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Papa Joes about 10 years ago - m4w (Cbus)

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Date: 2008-12-24, 2:41PM EST

C, I met you when I worked at Papa Joes on Capital about 10 years ago. You ALWAYS ordered the same thing with an extra bag of chips. I lost contact with you and don't know what happened. We seemed to have a pretty good connection. Just curious if you're around. Tell me what you used to order every time (I met you by knowing what you were about to order without you saying anything) so I know it's you. Hope to talk to you soon. B


If I am still single in 10 years and my best shot at finding love is to track down someone who used to order pizza from me a full decade ago, then anyone reading this has my permission to track me down and kill me. Thank you.

* Golden Smog - 'Until You Came Along' MP3

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