Underrated Uses Of Music In Film: Episode #4

Jean-Michel Basquiat grieves for Andy Warhol.

As a desheveled, strung out Basquiat watches old home movies of Warhol, the music of Tom Waits in this scene says more than any dialouge ever could.

Tom Waits - 'Tom Traubert's Blues' MP3

Underrated Uses Of Music In Film: Episode #3

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

The immortal words of David Wooderson. The man, the myth, the legend. And in a movie full of great scenes, one of the most memorable for me is when Wooderson enters the Emporium, slo-mo style, set to Dlyan's 'Hurricane'.

For those several seconds, he was the epitome of late 1970's small town cool.

Bob Dylan - 'Hurricane' MP3

Underrated Uses Of Music In Film: Episode #2

The cubicle dwellers revenge in 'Office Space'!

When the unhappy corporate slaves decide to scam the company out of millions, this Geto Boys tune was a perfect soundtrack for the uber white guys in shirts and ties, walking in slow motion, exacting their revenge.

Geto Boys - 'Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta' MP3

Underrated Uses Of Music In Film: Episode #1

That climatic scene in 'Bottle Rocket'...when Dignan is making his ill fated getaway. The Stones '2000 Man' comes blaring at ya...and it is just perfect.

This was THE scene that made me a Wes Anderson fan.

The Rolling Stones - '2000 Man' MP3


This record is brilliant...so so good. Sort of sounds to me like some new American Dan Bejar project...it has that sort of flare to it. Great album name too - 'I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke, And Laura'

Just a fantastic listen all the way through...i could throw superlatives at you all day long...just give it a spin and enjoy!

PAS/CAL - 'O Honey We're Ridiculous' MP3

Lonliest In The Morning

Just wanted to pass along this gem off of Julie Doiron's album 'Lonliest In The Morning'...just a beautiful track.

No one else can annoy me like you
I love to be held only by you
No one else can hold me like you do

And I wonder why I was so lucky
To find someone nothing like me
Still understanding every part of me
I can't imagine us any differently

- Julie Doiron

So simple. So good.

Julie Doiron - 'Love To Annoy' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Lost - w4m - 22 (Springfield)

Reply to: pers-774742589@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-29, 1:10PM EDT

Why did you do this? Why can't you even explain your actions? Why have you let me here all alone? Everyday since you have been gone, after all this hurt and continuous hurt, I have to deal with at least two people (men and women) a day trying to be with me because you are gone. And each time they ask all I can think about is you and I get so terribly sick to my stomach...it is killing me.
I thought since I showed you craigslist that possibly, someday you will browse this site and find my message of distress.
I don't know if I ever want to be with you, but I do know that I need to desperately talk to you. I need to know what happened. The truth this time. It has only been 9 days, but each day is a painful memory of you.
If you are running from the cops, then stop or you never will be able to. You have a chance, please as a friend to a friend, please stop and come back and face your minimal consequences.
I miss you and I care about you nonetheless.
Please write me or call me or stop by the house anytime, day or night. I will always be your friend even though you have caused me so much hurt, pain and public display of stupidity.
Please rest assured that none of your belongings are dmamged. I've stored them in a closet so no one can mess with your belongings, because I care and you owe me your bail money.
Just please find me and talk to me, I need this to end.


'because I care...and you owe me bail money'...Hallmark couldn't have written it any better.

What Jail Is Like - Afhgan Whigs, The

Feelin' Bright Eyes

Ever wake up in a Bright Eyes sorta mood? I did this morning...it's quite a state to find yourself in...I assure you. I don't know how Conor Oberst does it every single day!

No use fighting it...may as well go with the flow. Here is another one from Conor's impending self-titled LP, and my favorite track off of last year's 'Cassadega'.

Conor Oberst - 'Moab' MP3

Bright Eyes - 'Classic Cars' MP3

Calling And Not Calling My Ex

Here we have a contender for my favorite song title of the year. The song itself is pretty amazing too. Okkervil River's songsmith Will Sheff has an uncanny knack for being able to take a situation that ALL of us have been in and turn it into a hooky 4 minute piece of music. You really have to be in awe of people who can turn angst into infectious music.

Okkervil River - 'Calling And Not Calling My Ex' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Seeking the perfect woman ...RIGHT NOW! (Columbus)

Reply to: pers-772632135@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-27, 11:50PM EDT

I am earnestly seeking a good friend plus.

I am a highly successful bachelor who travels often with my own jet & likes living a good life.

