Craigslist Musical Dedication

Frog Bear and Wild Boar,

Sat Night. You have my


- m4w - 26 (Columbus)

Date: 2010-03-29, 10:23PM EDT

Just was kind of curious as to how to get them back, and maybe have brunch or coffee sometime. I can also give you your underwear back...


* The Gaslight Anthem - 'I Don't Hook Up'(Kelly Clarkson cover) MP3

If I Had A Hi-Fi

One of my favorite bands is releasing one of the coolest cover records of the year very soon. Nada Surf puts there on spin on tunes from living legends(Depeche Mode), forgotten geniuses(Bill Fox), and even contemporaries(Spoon,The Soft Pack) on their super fun new album 'If I Had A Hi-Fi.'

Here is there version of a great Kate Bush tune.

* 'Love And Anger' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 16 Days To Go

I totally forgot to post one of these yesterday...all apologies. So today's post is a double dip of intelligent, all initial-named hip hip acts.

* P.O.S. - 'Purexed' MP3

* b.o.b. - 'Generation Lost' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 18 Days To Go

After doing these countdown posts for like 50 consecutive days now...I am going to say nothing, and just post songs :-)

* Dirty Projectors - 'Stillness Is The Move' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication


/STRAW HAT (skully's )

Date: 2010-03-28, 1:22PM EDT

i told you it was a good look for you.

you were tall with your friend. i am tall and with my friend. get in touch


Oh, so close...I was there. I am tall. But NOT, I repeat, NOT in a straw hat...still, I should reply and try and fake my way into a first date...but the lack of gender identification scares me. How awkward would it be to show up for coffee, under false pretenses mind you, to find a really tall Two Cow Garage loving dude there. Really, really awkward.

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 19 Days To Go

The Avett Brothers are most definitely one of the bands I am most looking forward to seeing. If ever there was a band that was made for a big festival stage underneath California desert skies, it's the Avetts.

Songs from the movie in my head: New Year's Kiss

Here is another song for the soundtrack to the movie in my head...the one that isn't ever quite finished. Not a movie as much as it is a collection of scenes actually...each with awesome cinematography and perfectly synced soundtracks.

SCENE: Shot in a grainy black and white, set in a dark, divey bar... it's raining...girl splashes drink in guy's face...fade to black

* Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - 'New Year's Kiss' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 20 Days To Go

Of all of my friends that I am meeting up with at Coachella next month, I dare say that I am the least excited to see Thom Yorke. It's not that I hate Radiohead. I mean, I see the talent...but their songs have just never resonated with me. No connection. And to tell you the truth, I don't think I have ever even heard a single note of his solo stuff. But since he is playing late on Sunday night, I think I may just check him out. By the evening of the third day of Coachella, I am usually so blissfully exhausted that by the time the sun sets on Sunday evening I just grab a patch of grass on the polo field near the main stage. In fact, last year I fell asleep during the Cure's set...until I was jarred awake by the sound of my own snoring. How rock n roll is that?

My blog my rules right? So instead of posting a solo Thom Yorke song I am going to post my favorite radiohead song. I also love the fact that someone heard this song and thought it would perfect for a 'Lost' fan vid. God bless the internet and super fans. Pick a song...any song, and do a youtube search for it. My research shows that there is a 90% probability that said song will have a Harry Potter clip attached to it. Feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below.

Craigslist Musical Dedication

you were the long island to my

ice tea - m4m - 23

(Short North Union Cafe)

Date: 2010-03-26, 2:26PM EDT

We always seemed to catch each others eye across the crowded bar last night at Union. A sexy cute blondie wearing that way HOT Hollister tee. It showed off your body so well.

I was with some friends who kept pushing me to talk to you but I was way too shy. I have dark hair and blue eyes that are real not from contacts. I was wearing the red A & F tee shirt and ripped jeans.

I really felt a connection and hope you did too, would love to try again Saturday night.?


Soon as I read this...this song was playing in my head...of course, the hold steady's songs are constantly running through my head...but sometimes they find a purpose

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 21 Days To Go

Twenty one days to go. I am honestly having trouble remembering who I've included in this countdown...but I don't think I have posted Vampire Weekend yet. And since the sun is shining so brightly this afternoon, I will go with VW for today's post. Someone once told me that Vampire Weekend would be the perfect band to have play at your neighborhood cookout. I had to agree. I am not a huge fan, but as far as background music goes it's perfect...light and summery.

