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To the girl who snorted my grape crystal light packet - m4w - 28 (columbus, ohio)

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Date: 2008-12-19, 12:57AM EST

So I was sitting at the local bar with a buddy of mine that I have hung out at since I was in the 4th grade. (Now 28 and yes I know everyone there and their business) We were playing music at the bar when you kept annoying the shit out of my friend and I to come talk to you. You finally seemed to get the point that we werent attracked to you or in the least bit interested in talking to you, however you took it upon your own sweet self to appoach us at the music box.

You came on pretty strong and very forward with your first words asking if I could score you some coke or anything else. Now the bartender warned me to stay away from you, but wow, you really had me at hello! I informed you that I am not really into that anymore, but you kept asking me to ask others since I seemed to know everyone there. Only to get you the hell away from me after the 4th time you came up to me and asked, I told you I would see what I could do.

So, back with my friends, I had my hands in my pockets standing along the bar side as I noticed you still checkin me out!!! Once again, WOW! I ran across a single packet of grape flavored crystal light single packet that I didnt get around to drinkin at work that day. I pulled it out, poured it on the bar, and started "cuttin it" with a card. I really seemed to have caught your eye at this time. So I then put it in a small bar napkin and rolled it in a tight knot, then approached you with it. I was really starting to feel the connection at this point...... You once again asked me if I had found anything and I informed you that I scored some "Crystal". You seemed very excited but had never tried it before but was ready to try it. I set it on the bar, and you suddenly reminded me that the bar had new cameras so we couldnt do it there.

You followed me outside where I dumped it on the table, where god knows what has been on there previosly, and I cut it up into one big fat line. Without hesitation, asking how much, if I wanted any or even a blow job or telling me where we were going to party afterwards, you grabbed a bill, rolled it, and cleaned the shit out of that line! You complained it burned pretty bad, then later tasted like grape! (Wow, what a surpize!) I told you they tend to flavor the stuff now.

It was pretty funny to watch how messed up you were acting to be from "crystal". Needless to say, all of my friends got a huge kick out of it. You left on your bar tab, and I didnt even get the blowjob bitch!

I know you used to work at CVS across the street, but got fired from a drug problem, but if your still out there and get this, im waiting for you!


* Phosphorescent - 'Cocaine Lights' MP3

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