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Lost - w4m - 22 (Springfield)

Reply to: pers-774742589@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-29, 1:10PM EDT

Why did you do this? Why can't you even explain your actions? Why have you let me here all alone? Everyday since you have been gone, after all this hurt and continuous hurt, I have to deal with at least two people (men and women) a day trying to be with me because you are gone. And each time they ask all I can think about is you and I get so terribly sick to my stomach...it is killing me.
I thought since I showed you craigslist that possibly, someday you will browse this site and find my message of distress.
I don't know if I ever want to be with you, but I do know that I need to desperately talk to you. I need to know what happened. The truth this time. It has only been 9 days, but each day is a painful memory of you.
If you are running from the cops, then stop or you never will be able to. You have a chance, please as a friend to a friend, please stop and come back and face your minimal consequences.
I miss you and I care about you nonetheless.
Please write me or call me or stop by the house anytime, day or night. I will always be your friend even though you have caused me so much hurt, pain and public display of stupidity.
Please rest assured that none of your belongings are dmamged. I've stored them in a closet so no one can mess with your belongings, because I care and you owe me your bail money.
Just please find me and talk to me, I need this to end.


'because I care...and you owe me bail money'...Hallmark couldn't have written it any better.

What Jail Is Like - Afhgan Whigs, The

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