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Beautiful artistic seductive Brandy - m4w

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Date: 2008-12-17, 6:36AM EST

I dont know any were else to say this i dont know any other way to say this you were the best thing that ever happened to me i wish my situation was different i wish there was some way you were abel to deal with it i dont blame you for not being abel to though your so wonderfull and deserve all you dream and desire things i wouldnt be abel to give you the only thing i would ever be abel to give you could be the animal lust we shared and more of it now that things are slightly different but it still wouldnt be all the things you need and desire it would only be the intense passion we shared and i still long for i have never felt that way about anyone and probably never will again i have never held any one like i did you and again probably never will again and i have never felt such pure animal lust as we shared and again probably never will again and i want you to know brandy i fell for you fell hard but it was for you for your dreams and hopes and future i dissapeared it was the hardest thing i ever had to do becuase Brandy i did and i do love you


Honestly, I only picked this one because I LOVE the song I am attaching, and I figured it could be years before I get to post it again. But guy, I have a feeling she left you because of your horrendous spelling and your unnatural fear of punctuation. Not even 'animal lust' can make a girl look past grammar shortcomings like you have.

* Looking Glass - 'Brandy(You're A Fine Girl) MP3

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