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2/1-2/14: Intimate Video Class - as seen on HBO (Columbus)

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Date: 2009-02-01, 2:23AM EST

So, you got that new digital video camera for the holidays, and you and your partner have always wanted to make a special "private" video of the two of you. Don't know where to start? Want to do more than "switch to on and leave it on the dresser"?

Classes forming now. Former television producer will help you:
- plan the production
- scout any locations
- choose wardrobe
- set up the scene

Come meet discreetly alone, or with other like-minded couples in small group.


I wonder if there is a section in this class on blocking out your own face and being able to post the video online for maximum exposure/embarrassment after the inevitable break-up this tape will cause.

* The Botticellis - 'Old Home Movies' MP3

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