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Date: 2009-02-13, 10:08AM EST

my name is pam and i stay in downtown cols. i will be 35 in march and i would like someone to hear me. i dont want to be famous or anything like that but i would like to be able to start putting my voice to use before i end up old and losing it. and please i only need serious replies. i have been singing since i was little but nothing really big ever came of it. when i was in my twenties i worked in a bar on the westside running the kareoke machine and all that stuff. i got paid fifty bucks a night. but i was young and naive and quite the job. well anyway im older and wiser now so if anyone reads this and can offer any help or advice it would be appreciated. people r always telling me i need to be on american idol and things like that so i know i have the voice. i just need some kind of exposure. so i guess this is what im looking for. thanks.


" people r always telling me i need to be on american idol"...
says the 35yr old who used to run a karaoke machine in a west side bar...people and their delusions of grandeur never fail to stun me - and make me laugh.

* The Jayhawks - 'Big Star' MP3

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