Let's Talk About Spaceships...

Say Hi(formerly Say Hi To Your Mom) will always have a special place in my musical heart for writing and recording 'Lets Talk About Spaceships'...probably THE greatest relationship conflict-avoidance anthem ever put on record.

Say Hi, which is basically Seattle based singer/songwriter Eric Elbogen, also has a brand new record coming out soon entitled 'Ooh's and Ahh's.' More of his trademark cutting, introspective lyrics, but I think musically this record is a little more adventurous than the previous stuff that I have heard. I love it...been spinning it all day.

Here is a track from the new one, and then the obligatory title-of-the-post song.

* 'The Stars Just Blink For Us' MP3

* 'Let's Talk About Spacecships' MP3

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