The band will also forever hold a special place in my heart for the lyric "who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma"...ivy league angst never sounded so good.

* 'Oxford Comma' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

old navy girl in st.clairsville -

m4w - 35 (st. clairsville ohio)

Date: 2010-03-24, 10:21PM EDT

i am looking for the petite girl who worked in old navy in st clairsville ohio, a while before they closed. i think you said you were from shadyside ohio. i thiink you are awesome! if anyone knows who she is please write to me, she is my soul mate i just know it!


Thirty five year old guy finds soul mate from Shadyside, an Old Navy...who says romance is dead?

* David Bowie - 'Soul Love' MP3


There is a brand new record from Dr. Dog due out on April 6. 'Shame Shame' is the name of the LP, and I am already in love with it. DD have been releasing great record after great record for years now, and this may be the album that actually blows them up...I hope so, it's brilliant.

* 'Jackie Wants A Black Eye' MP3

One is not a style, one is not a trend

As I sit listening to this new Roky Erickson record, I have to remind myself that he hasn't been playing with the boys in Okkervil River for years. It just works, this mix of generations. The album is fantastic, Roky's songwriting and OR's tight, bluesy backing sound scape make for one hell of a rock n roll record. Now I just need the cross country road trip to go with it...

The record is called 'True Love Cast Out All Evil' and it is available on April 20th.

* 'Forever' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 22 Days To Go

I have seen today's Coachella spotlight act twice before I believe, both times in very small bars. I am curious to see how their show works in a festival setting.

Here is a track off their fantastic LP 'The Rhumb Line'

* 'Each Year' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Hotel Sex

Date: 2010-02-23, 3:39PM EST

So, I'm minding my own business and I hear a woman masterbating in the next room...she came 5 or 6 times. Very hot. I called your room and left a message of encouragement...

Tell me what hotel and I'll tell you the room....

(I know it's a million in one shot).


* Adem - 'Hotellounge' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 24 Days To Go

I have to admit, I have never been the biggest fan of Les Claypool's music, be it in Primus or any of his several other semi-solo versions. But I also think it is impossible to totally dislike him. There is no doubting his originality, and of course his insane bass skills. And he has an deniable knack for telling some great, quirky stories in his own brilliantly unique version of Americana.

* 'Iowan Gal' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Witch man - m4m - 44


Date: 2010-03-03, 10:10PM EST

Sort of a wierd post. I am a pagan eclectic man who wants to share his wisdom and love with a like minded man. I am polyamorous, very sensual and ready to take a fellow explorer to the deepest levels of passion. Love is not required, your sexual abandon is. Textbook Aquarius: mental sci fi, far out, dreamer dude that doesnt understand limits. Gimme a try, you adventurous types!


* Heartless Bastards - 'Witchypoo' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 25 Days To Go

Another day closer to Coachella. Today's spotlight band is Hot Chip, straight outta London. Hard to believe these guys have been around since 2004, seems like they just burst on the scene last week. I think this is a good thing, means we aren't tired of them yet.

Here is my favorite Hot Chip tune, the title track to their 2006 record...enjoy.

* 'The Warning' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 26 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is Canadian band Tokyo Police Club. .

Here is a song off of their 'Elephant Shell' record...a song so good, they made a movie about it.

* 'Juno' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 27 Days To Go

If a friend of mine hadn't made me a copy of the album 'Split The Country Split The Street' last year, then Kevin Devine would have been just another name in small print at the bottom of the Coachella poster that I wasn't very familiar with. But now that I have said copy of cd and have grown to love it, Mr. Devine is on my "must see" list for the festival.

* 'No One Else's Problems' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Brillobox accidental hand

down your shirt. - m4w - 31

Date: 2010-03-18, 5:01PM EDT

As I was waving goodbye to a friend and exiting the door my hand somehow ended up down your shirt as you were entering the bar. I apologized and you kissed me on the mouth. I was a white male in a Pens jersey. You were girl in boots with brown hair. I thought you were a sweetheart. Maybe accidents happen for a reason so, I'm givin you a shout out on Craigslist. Get at me. Boob Dude


* Rilo Kiley - 'Accidntel Deth' - MP3

Stuck On Nothin'

Call it perfect timing. It seems that just as I started to get into this Free Energy record, somebody flipped the switch...winter went away, and the Sun won't stop shining. This album sounds like spring to me...eternal hope. It also sounds A LOT like Cheap Trick...and that's OK. Embrace what you are, own your sound(or own Cheap Trick's sound)...especially if its this good.