I am seeking a girl/women 23-38 non smoker who is attractive. Someone who will come over when I call, clean now & then, prepare meals for me for later as well as leave a few dollars. My grandfather taught me at an early age that leaving money builds character as I dont need the money but it shows devotion.

I had been in a relationship till a few weeks ago & even though my ex looked great she just turned 39 & thats when I cut the cord. To me its like an auto, only so many good miles & 38 is equal to 120,000 in my mind. I told her upfront & she left with her belongings. It was a great 5 years & now I am seeking a worthwhile replacement & a good friend.

Also in reference to the sex, please understand I am not the cuddling or spooning chit-chat kind of guy. When I AM DONE you can shower & leave as a good cold beer & ESPN do it for me & help me unwind.

Only serious inquiries please as my time is valuable & photos a must.

Cheers, Chip


Dear Chip...you are the BIGGEST ASS in the history of Craigslist...which is an amazing statement. And you didn't need to tell us your name...your pictures SCREAMS 'I am a

Pearl Jam - 'Soon Forget'

Soon Forget - Pearl Jam

Common Reaction

'Common Reaction' is the debut LP from electro-pop duo Uh Huh Her. I think I was a fan of these girls before ever hearing a single note of their music...anyone who names their band after a Polly Jean Harvey B-side is ok in my book.

The band is made up of musician/actress Leisha Hailey (from Showtimes 'The L Word')and Camila Grey, who handles the majority of the vocal work

I am liking it a lot after just a couple of spins. It makes for GREAT driving music...but at only 38 minutes, I am afraid it won't get you very far.

Uh Huh Her - 'Explode' MP3


And on the 8th day God created...Lemmy.

Motorhead was the first show I ever went to. It was in the 1980's. My ears have never really recovered. Here is a track off of their latest album. Play it loud.

Motorhead - 'Runaround Man' MP3

Modest Mouse Covered

Mark Kozelek proved that Modest Mouse songs more than hold up when given the stripped down treatment. His Sun Kil Moon album of Modest Mouse covers, 'Tiny Cities" is an album I adore.

Sun Kil Moon - 'Never Ending Math Equation' MP3

Here is the latest attempt at unplugging MM. Australina folkie Lenka's take on the classic 'Gravity Rides Everything'

Lenka - 'Gravity Rides Everything' MP3

Audio Nostalgia: "Popular and Sucked Out"

These two tracks are forever linked in my musical mind. I think the first time I saw both videos they were played in the same episode of MTV's 120 Minutes. Then later that year I saw both bands play together at a little bar here. Amazing show if memory serves.

Who knew that in a few years that Nada Surf would be releasing what has become one of my favorite all time albums in 'Let Go'. I haven't done such a good job of keeping in touch with Superdrag...tell them I say hello.

Nada Surf - 'Popular' MP3

Superdrag - 'Sucked Out' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

no boo-berry at walmart on 256 on jul.25 - m4w (rt. 256)

Reply to: pers-769739969@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-25, 4:06PM EDT

we were both in the cereal isle today 7/25 looking for cereal they was out of. you wanted boo-berry. you caught my eye,not sure if your single or not but,if your available, would love to talk to you more. what cereal was i looking for or what did my shirt say? hope you see this!


I just love how he feels the need for 'security questions', like "What cereal was I looking for"...is this to weed out all of the con women trolling the craigslist missed connections section for their next mark? And I hope he found the cereal they WAS out of. Genius.

Deep Blue Something - 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

Discovering a band that you like is a beautiful thing, discoveirng one you love is bliss inducing

Frightened Rabbit...where have you been all my life?? In Scotland apparently, having your heart broken about a million times and writing amazing songs...I am smitten. It really is love at first listen... if you believe in that sort of thing. I don't have enough superlatives for their record 'The Midnight Organ Flight'....just incredible!

Frightened Rabbit - 'Old Old Fashioned' MP3

Vacationing 4 minutes at a time...

Listening to Beach House is about as close to a vacation as I am going to get this summer. But if you have take your vacations in the form of song, 'Gila' is a great track to start with.

This tune came on via the shuffle earlier in the week and I have been spinning it non stop ever since. Such a gorgeous sounding song with incredible lyrics, like these:

Sure, you’ve got a handle on the past
It’s why you keep your little lovers in your lap
Give a little more than you like
Pick apart the past, you’re not going back
So don’t you waste your time

Beach House - 'Gila' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

josh from the frat house on 15th - w4m

Date: 2008-07-23, 11:24AM EDT

I'm pregnant.


