thought process within this guy's the point that he came home and documented his perceived connection on craigslist. And this all happened at Wal Mart. And this all happens hundreds of times a day. All of this fascinates me.

* Peter Sarstedt - 'Where Do You Go To My Lovely' MP3

Coachella Artists O'the Day: 56 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is just another great example of why I go out of my way to make it to this festival every year. Instead of just filling their stages with mega big names or flavor of the month artists(granted, there is some of that) they build a show that always seems to pay homage to the trendsetters in music. I have seen artists at Coachella that I would NEVER be able to see otherwise. Artists like Kraftwerk, New Order, Public Enemy, Roky Ericcson, Bauhaus, Jesus and Mary Chain, Prince, Paul McCartney, and so many more. Coachella just seems to be a weekend long love song to music heaven.

All of that rambling brings me to today's artist, Gary Numan. Dude was using synthesizers to make music before anyone even knew what they were capable of. His sonic fingerprint is smudged all over the pop music landscape, from the rise of New Wave to today's indie rock/dance stuff. Much respect.

* 'Cars' MP3

* 'Down In The Park' MP3

Great band name, even better band

I was really excited that Fanfarlo was coming to my mid-sized college town, and now I am doubly excited that they are bringing along their friends Lawrence Arabia. Their debut record 'Chant Darling' is brilliant.

So on April first, the Summit in Columbus,Ohio will be filled with lots of awesome musicians and lots of awesome accents.

* 'Apple Pie Bed' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Hot stirpper in Kahoots

- m4w - 38 (kahoots)

Date: 2010-02-18, 1:04PM EST

You sat with my buddy and me at our booth. You asked me if I wanted a dance, and i said it 'was a;little to rich for my blood". i asked if you wanted to grab a drink somewhere else wehre the drinks werent so much, but said "unforntly i have to work"/

let me know what i was wearing, and when your free for that drink! on me.


Yeah, nothing impresses a stripper like your keen sense of thriftiness.

* Laura Cantrell - 'The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter' MP3

I feel an obsession coming on....

Yep, based on the obscene number of times I have listened to this Mumford and Sons album over the last two weeks, I think it's safe to say a full fledged musical obsession is forming.

It never ceases to amaze me at how well some UK bands are able to nail the 'Americana' sound. Enough talking, how about a song...

* 'Awake My Soul' MP3

Coachella Artists O'the Day: 57 Days To Go

Today's Coachella band of the day is on my short list of bands that I plan on fighting the crowds for and getting up close to the action: Frightened Rabbit.

The Scottish band's third studio album, 'The Winter Of Mixed Drinks' will be out next is the first single, it's a killer.

* 'Nothing Like You' MP3

Lines we've drawn and let down

Jason Anderson is one of my favorite songwriters because he can sing lines like this:

Every other day or so I google image search your name But there’s only one picture and it’s always the same

...and make it sound like pure poetry.

* 'Watch Your Step' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Strange Encounter - m4m - 52

(Cincinnati, OH)

Date: 2010-02-16, 3:41PM EST

Very Long Shot - During memorial service last December we exchanged frequent, longing glances. It was impossible to consummate as we were both with other people and I had to leave at conclusion. If you recognize this mention church name and location and I'll definitely reply to you.


I guess asking for a guy's number in front of the casket may have seemed a little classless.

* Brad - 'Funeral Song' MP3

Coachella Artists O'the Day: 58 Days To Go

Alas, yesterday was another not so internet friendly day and the result was I was unable to continue the countdown. So I am playing catch up again and today's post is a double shot of Coachella goodness with an international flavor.

First up is French musician/composer Yans Tiersen. Tiersen is probably most famous for his work on the soundtrack to the film Amelie and to tell you the truth, that is all I know of his work. I have him filed under Coachella curiosities and may just have to check him out.

* 'La Noyee' MP3

Next up is Brazilian singer/songwriter CéU. The song I am posting is from her 2009 record 'Vagarosa.'

* 'Grains De Beaute' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Our connection was a


Date: 2010-02-15, 5:04PM EST

And it resurrected from the grave that you tried to bury my soul in. I will never forget that day that we bumped into each other and the rest of our time together. Now, the current topic on hand is, I wish for there to be an "us" again so if we are feeling the same then don't hesitate to come back. When we our together and even tho it's temporary it's still a brath of fresh air and yes business can co-exist with pleasure as long as the biz/priorities are set in place 1st. I could have saved alot of questions about you but sometimes we have to learn on our own the hard way...


