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Ms. Surrender (M.S.) - m4w (EYE)

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Date: 2008-12-09, 4:08PM EST

I feel compelled to express to you that you are the only girl (out of quite a few) for whom I've felt ANY affection during the past few years. So I'm a drunk and a lowlife... you appreciated that in me: It complimented your bullshit, goody-goody, banana republic, professional-woman style... and admit it, we had fun together! Obviously, it was just a fling from its inception... but I still wonder why you decided to end it how and when you did. So what!? My roommate walked in on us having sex on the sofa!? That was kind of erotic, and you felt so too. I passed out on top of you?! Come on, that could've happened to anyone at any (drunken) time. Sadly, I awoke and you were gone. The final word from your pretty mouth was "Well, we weren't that good of friends anyways..." which was, of course, true, so no arguing that fact. To add insult to injury, our last date was on the very day that my car was repossessed. O, to lose both you and Sophia on the same day...


Otis Redding - 'Mr. Pitiful' MP3

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