I Still Miss Someone

Johnny Cash's 'I Still Miss Someone' has to be one of THE most covered songs in all of pop music history. Probably because it's such a heartbreakingly beautiful song. Simple, but with words that make it as relevant now as when it was written over 50yrs ago.

This version has instantly become one of my favorites. It's from former 70's punk Wreckless Eric and his new wife, country-ish crooner Amy Rigby. It is the lone cover on their self-titled home recorded album.

I will post one of my favorite originals from the record too...really great stuff.

* Wreckless Eric And Amy Rigby - 'I Still Miss Someone' MP3

* Wreckless Eric And Amy Rigby - 'Here Comes My Ship' MP3

1 Response to "I Still Miss Someone"

  • l. Says:

    i'm partial to ryan adams' version of this, and of course the orginal because...johnny.

    btw, new blog. i've linked you.

    see you at coachella, yeah?