* 'Young Hearts' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 28 Days To Go

Today's Indio-bound artist of the day is another outfit that I had admittedly never heard of until I saw them on the Coachella poster. The band is Delphic, is an alternative/dance band from that musical mecca of Manchester in the UK.(And for future reference, it's a pretty safe bet that if some band describes their sound with any variation of 'dance' in the genre, that I have not heard their music.) Their debut disc is called 'Acolyte' and it came out in January of this year.

* 'This Momentary' MP3

"Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton..."

The way I came to discover the music of Alex Chilton is not a cool story. Not at all. I was a junior in high school I believe, just really getting into music for the first time in my life. I mean, REALLY getting into it. Like, listening to a record on repeat for hours on end, obsessively researching the most mundane details of your new favorite band. That sort of thing. The obsession of the moment was the Counting Crows and their record 'August And Everything After.'

I would spend my weekends heading down to the cool records stores on the Ohio State campus, scouring the import sections for insanely overpriced live recordings of excruciatingly bad quality. Seriously, I bought multiple Counting Crows bootlegs that cost close to $50 and sounded like they were recorded from a cassette player in a guy's back pocket...500 yards from the stage. And these were my prized possessions for an 18 month period of my life. On one of these bootlegs, during the 17 minute long performance of the 3 minute song "Mr. Jones", Adam Duritz changed the lyric "I wanna be Bob Dylan" to "I wanna be Alex Chilton"...I remember using an internet search engine for one of the first times in my life to see who this Chilton dude was. To this day, one of the best uses of technology in the history of my life.

I listened to a ton of Big Star that summer and a lot of his previous band, The Box Tops. But it would take years for me to really consider myself a fan of his music. But now, almost 20yrs later, and having fallen in love with the music from so many other artist's who considered Alex Chilton a HUGE influence, I am a huge fan. When I had heard that he passed away yesterday, I was stunned, saddened, but most of all just grateful for the hundreds of hours I have been able to spend listening to his music.

Thank you Mr. Chilton.

* Big Star - 'The Ballad Of El Goodo' MP3

* Big Star - 'September Gurls' MP3

* Big Star - 'Thirteen' MP3

* The Replacements - 'Alex Chilton' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 29 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is actually here in Columbus next week. I heard a commercial for the gig on the radio this morning and realized I hadn't profiled them yet on my little countdown. Like a lot of people, I think I first heard Temper Trap in the movie '500 Days Of Summer'...and since then their debut album 'Conditions' has been on semi-regular rotation here...especially during long bus trips, as I find their music makes an amazing people watching soundtrack.

* 'Fader' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication




ADULT SECTION - m4w - 28

Date: 2010-03-17, 12:50AM EDT

I am looking for two sisters who used to post ads with a picture of both of them offering their services as escorts. I believe one of your names was Sarah. Please get back to me if you see this ad, because I am interested in your services and would like to get a hold of you. Thank


OK, this guy totally creeps me I am using the musical portion of this post as a bit of an editorial.

* Wye Oak - 'I Hope You Die' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 30 Days To Go

Tis a momentous landmark here on the Coachella 2010 countdown...only 30 days left! That's like...a month! So close now...after a long Ohio winter with only occasional outbreaks of live music to amuse me, in thirty days we descend on the desert for three days of pure musical bliss!

Today's artist of the day will be Austin's Spoon...since there is that other little musical get together happening right now in Texas.

Having file hosting issues instead sharing of an MP3 off the new record like I wanted to do, I can only offer up some youtube goodness...enjoy

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Chat Roulette - w4m - 21


Date: 2010-03-13, 3:28AM EST

My roommate and I were goofing around on Chat Roulette tonight. It was our first time.

You asked us what we were doing on there. We said it was drunk boredom. I told you that you looked like Conor Oberst and you said you were blushing. I mentioned that I was roadtripping through Ohio next week after you mentioned that you live there. You said that you just graduated from college and then we got disconnected. Would like to talk to you again, if you see this!


Wonder how long it will be until the first Chat Roulette related murder happens? Not long I am thinking...

* Conor Oberst - 'Ten Women' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 31 Days To Go

She is Zooey Deschanel. He is M. Ward. They are today's Coachella artist of the day.