Aww....keg party romance!

10,000 Maniacs - 'Eat For Two'

The Rhumb Line

This upstate NY band has regrouped only a year after their drummer John Pike drowned to death following a show in Providence to record this, their first full length record. And it's astounding...gone be listening this one into the ground I have a feeling. Here are a couple of new tracks from the album, 'The Rhumb Line'...one in mp3 form and one video.

Ra Ra Riot - 'Oh La' MP3

'Dying Is Fine

Nirvana 'Nevermind' baby is a teenager...

I can't believe this kid is 17 already!

Nirvana - 'In Bloom' MP3

'Breed' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

real human being posting on cl interested???? - 26 (Delaware,ohio)

Reply to: pers-766660069@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-23, 11:28AM EDT

well i am a 26 yr old male from the delaware,ohio area i i work on my family's farm and for a local towing company i have my own vehicle and valid drivers license and i do not live with my parents i like to relax in my free time and do whatever there is to do i also am a kind of selfless person as i will do things for people with out concern to myself i always figured if you cant do something good for yourself do something good for someone else i am open to new things i listen to rock and country music but will listen to just about anything i mostly enjoy going mudrunning and tractor pulls but i also like to go out and just have fun so hit me up with a pic and i will send one in return aim/yahoo is coleslaw2388 myspace.com/coleslaw270


Wow. Where to start on this one? I know nothing says 'renaissance man' like a valid driver's license, nothing says 'Einstein' like his stunning and flawless use of punctuation, and nothing says 'man of my dreams' like a guy whose IM handle is 'coleslaw270'

Basia Bulat - 'Oh My Darling' MP3

06.Oh, My Darling - Basia Bulat

Learning To Bend

Here is exhibit # 457 in making the case that I am aging(let's say evolving...it has a much better ring to it) - evolving - at an ever rapidly rate.

Fifteen years ago if you would have told me that I would be listening to, and really, REALLY enjoying a bluegrass inspired Cello playing singer/songwriter I would have picked up one of my White Zombie cd's and thrown it at your head.

But fast forward to 2008, and here I sit...enjoying said cello playing singer/songwriter. Ben Sollee today...Pat Boone tomorrow.

It is a great record though...well worth your time.(if you are old like me)

Ben Sollee - 'Panning For Gold'

The Second Gleam

It's so nice to have some new Avett Brothers to listen to. Hopefully, this new EP will hold us all over until their Rick Rubin produced major label debut comes out in a few months. 'The Second Gleam' is a wonderful set of new, quieter Avett tunes, great stuff.

The Avett Brothers - 'Tear Down The House'

Only Chimneys

The latest album, 'Only Chimneys' from Brooklyn band Imaginary Johnny is in heavy, heavy rotation at my place. Here is one of my favorite tunes off of that record. It's the sort of album that makes me want to pick up a guitar and start writing songs...

Imaginary Johnny - 'Everyone Has A Texas Song'

Parents Of The Year

This kid rocks, and I am sure his parents rock more!!

The Duke Spirit - 'You Really Wake Up The Love In Me' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Thank you for being a friend - m4m

Reply to: pers-765609302@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-22, 3:50PM EDT

'member that time that we pissed on eachother near your fire escape and kept the wet jockstraps?


Am I the only one who got a little teary eyed ready this stroll down memory lane??

Sarah Mclachlan - 'I Will Remember You'

Semi-regular Will Oldham post

It's been...like a few weeks since my last Oldham post maybe? Too long any way you look at it. I like to post a song or so a month if for no other reason than the fact that when I do, I get to search for more Oldham pictures. He takes some of the best photos in all of rockdom.

Here is one of my favorite Palace Brothers songs, it can be found on 'Lost Blues And Other Songs'

Palace Brothers - 'Horses' MP3

Bodies Of Water

Bodies Of Water are a Los Angeles based musical collective, sort of in the spirit of the Arcade Fire(although with a sound a little more rooted in folk)...usually playing as a nine piece.

Their new record, 'A Certain Feeling' is fantastic. Here is one of the more memorable tracks off of it, a beautiful tune indeed...enjoy.

Bodies Of Water - 'Only You' MP3

New Conor Oberst

I have heard most of the forthcoming self titled Conor Oberst solo album, slated for an August release, and I am really liking what I've heard. Does it sound drastically different from anything Bright Eyes has ever done? No. Is that a bad thing? Not if you are a big Bright Eyes fan, like I am.

