Influences: Gillian Welch and Ane Brun

I love it when artists write songs about the music that they love. I imagine that in the songwriting social scene, there is no higher honor than to be name checked by one of your own. So I am sure that Gillian Welch probably fell in love with Ane Brun the second she her Ms Brun's beautiful song 'Gillian.'

It's just a gorgeous song about how those special albums can get you through the rough patches that this life is fond of offering up.

* Ane Brun - 'Gillian' MP3

* Gillian Welch - 'Look At Miss Ohio' MP3

(PS - I think it's official...'Look At Miss Ohio' has probably been posted here more than any other song - I don't think I will be happy until everyone in the free world has heard it)

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