Coachella Artist A Day: Morrissey...59 days to go


Here is one of off Moz's brand new 'Years Of Refusal' album that came out this week...enjoy:

* 'Sorry Doesn't Help' MP3

2 Response to "Coachella Artist A Day: Morrissey...59 days to go"

  • kate Says:

    I downloaded this yesterday since my Morrissey tickets came with the download (should have come with a fucking backstage pass for what they cost me...) Anyway, Alexander noticed that I was downloading it and he said "my dad said that Morrissey's new album isn't very good. He said it was kind of corny" Lol I love my kid. OOOh you want to know the best part?! When I told A's father that we were going to the show, he asked where our seats were and as we discussed it, we realized that we are all in the same row, just a few seats apart. So yay for me, I get to be in the same row with Alexander, his dad and his dad's girlfriend, you know the [very] young one he was with before we got separated. *sigh* Ewart, my boyfriend, said that he would come with me. So I'm going to get a cheap ticket (which can be A's ticket) since kids can't sit alone, they're allowed to sit on another ticket holder's lap, even if they're not in the same section. HA! Take that Ticketmaster. I know your flaws and I'm exploiting them!