And the winner for most dramatic line in the history of craigslist is...

"And it resurrected from the grave that you tried to bury my soul in."

* Modest Mouse - 'Please Bury Me With It' MP3

Coachella Artists O'the Day: 60 Days To Go

I took a nice little weekend break from the internet for the most part, so I missed a couple of days in my quest to post a Coachella artist a day until the festival. So, today I am playing catch up. It's a dance tent triple feature.

I am gonna come clean here. See, I am a 30-something guy from Ohio who once dislocated his knee why dancing(true story) to say that I have limited knowledge of electronica or dance music would be a huge understatement. I am club music illiterate. I do, however, always make a point to pay a visit to the Sahara tent at least a couple of times a year, just because the people watching there is off the charts.

In posting these three songs from these three artists, I remind you again that I have NO clue what is about to come through your speakers.

* Hadouken! - 'Turn The Lights Out' MP3

* Major Lazer - 'Hold The Line' MP3

* Infected Mushroom - 'Smashing The Opponet' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication - Valentine's Day Edition

Wanting to get her pregnant

- m4w - 39


Date: 2010-02-13, 9:37PM EST

Hi I am a single D/D FREE white male looking to get a D/D FREE good woman pregnant. No strings attached, Your pic will get mine. Please be at least 34. Put- to much snow in the subject line so I know your real.


Craigslist...where anonymous breeding happens.

* Sinead O' Connor - 'Emperor's New Clothes' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication - Valentine's Day Edition

Looking For A Long Haired


- 53 (Columbus)

Date: 2010-02-11, 2:19PM EST


Well, let me just come out with it! I'm looking for a special woman who loves to have her long hair worshiped. I just adore women with long hair and love to play, brush, & even shampoo a woman's hair for her. If you love to excite your man with your lovely long tresses, I'm the man for you! If you are a woman who has kept her hair long for many years it is probably because you understand the sensual power your hair can have over certain men. Let's enjoy your long hair together.

Me? I'm not a pervert and have no criminal record. I never smoked, didn't do drugs, and only drink socially.

Actually, I'm a sane, funny, educated, tactile, sentimental man who is looking for a special friend and hopefully lover. Your age or size doesn't concern me. I'm 5'7, 265 pounds, gray-brown short hair, goatee, and hairy chest. Cute & cuddly teddy-bear man who also loves to kiss, cuddle, embrace, & touch. I enjoy antiques, old books, auctions & flea markets, museums, traveling the backroads, history, small town festivals, architecture, old houses, jazz, & gardening.

Looking forward to finding you! Please put "Brush My Hair" in your reply posting title.


* Pavement - 'Cut Your Hair' MP3

The Brutalist Bricks

Ted Leo and his Pharmacists are back with what has to be their most aggressive sounding record to date 'The Brutalist Bricks.' The record is available digitally on March 9th.

Here is a little sneak preview...please play this one at 11.

* 'Mourning In America' MP3

Saturday Night's Entertainment

If you are in the Columbus,OH area this Saturday night, Feb 13, I can think of no better way for you to beat the mid-winter blues than by hanging out with Langhorne Slim at the Summit. This will be my 4th time seeing Langhorne and he never ceases to put on an amazing show. He is such a passionate, genuine's gonna be a great time!

Langhorne Slim - "Say Yes" - from Erik Ljung on Vimeo.

Be sure to get there eary too...The support act is equally as awesome, April Smith And The Great Picture is a tune off her latest record, the wonderfully titled 'Songs For A Sinking Ship.'

* 'Colors' MP3

And check back here early next week...I will post a gig recap and hopefully some pictures too!

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 63 Days To Go

Today's Indio bound artist du jour is the Glaswegian band Camera Obscura. Really looking forward to taking in some their set on Saturday at this year's festival.

Here is a tune off of their brilliant 2009 release 'My Maudlin Career.'

* 'Careless Love' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 64 Days To Go

I am a bit busy today...gotta keep this brief!

Today's Coachella artist of the day is Fever Ray.

* 'Keep The Streets Empty For Me' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 65 Days To Go

All of this snow here in Ohio has me in a bit of bad mood, so I am being selfish today and using the Coachella artist countdown to play two songs from one of my my all time favorite bands who I can't wait to see in the desert - Lucero.