I am really digging this tune, reminds me a lot lyrically of Dylan, check it out:

Conor Oberst - 'Get Well Cards' MP3

Laura Marling...again

Yes...again...this is my second or third time posting about her, but i just can't even fathom how someone could be so young and so talented...and have so much depth.

Cosmic justice...or just one of those things?

I couldn't help but to notice that this week, the same week their new 'music label' issued a compilation disc from Sonic Youth, that Starbucks had to close 600 more stores.

I have a feeling that in some New York City basement Kim, Thurston, and Lee are rocking out and totally digging the irony of all of this right about now.

And with all due respect to Starbucks employees(I have been downsized - it sucks), but maybe if they didn't build a Starbucks on EVERY OTHER BLOCK...this could have been avoided...just an observation.

Sonic Youth - 'Teenage Riot' MP3

Everyone Wants To Be Found

I watched Sofia Coppola's modern masterpiece on loneliness and love, 'Lost In Translation' again this week(God bless hulu.com) and that movie gets better with each additional screening. And the use of music in that film is just top notch, from start to finish. The karaoke scenes alone are all-timers!

That is all...just reminiscing out loud here

Roxy Music - 'More Than This' MP3

Elvis Costello - 'Peace, Love, And Understanding' MP3

Jesus & Mary Chain - 'Just Like Honey' MP3

Audio Nostalgia: "Sometimes Always"

When this songs starts to play, I remember EXACTLY where I was when I fell in love with Hope Sandoval. Her voice I mean. I was at a really, really bad party at Capital University with friends, knocking back natural light and jello shots.

This 'art school' girl(of course I have no idea if she went to art school or not, but in my mind anyone who was around my age and the least bit eccentric got tagged with the art school label) appeared to be controlling the music. I seem to remember Bauhaus....lots and lots of Bauhaus...and then, a break from the bleak musings of Peter Murphy - 'Sometimes Always' started to seep out of the speakers, and I was hooked. This was actually my first exposure to Hope Sandoval OR the Jesus & Mary Chain( I know, I am ALWAYS the last one to EVERY party).

It was one of those musical moments in your life that instigates a massive CD buying spree the next sober day...good times, good times.

The Jesus & Mary Chain - 'Sometimes Always' MP3

Lost Coastlines

The music must never stop in Will Sheff's head and we are all better off for it. There is a new Okkervil River album slated for release this September, and 'The Stand Ins' seems to pick up RIGHT were 'The Stage Names' left off. There isn't a better place to take off from...in my humble opinion(I loved that record).

Here is a track from the impending album, and it's already becoming one of my favorite Okkervil River songs of all time....

'Lost Coastlines' MP3

"Raise a toast to St. Joe Strummer I think he might’ve been our only decent teacher "

This new Hold Steady record is already my summer soundtrack. I have played the thing into the ground and still love every single note. Just wanted to take a second and share the first track off of 'Stay Positive' and a track from the band Craig Finn name checks in the song, The Clash.

The Hold Steady - 'Constructive Summer' MP3

The Clash - 'Clampdown' MP3

New David Vandervelde

I am SO excited to have some new David Vandervelde music to listen to. I remember being blown away when I got his debut last year...he sounded to me like the perfect mix of Gary Louris from the Jayhawks and Marc Bolan. The new record is sounding amazing.

Here is a track off of his upcoming 'Waiting For The Sunrise' album.

David Vandervelde - 'Someone Like You' MP3

Glen Hansard and I both love the Pixies

I have seen Glen Hansard 4 times now(twice w/the Frames and twice w/Swell Season) and on three of those occasions he mentioned his love of the Pixies. In fact at two of the shows he played Pixies songs, 'Where Is My Mind' and 'Cactus'.

After seeing the Swell Season again at Coachella in April I came home and I've been listening to Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim ever since...such a brilliant collection of music. EVERYONE should own these records...everyone.

