High Fashion

I was under the weather and bed-ridden for most of Sunday, hence I missed the Academy Awards - which is no great tragedy. The sad part was that during my sick day on Monday I was flipping around aimlessly on the television, looking for something - anything to hold my attention until the medicine kicked in and knocked me out - and I somehow ended up on one of those red carpet round table discussion shows.

You know the ones...were four or five inane people over analyze every little detail of a celeb's outfit. I was so mad that it was on, and even madder at myself for not being able to turn it off. Is there anything more frivilous or ridiculous than high fashion? I think not. I think Lester Bangs said it best : "Style is originality; fashion is fascism.The two are eternally and unalterably opposed."

This entire fiasco reminded me of one of my favorite Gram Parsons song...here is the Chris Hillman/Steve Earle version.

* Chris Hillman/Steve Earle - 'High Fashion Queen' MP3

1 Response to "High Fashion"

  • Maddy Says:

    Well, In my humble opinion, is high fashion, or fashion in general so different from music? So much of our fashion is affected by the music we listen to, and music by fashion, etc. etc. Music is art, just like fashion, and there are catty people about both. Can't you agree with that?