Like Titanic

We are in the midst of the dog days of winter here in Ohio. Snow, ice, slush, gray. Repeat.

To me, that means a steady stream of Damien Jurado music. This one came on last night and I think I repeated it about 13 times. The honesty of it all just hit me I think. Great songwriter...great song.

* Damine Jurado - 'Like Titanic' MP3

2 Response to "Like Titanic"

  • Rockstar Aimz Says:

    I love Damien Jurado. Super nice guy too. I wrote a review of Jurado opening for Okkervil River two years ago before I stared my blog. I will post it one of these days when I am lacking blog ideas.

  • Blair Says:

    Ah! I was living in LA when that tour happened...and I specifically remember being so dejected that I missed it!!

    You should totally post it...i am forever lacking blog ideas...which is why i post so often, I dont think!