Here is a new one from the forthcoming, aptly titled 'Volume 2'

* She & Him - 'Lingering Still' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Cup O'Joe at Easton Sunday

afternoon - w4m - 37 (Easton)

Date: 2010-03-15, 12:37PM EDT

You: Tall, slim, good looking man at the coffee bar at Cup O'Joes at Easton Sunday (3/14) afternoon. Probably around 2 PM. You stood at the coffee bar awaiting your drink for a moment, right in front of me. I stopped breathing. Brown hair with a bit of curl to it. Green, maybe blue eyes. Ruggedly handsome face.6 foot tall or taller?

I want to say you were wearing a light tan shirt/sweater and jeans? I was too star-struck to notice.

I don't think you were with anyone. I was there, on like the ump-teenth bad first date meet-n-greet. Else I would have stood up and introduced myself. But that would have been rude to the young gentleman who was there filling me in on the elaborate life of his houseplants.

Regardless, if I never find you again. You gave me HOPE. I've been going out on first dates, maybe second dates, wondering if I would ever find anyone in the Columbus area that might tug at my heart strings again. You did. And then I lost sight of you.

Knowing my luck, you were probably gay. . . . . . .

I was the girl at the coffee bar with the geeky guy in an orange shirt. I am blond, with straight hair and bangs, shoulder length. Full lips, blue eyes. Mid 30's. Wearing a blue v-necked sweater. . . . .

Oh, amazing man . . where did you go? Give me hope there are men like you in Columbus .


* The White Stripes - 'One More Cup Of Coffee' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 32 Days To Go

I have to admit, that after doing this for more than 40 straight days, I am starting to forget who I have already blogged about...ah, the awesome side effects of aging and youthful indiscretions. But, then I saw this little bit of comedy this morning, and it hit me that I haven't posted the Strokes front man Julian Casablancas yet.

* 'River Of Brakelights' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

clampdown girl in the

black boots - m4w - 26

Date: 2010-03-14, 4:35AM EDT

so i had this plan to come talk to you while you were dancing, but i am a terrible dancer so i flaked and decided to wait until you walked by. then towards then end of the night as you did walk by our booth to leave, some long-haired, drunk idiot from the bar decided to talk shit talk me and i missed my chance to try and say something smoooooth. you looked kind of tall (could have been the boots), were wearing a one piece(?) black dress, had shortish dark hair, and were with 3-4 girlfriends. i am assuming you were single just by intuition, but couldn't believe someone like you might actually be without a dude. i realize that i just described probably 30% of the girls at clampdown, but i never go to ravari and the one night i actually saw someone i wanted to talk to, i got blocked by some ass. that's why i'm posting. i'm not a creep. i swear.


Ah yes, some of the best missed connections come RIGHT after the poster gets home from the bar, and the alcohol and the agony of the missed connection join forces to create an impulsive, poorly worded manifesto...I am so glad to be alive in the time of Craigslist!

* The Clash - 'Clampdown' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 33 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is one that I know next to nothing about, I am not even going to try and fool ya. And for the big music geek that I am, this why I love Coachella so much, getting exposed to artists and even genres that I wouldn't otherwise think twice about.

So, here we go...uncharted pop music territory

* Little Boots - 'Earthquake' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

you are my english teacher

- w4m (OSU)

Date: 2010-03-12, 3:59AM EST

You seem like kind of a dork and you are always making jokes and references that no one laughs at but you seem pretty cool in a Stephen Malkmus look-alike kind of way. I run into you outside of class quite often, usually at odd hours of the night and every time you talk to me you are always geekin' out. I would like to know why you are always spazzing out like this, but I thought it would be weird to ask.


* Stephen Malkmus - 'The Hook' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 34 Days To Go

Today's Coachella spotlight act is - and I am excited to used this next phrase, as it will more than likely be the only time in my life that I get to do so - are New Jersey based indie rock legends, Yo La Tengo.

The band was formed in Hoboken in 1984 and are still going strong!! And somehow, I have never seen them play(I have seen Bush play...TWICE, but never Yo La Tengo?)... so i am looking forward to finally fixing that in Indio.

* 'Our Way To Fall' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication


PEN PAL - m4w - 56


Date: 2010-03-12, 8:30AM EST


PO BOX 300

  • Location: ORIENT OHIO
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

image 1640263359-0


"currently a guest of the state of Ohio" is my new favorite euphemism for doing 20 to life!