Here are a couple of clips of Glen paying tribute...with the Pixies originals right behind the video clips:

Pixies - 'Cactus' MP3

Pixies - 'Levitate Me' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Single for to long - 25 (Goshen,OH)

Reply to: pers-753982507@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-13, 11:42PM EDT

I am 6'1" 250lbs,I like the outdoors,Hiking I may not be fit but I like to take a walk through the woods.Someone who has some of same interests as me,But doesn't have to.I like car and truck shows.I have some tatts and like women with tatts to and some piercings are good to.I don't get out much.I work during the week and on the weekends I just usally sit around the house and work on my truck.Another thing is I still live at home.If you don't like that kiss my ass.Family comes first before anything else.If interested just e mail me.Don't forget to send some pics too.If you are about playing games don't e mail me.If you send me an e mail keep it going.Just don't stop for no reason.I am tired of the fucking games you people keep playing.Dont waste my time.The pic of me here is over a year old.


I love the menacing tone of his ad...this is always VERY appealing to the ladies. And his interests are...tattoos and trucks. That's it. Oh, and apparently hot girls...you know, like the ones he has decorated his room with.

Gillette - Mr. Personality

A Sunday Cover

There are great songs...there are classic songs...and then there is Footloose.

Doveman - 'Footloose' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day


Reply to: pers-751782025@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-12, 2:06AM EDT



I can't tell you how freaked out it makes me to know that somewhere in this city two little kids are depending on the author of THIS post to guide them through their early lives....talk about losing the genetic lottery.

Eddie Vedder and Neil Young - 'Long Road'

Sounds like Summer

C.S.S. records really don't need reviewed do they? They are basically a party on disc...just press play and everything else will take care of itself.

So with that being said, here is a new one from their upcoming Donkey LP.

C.S.S - 'Believe Achieve' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

^^^^GREAT GUY LOOKING FOR GREAT WOMAN^^^^ - 36 (Canal Winchester)

Reply to: pers-750752481@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-11, 10:58AM EDT

Lets see how i can sell myself to you(i feel so cheap lol); i'm 6'5 in great shape--have a great smile ALL of my white's are in the right place(lol)--mixed race--i dont drink nor do i smoke --i have no kids; grown or in another state*lol --i own my home--i have trouble keeping my hair short(just grows to fast)--love to laugh-- have a great sense of humor** or so i'm told? i love the outdoors---fishing-camping-water skiing-boating*-hiking--walking in parks--outdoors is the best--could be your best friend but i'm hoping to find more since i have alot of friends?? looking for a serious relationship & understanding that getting to know one another is key to having a lasting one*** drop me a line or two along with a picture & i will do the same; until then--TTYL :) P.S. to the young lady to whom i've been chatting with and you know who you are** i did tell you from day1 that you are to young for me :) your 18yrs old & will be getting out into the world-- enjoy life for what it has to offer-- we are going in two different directions--i'm looking to settle down and have a family--you need to head off to college like you family wants you to-- i know you dont want to hear that-- but thats whats best for you(you will see in the long run) and yes i'm glad that you think i'm sexy!!! you are too, but there's way more to it than that :( you'll find a guy your own age-- eventhough your not answering your phone, now that i've told you that you need to find some1 your own age(and thats best for you)i did enjoy our talks on the phone-- you will see that the things that your family & i have been telling you are true!!! AND "NEVER" GIVE A MAN THE POWER TO CHANGE WHAT YOU KNOW TO BE RIGHT INTO WRONG!!! NOR "NEVER" GIVE HIM THE POWER TO HURT YOU!!! YOU KNOW MY NUMBER IF YOU EVER NEED A EAR JUST TO LISTEN? :) AND DONT BE UPSET WITH ME-- I'M ONLY TELLING YOU THE "TRUTH"---hope you read this & understand?? If i dont hear from you again-- "STAY SAFE & BLESSED" and go to school!!!!!!! lol lol


So...he is sort of breaking up with one girl, while at the same time fielding offers for more girls...all in the same post...he is an evil genius!

Seven Mary Three - 'Margaret'

Son, Ambulance

Son, Ambulance is another band out of the modern musical Mecca of Omaha,Nebraska. "Someone Else's Deja Vu' is their third studio album. And I love it. It's wonderfully melancholy and it has just the right amount of quirky sound to keep you listening REALLY closely. Glorious stuff.

