Farewell sweet weekend...I hardly knew you

It was a nice, but fleeting weekend...gone before I realized it had even started. The highlight came late this afternoon, when my niece and I plugged in the Xbox for some Guitar Hero Word Tour action. Me on the plastic guitar, her on lead vocals. And while I am her uncle, and slightly biased, I have to say that she pulled off that J Mascis growl really well(especially for a 6yr old) on 'Feel The Pain'...I have never been prouder!

So I am putting the weekend to bed with that beautiful Dinosaur,Jr song and one of my favorite Belle And Sebastian songs...just because it's sort of dreamy and sounds to me like a weekend ending.

Dinosaur Jr - 'Feel The Pain' MP3

Belle And Sebastian - 'If You Ever Find Yourself Caught In Love' MP3

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