* Laura Marling - 'New Romantic' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 35 Days To Go

Full disclosure: I have never been a huge Blur fan, and I only casually listened to the first two Gorillaz records. I didn't dislike them, but I also wouldn't consider either album essential listening. And, I love to watch musicians, so the idea of watching their animated set at Coachella isn't a real high priority for me.

I am, however, happy that they have added Mos Def to the mix for this latest record. His presence alone makes me like 'Plastic Beach' better than its predecessors.

* 'Sweepstakes' MP3

Coachella Artists O'the Day: 36 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day, The Cribs, are no longer just a family affair. Legendary former Smiths and Modest Mouse axe man Johnny Marr has been playing with the Brothers Jarman for the last couple of years. Mr. Marr has to be one of the coolest mercenary guitar players in rock history!

Here is a tune off of the band's 2009 release 'Ignore The Ignorant.'

* 'Victim Of Mass Production' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

Been listening to

too much Abraham-Hicks

- 31 (the vortex)

Date: 2010-02-25, 3:01PM EST

i am a very spiritual woman. and so i know that i alone create my circumstances. it has been a long time since i've had a serious relationship, and even longer since i actually shared a real connection with somebody. so in the spirit of the "law of attraction" i am putting forth what i desire to be returned to me. this is in no way an offer for a date, or whatever, its just my way of issuing to the universe what i want to have manifest in my life. by posting it to people who will hopefully read the whole thing, i hope that the added brain power (attention and focus) will multiply my own intention and thus make it happen quicker :) i dont think its a mystery that what i want is a man. correction: not a man, THE man. my other half, my twin flame, the only person who can get me completely. i ache for this to be so. i can see how we are together, every detail, and its just beautiful. i want you in my life! so i sat down and started writing down (surprise) some of the qualities that i want in this man that the universe shall make for me. many of these things could fall under the category of "in line with his true self", but for the purpose of specificity, i thought they should be included separately. In no particular order, he will be:

-intellectual and open minded
-reasonable, rational, responsible
-sensible and practical
-have integrity and morals.
-tall, and handsome, preferably darkish in tone (eyes, hair, and/or skin, whatever)
-fun and funny
-deeply spiritual
-working towards aligning with his true self
-understands the infinite creative power of his mind
-encouraging and positive
-affectionate and expressive
-has moxy and can handle my sassy self too
-sometimes spontaneous and generally cheery
-complex and deep
-charming and charismatic
-tactful and honest
-calm, capable, confident
-eccentric, unique, quirky
-talented and skilled in several areas
-passionate about the things he believes in
-has sharp, sarcastic wit and uses it judiciously.
-has generous, giving nature, balanced with healthy self-interest
-into continuous self-improvement
-totally enraptured by every aspect of me :)
-a great kisser, amazing in bed, similar kinks
-financially stable and responsible
-into healthy living (and inspires me to be more so), natural remedies, vegetarian?
-loves to cook and encourages me to love it too
-loves animals, children, and "the small things"
-awake to conspiracies and the like, or at least open minded enough to eventually see.
-has the keys to fit my locks, and the locks that fit my keys
-lives in abundance and gratitude.

So shall it be.

****** I googled's like the existential equivalent of bad tween music...the Justin Bieber of philosophy! (yeah, just throwing Bieber in there to get a spike in site traffic)

* The Tallest Man On Earth - 'Into The Stream' MP3

Home And Somewhere Else

The Portland band Mimicking Birds have just released a brand new self-titled ablum, which unfortunately I do not have yet. I do have their gorgeous 2009 EP ,however, 'Home And Somewhere Else' and it appears that a few tracks are on both releases. The band has been championed by fellow by fellow Pacific Northwesterner and Modest Mouse leader Issac Brock, which is how I first heard about the band...on a blog post of his I believe.

* 'Cabin Fever' MP3

Coachella Artists O'the Day: 37 Days To Go

Busy day yesterday, virtually no internet down I need to post two bands to get the countdown back on track this morning. about a super group double dip...

* The Dead Weather - 'I Cut Like A Buffalo' MP3

* Them Crooked Vultures - 'Mind Eraser No Chaser' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 39 Days To Go

"You want it all but you can't have it..."

My God, I was a freshman in high school when this album blew up! Now, 21 years later...I will finally get to see it performed live...thank you Coachella.