Son Ambulance - 'Juliet's Son' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

(((((( B A T ' E R ....... U P ! ! )))))) The umpire calls! - 49 (Cols, OH)

Reply to: pers-748210074@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-09, 11:21AM EDT

I'm perplexed, don't get it, can't understand these problem! YOU (women) that are honestly available and searching won't get off your duff ! What is in your britches, concrete, bricks, iron or worse..... MALLORY ? (heaviest known metal) You all talk playin Baseball, however you become afraid when a real opponent steps forward to the plate knowing the game and wanting to win. "OH, I'm scared.... he's a for real kind of guy, he has expectations!" Is that a bad thing, don't you? I'm beginning to think you women can only judge your next man by first screwing him to death while saying "NSA" relationship. (No Strings Attached) Where are your brains, up you puss? Why be scared? Just because the last prick screwed you over good doesn't mean I'm going too, well maybe your puss eventually but not you! Yes, my future hopes are real! Why does that scare you? What else should they be?? I also want to know if being with you is right for the rest of my life, but not using my bat needlessly as the instrument of determination!!! One lovely woman is all I want / need!! You just can't sit on the bench talking Baseball, that is not how you win! Why not have some honest fun and be a serious participant? If you strike out... so what, did you give it your best effort?! Can a person really succeed if they don't put all their effort into what they are trying to accomplish? NO, I don't think so.... the outcome will show that exact effort given!

I am playing to win. I hope to find an attractive woman, at least somewhat slendar and healthy (fit), as I am too.

I'm just making a request to love again before I start pushing daisy's up.... that's all!

Please forgive me, I have good intentions toward all.


What an IDIOT! Don't people read these out loud before submitting them? And I can't believe he was able to stretch the baseball metaphor out in such a long, dreadful way.... T

The Hold Steady - 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' MP3

Musical Movie Review: "Funny Games"

This is a remake of a 1997 Austrian thriller of the same name(both directed by Michael Haneke.) and it features the SCARIEST bad guys I have seen in a thriller in a long time - two white, upper class looking young men who are ripped RIGHT out of the pages of J Crew. Horrifying I know. Add to their already creepy look a penchant for homicide and sadistic torture, as well as a flare for psychological terror, and you have two excellent bad guys. The yuppie maniacs are played by Michael Pitt(excellent as the dominant one) and Brady Corbet(as the not so smart one).

Naomi Watts and Tim Roth play the rich vacationing couple who are unlucky enough to cross paths with the two heavies. Once the villains make their way into the couple's lives, 90 minutes of terror are right behind them. Very bad things.

An above average thriller that is well worth renting.

Sleater-Kinney - 'You're No Rock N Roll Fun' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Sad and lonly - m4w - 33 (Columbus)

Reply to: pers-747742075@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-08, 10:36PM EDT

This isn't more than a fatkid feeling sorry for himself! I found this fantastic woman and had the most amazing time with her then this week we are taking a break, I cant help but to wonder what she is doing and where she is? I will just say I am hurting tonight and only want to be with her. I drove around all night smoking feeling sorry for myself when I should just keep it to myself and let her alone to do what she needs.


Fear and self loathing in Columbus,OH...

Billy Bragg And Wilco - 'At My Window Sad And Lonely'

New UNKLE ft. Josh Homme

James Levelle slipped a new UNKLE release out this week, under the radar, 'End Titles...Stories For Film.'

Here is a track featuring Josh Homme.

UNKLE - 'Chemical' MP3

New Walkmen

New York's The Walkmen are back with a new album, slated for an early August release. Here is a sneak peek, a track off of the forthcoming 'You & Me.'

The Walkmen - 'I Lost You' MP3

Matthew Ryan VS Silver State

I have been following(or trying to keep up with I should say) the career of Matthew Ryan since I saw open up a couple of different shows back in the early 2000's. I knew he was prolific, but I was surprised to learn that this latest record, 'Matthew Ryan VS Silver State' is his 11th in 11yrs...wow.
Not that the quality is suffering. His raspy voice and grounded lyrics still cut to the bone...enjoy this standout track from the latest LP.

Matthew Ryan - 'Drunk And Disappointed' MP3

To Survive

Joan Wasser is back as her musical alter ego, Joan As Police Woman, with a new record entitled 'To Survive.' While this album is nowhere near as volatile as her debut, 'Real Life', it is no less powerful. A great collection of songs well worth checking out. Here is my favorite track off of the album.

Joan As Police Woman - 'To Be Loved' MP3

A Good Day

'A Good Day' is the debut LP from singer/songwriter Priscilla Ahn. She reminds me of a cross between Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones, with a little Aimee Mann mixed, vocally speaking, and she is an amazing songwriter. Someone to definitely keep an eye on. Here is her first single, 'Dream.'

Priscilla Ahn - 'Dream' MP3

Missed Connections musical dedication of the day


Single wemen of the world...your prayers have been answered!


Flight Of The Cohchords - 'Ladies Of The World'