This will be my 4th time seeing them, each time was better than the one before. Can not wait. The first song is off of their 2005 LP 'Nobodys Darlings'...and the second track is off of their latest record, the brilliant '1372 Overton Park.'

* 'Sixteen' MP3

* 'Hey Darlin' Do You Gamble?' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 66 Days To Go

I am such a big fan of those rare moments in a film or a television show that are able to completely capture the perfect symmetry between scene and song. I think it stems from my constant need to soundtrack everything momentous in my own life, I just get genuinely thrilled when I see it done so well on screen. One of these rare moments for me, was in the series finale to the dearly departed HBO show Six Feet Under.

That was really long winded way of saying today's Coachella artist of the day is none other than Sia. Here is a tune off of her 2008 album 'Some People Have Real Problems.' I missed her when she played the festival two years ago...hopefully I won't suffer the same fate this year.

* 'The Girl You Lost To Cocaine' MP3

True Devotion

Another record I have been commuting with a lot lately is the latest from one of my favorite troubadours Rocky Votolato. The album is 'True Devotion' and it is filled with beautifully written, stripped down folk rock songs. It's making February sound so much better over here. It hits stores on Feb is a little preview.

* 'Eyes Like Static' MP3


It took about 25 seconds into this new Rogue Wave record to realize it was gonna be really, really good. The album is called 'Permalight' and it drops on March 3rd. Here is the first track...absolutely infectious.

* 'Solitary Gun' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication



Date: 2010-02-01, 9:53PM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]



I am all about getting in on the ground floor of rising of course I searched it:

The next time you hear from George, it will no doubt be on your ipod.
You are welcome.

* Marnie Stern - 'Don't Stop Believin' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 67 Days To Go

Today's Coachella spotlight shines on Australian singer/songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke, who I think I actually posted about a few months back. If memory serves, I rambled on about how much of a guilty pleasure her album 'Curiouser' is for me. I am, at heart, a pop music lover. And Ms. Miller-Heidke sings some mighty infectious pop songs.

Here is one of those songs, enjoy.

* 'Caught In The Crowd' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

I came back and

you were gone :(

- w4m - 42

Date: 2010-02-06, 11:14PM EST

It's been since November last year, and I keep thinking about you, and have found myself coming to that gas station looking for you several times...

I figured I have to take a chance or I'll never know what could be...

You know what kind of car you were driving, and you know what I was wearing, what I looked like. You know who you are....ok, and you caught my interest, making eye contact, acknowleding was a good feeling, you made me smile, and it felt good.

You watched me from the time you were walking into pay for gas, and I watched you while I was on my I was pulling out I waved, as I got on Morse I watched you wave me back, I went up to Easton, and turned around and came back...but you were gone.

You didn't wait for me...if you reply, please tell me what kind of car you were driving, what you were wearing, what i was driving/wearing and what day/time it was.


This may in fact be the saddest missed connection in the history of sad missed connections...

* Clem Snide - 'Loneliness Finds Her Own Way' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 68 Days To Go

I am taking the high road here and putting all of my personal issues with this band aside. I will just pretend that they didn't totally steal my mojo with the name The Whitest Boy Alive, even though I have held that title since AT LEAST 1995. But I digress.

The Whitest Boy Alive are a band out of Berlin who make music that you move your feet to. Here is a tune off of their 2009 'Rules' album.

* 'High On The Heels' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 69 Days To Go

Three cheers for small cracking the 70 day barrier in this little Coachella countdown! I will celebrate with a little help from the band responsible for one of my favorite albums of 2009, Band Of Skulls. This will be my third time seeing them live...can not wait!

* 'Cold Fame' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Feel Guilty? Do you need

Spanked?- 45 (Reynoldsburg)

Date: 2010-02-05, 6:26PM EST

Emotional guilt and sorrow can often times be relieved, even permanently, with a simple spanking by an experienced disciplinarian. Saying you're sorry is usually not enough to settle a person's emotions especially if the guilt is strong. Everyone needs the sense of having paid some price for whatever indescretion or misdeed that is causing the emotional stress.
Some people lose sleep nearly every night for issues in the past that continually haunt them. If you are wanting to shed the guilt emotions and the terrible stress that they cause in your life, contact me and arrange a consultation to determine if your guilt can be lifted from your shoulders and allow your life to be freer and more content without the negative stress. Get back on the positive side of life and live life to it's fullest. All information is kept in strictest confidense and participants are welcome to not identify themselves. Reply in confidense and take the first step to freeing your emotions of guilt.