* 'Epic' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 40 Days To Go

It's been a reflective, sentimental Sunday. It's a sad part of the process for me. Anytime a beloved musician passes away, I start recollecting over all of these awesome people who have wandered in and out of my life, and the songs I used to associate with them. Music as therapy I suppose.

That was me thinking out loud, instigated by this song...can't wait to see Deerhunter in the desert.

* Deerhunter -'Saved By Old Times' MP3

RIP Mark's truly a sad and beautiful world

I am here with a heavy heart. The mad genius behind one of my all time favorite bands- Sparklehorse- has passed away. I feel like someone just sucked the wind out of me.

Thank you for the music Mark, and for the hours upon hours of beautiful inspiration, distraction, and motivation...whenever I needed it, I just pressed play.

Eternal sigh...

* 'Sad And Beautiful World' MP3

* 'Some Sweek Day' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 41 Days To Go

Busy, busy day... on the go non stop...just dropping by my blog for a second to push the Coachella coundtown one day closer to liftoff.

On my way way to see Two Cow Garage at my very favorite Columbus bar, the Rumba Cafe...which is where I saw Deer Tick when they were in town. So, seems like a good day for Deer Tick...awesome live band, looking forward to seeing them again in April.

* 'Smith Hill' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

girl with tight pants

at walmart - m4w - 25

Date: 2010-02-25, 11:56PM EST

i saw you a few times at walmart Thursday night, between were wearing really tight pants, you had a really nice small tight were talking on your phone pretty much the whole time. you were with a friend. i would love to talk to you...maybe hang out sometime....your friend can come too....get back to me...


* Afghan Whigs - 'Gentlemen' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 42 Days To Go

Slay And The Family Stone = living legends. Truly.

It's Friday, we only have 42 days til paradise in the desert...we shall celebrate with funk. How awesome it going to witness this in the desert???

* 'I Want To Take You Higher' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication


Date: 2010-03-03, 5:42PM EST

one large one on his arm
one near the groin of a tazmanian devil and an E for his wife's name near the large tat..although he says the E is for his high school
brown hair (what is left of it), goatee, tall, overweight, eats that pinch tobacco (puts in the bottom of his front lip), two older kids (might have younger ones, too), has a this the guy?
If so, my cousin went out with him. He semmed nice. I know he was in the Army and he works fr Nasa. Is this the same guy all these posts are about? Please email me.


A Tasmanian devil groin tattoo AND he works for NASA? Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most interesting man in the world.

* Joseph Arthur - 'Speed Of Light' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 43 Days To Go

First time I ever heard Echo And The Bunnymen my older brother was playing this record in his bedroom, over and over again. He had just started college and was in that wide-eyed "look at what I just discovered" sort of state. He made me listen to 'Killing Moon' like 3 times in a row. The 9yr old me was not impressed.

The nearly middle aged me, however, is so excited to check them out at Coachella this year!!

* 'Killing Moon' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

KFC - m4m - 21

Date: 2010-02-24, 12:41AM EST

My friend was craving KFC earlier tonight around 6. We came through the drive-thru. She's always indecisive, so it took us awhile to order. You were really helpful. We ended up ordering three number five's, one with no drink. You made my friend's night, because she asked for a lot of ketchup and you gave her 30 packets. You were tall with short black/dark brown hair and an awesome smile. I was driving a white buick lesabre. If, by some amazing chance, you happen to read this, please email me. I'd love to get together for coffee sometime.

I hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. If you do see this and reply, please put "Ketchup Bandit" in the subject line.


I love Craigslist SO much.

* Felice Brothers - 'Run Chicken Run' MP3

If I had to pick...

Jason Collett is one of my very favorite members of that ridiculously talented Broken Social Scene collective. His alt-country leanings have always made him my single favoirte soloist in the group...not that I play favorites, but his voice is the one which I most connect with. Mr. Collett has a brand new record coming out called 'Rat a Tat Tat' on March 9th.

Here is one from the new record, followed by my all time favorite tune of his....

* 'Rave On Sad Song' MP3

*'Hangover Days' MP3


My poor little music blog is having trouble keeping up with all of the amazing music that is coming my sort of problem to have, I know. I have been listening to and loving the new White Hinterland album for like a week now, and I haven't gotten around to blurbing about it yet.

