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Seeking the perfect woman ...RIGHT NOW! (Columbus)

Reply to: pers-772632135@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-27, 11:50PM EDT

I am earnestly seeking a good friend plus.

I am a highly successful bachelor who travels often with my own jet & likes living a good life.

I am seeking a girl/women 23-38 non smoker who is attractive. Someone who will come over when I call, clean now & then, prepare meals for me for later as well as leave a few dollars. My grandfather taught me at an early age that leaving money builds character as I dont need the money but it shows devotion.

I had been in a relationship till a few weeks ago & even though my ex looked great she just turned 39 & thats when I cut the cord. To me its like an auto, only so many good miles & 38 is equal to 120,000 in my mind. I told her upfront & she left with her belongings. It was a great 5 years & now I am seeking a worthwhile replacement & a good friend.

Also in reference to the sex, please understand I am not the cuddling or spooning chit-chat kind of guy. When I AM DONE you can shower & leave as a good cold beer & ESPN do it for me & help me unwind.

Only serious inquiries please as my time is valuable & photos a must.

Cheers, Chip


Dear Chip...you are the BIGGEST ASS in the history of Craigslist...which is an amazing statement. And you didn't need to tell us your name...your pictures SCREAMS 'I am a

Pearl Jam - 'Soon Forget'

Soon Forget - Pearl Jam

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  • Mollypalooza Says:


    That means I'm approaching the 115,000 mile mark and I really don't feel as though I'm all used up.

    Leave a few dollars?? WTF? If a woman said that, people would call her a prostitute....