Such a creative spin this guy gives his own fetish. With his insightful "consultations", he is merely here to HELP YOU....really.

* Florence & The Machine - 'I'm Not Calling You A Liar' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 70 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is the Portland band Hockey. I loved what I saw from their abbreviated(technical problems cut them off after like 3 songs) Lollapalooza set last year and I am hoping to catch more of them in Indio this April.

Here is a tune off of their 2009 release 'Mind Chaos.'

* 'Work' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 71 Days To Go

I am using today's Coachella post to check out another one of the bands that I am not too familiar with: The Almighty Defenders.

The AD are a quasi super group of sorts featuring members of the Black Lips And King Khan & The BBQ Show. That's about all I is a tune off of their self-titled 2009 release.

* 'Bow Down And Die' MP3

Real Life Is No Cool

Make a mental note of this record: 'Real Life Is No Cool' by Lindstrom & Christabelle. Once we are lifted from this winter haze, and everything thaws out...I do believe this may just be the perfect record to drive really, REALLY fast too!

* 'Lovesick' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 72 Days To Go

Another day checked off on the countdown, another stroll down memory lane. Ah, yes, the year was 1994, the album was Sunny Day Real Estate's 'Diary' and I was busy playing it into infinity.

Fast forward to 2010 and I am FINALLY going to get a chance to see them play live...thank you Coachella!

* 'Seven' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

im out of jail and

want to get serious -

m4m - 23 (westside)

Date: 2010-02-02, 10:07AM EST

we met when I was dancing in a male revue and we went out a lot. you wanted to get serious and i was scared of baby mama drama and what people would think of me i had alot of time to think and I guess im bi gay it dont matter i want to be with you and you changed your number and email gets kicked back no more drugs no more games just me and you im really ripped now and still hung like a horse hit me up you see what it can be like


It's not stereotyping if it's true right?? Gay men post the BEST missed connections ever. Always.

* Wild Light - 'My Father Was A Horse' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 73 Days To Go

Before getting to today's artist, a quick history lesson may be required as I realize that many of you who stumble across this blog can't even remember living in a pre-internet age. I promise I'll be brief. Many, many years ago the channel on your cable tv known as MTV 2 used to play something called "music videos." The reason MTV 2 was created was because it's mother network, MTV, which also used to play these music videos, ceased doing so. Instead of music, MTV started to produce nothing but really bad reality TV - mostly focusing on the dating lives of extremely annoying 20yr-olds. They came up with SO much bad programming, in fact, that they then had to overtake the MTV 2 airwaves as well. True story.

The reason I bring all this up is because on of my earliest MTV memories revolves around today's Coachella artist of the day - DEVO. I remember being mesmerized, and probably a little frightened, by the guys in the band playing the song 'Whip It', all dressed in black and wearing what i thought were flower pots on their heads. Sweet, sweet nostalgia.

* Devo - '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' MP3

* Devo - 'Girl U Want' MP3

New Morning

My Morning Jacket covering Nick could this NOT be incredible??

* 'New Morning' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Smack your bowling ball

against my... - m4m - 29

(Weshtern Bowl)

Date: 2010-01-29, 10:19PM EST

I saw you bowling the other night...I think you know who you are. You loved the music I played...I even saw you dancing a little in a nice little Penguins shirt... Every time you grabbed that bowling ball with those beautiful forearms, I imagined you were grabbing my head...but instead of throwing it, you were pulling it towards your crotch. I bet hanging out at a bowling alley gives you some nice musk under the hood--some cheese if you know what I mean...mmmmmm

So anyway, if you remember the songs I played for you, hit me back....and maybe you can hit my "back"... :)


"Every time you grabbed that bowling ball with those beautiful forearms, I imagined you were grabbing my head"

Who amongst us can not relate to this universal bowling ball love analogy? Pure poetry.

Slaid Cleeves - 'Beautiful Thing' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 74 Days To Go

In this edition of the Coachella countdown, the focus is on the San Diego band The Soft Pack. I remember listening to these guys when they called themselves The Muslims. SO glad the decided to change that name, and it couldn't have been helping their career very much.

Here is a tune off of their 2009 'Exctinction' release.

* 'Extinction' MP3