Casey Dienel's precious vocals soar through the atmospheric, almost trip-hoppy at times, soundscapes on the new record, 'Kairos.' It's sort of hard to break this one up and just play one song because the LP flows so perfectly when listened to in long form. But here is a sample of the sonic goodness that is ever-present on the disc.

* 'Cataract' MP3

A record to get lost with

I love the rugged, road weary voice that Kristian Mattson - aka The Tallest Man On Earth - croons with. His delivery lends an intsant dash of credibility to those folk songs about the ramblin' life that he is so fond of writing.

Sitting here listening to his latest record, 'The Wild Hunt' and wanderlust is totally setting in...behold, the power of song.

* 'King Of Spain' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 44 Days To Go

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Portugal The Man are definitely my favorite rock band ever from the great state of Alaska. I have always appreciated the way the band is able to seamlessly shift styles from song to song, without ever sounding like they are trying to hard. Their brand new, soon to be released album 'American Ghetto' seems to be the most soul inflected stuff they have ever recorded...I am digging it.

* 'The Dead Dog' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 45 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is a real up-and-comer...remember his name, this kid may just do OK in the music business.

* Jay Z - 'Can't Knock The Hustle' MP3

When the stage lights go dim

We don't have much here in Columbus,OH...but we do have one of the finest songwriters around and somebody who is probably as close to Paul Westerberg as my generation is ever gonna get. His name is Micah Schnabel. I have blogged oodles of times about my love for his band, Two Cow Garage, and I just wanted to take a second to plug his brand new solo record, 'When The Lights Go Dim.'

It's a killer LP, full of songs that are full of heart. Absolutely NO filler here...every word has a purpose, every chord has a point to make. And...there is a Replacements cover.

* 'American Static' MP3

Could we leave before it gets bad?

Like the song says, certain songs get so scratched into your soul. Matt Pond PA's 'Halloween' is one of those songs. That song just found me at a time in my life where the world was a bit askew and those lyrics sounded eerily like the voice inside my head at the time. Serendipity, musically speaking.

And that one song has made me latch on to Matt Pond PA to a certain degree. I will buy everything they ever release forever more. It's a weird music geek bond that I have established with the band, and it can not be broken. So I am super excited to hear that the band's latest record, 'The Dark Leaves' will be out everywhere on April is a track to from the's big and emotional and unapologetic....i love it.

* 'Remains' MP3

Craigslist Musical Dedication

The Divorced Bachelor..

Any Takers - 32


Date: 2010-03-01, 12:19AM EST

OK so I am not trying to steal this straight off of the reality TV show "The Bachelor"
There will be no Rose sermonizes or anything like that. However This is what I am looking do.
I am holding a 20 day sign up for my very own personal bachelor competition.

I am a divorced Male 32.
I am 5'6" Tall
I weight a little over 200lbs and when I say a little I mean a little. 207 is the exact number
I have a full time job.
I have my own car.
I have my own place.
I have my own bills.

Criteria for you to enter into this "Divorced Bachelor Competition"
You should have you own car
You should be shorter than 5'7"
Your weight is your weight. I am not picky just searching for someone to spend the rest of my life with.
You should have direction in your life. You should know the road you have been down and want to be down.
You Should NOT be afraid of commitment.
You should be Single. (Married woman or people in the middle of DIVORCE need not apply)

This is What I am looking for.
I am looking for 4-10 ladies who are hopeless romantics that are not afraid to lay it all on the line.
I want to start this Mid to Late March.
I am the Divorced Bachelor.
I am looking to get to know 4-10 ladies for a thirty day period.
At the end of the thirty day period I will choose one of the ladies to propose to (Remember the not afraid of Commitment above)
Now from the proposal step. 25-30 days after that we will have a beach wedding either in Florida or somewhere tropical.

Now some of the Need to Know before replying things
At NO point will there be SEX of any kind before proposing to one of the ladies who enter this "Divorced Bachelor Competition" .
There will be ZERO Trips to my home while this competition is going on.
All dates we have will be PAID BY ME AND BY ME ONLY.


Quite possibly one of the worst ideas in the history of dating.

* Liz Phair - 'Divorce Song' MP3

Coachella Artist O'the Day: 46 Days To Go

I am going to attempt to strategically place myself as close to the stage as possible for just this ONE Passion Pit song...I don't really need to hear the rest of their set...but hearing this song at a festival is with thousands of new friends is something I am really looking forward to!

* 'Moth's Wings' MP3