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(((((( B A T ' E R ....... U P ! ! )))))) The umpire calls! - 49 (Cols, OH)

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Date: 2008-07-09, 11:21AM EDT

I'm perplexed, don't get it, can't understand these problem! YOU (women) that are honestly available and searching won't get off your duff ! What is in your britches, concrete, bricks, iron or worse..... MALLORY ? (heaviest known metal) You all talk playin Baseball, however you become afraid when a real opponent steps forward to the plate knowing the game and wanting to win. "OH, I'm scared.... he's a for real kind of guy, he has expectations!" Is that a bad thing, don't you? I'm beginning to think you women can only judge your next man by first screwing him to death while saying "NSA" relationship. (No Strings Attached) Where are your brains, up you puss? Why be scared? Just because the last prick screwed you over good doesn't mean I'm going too, well maybe your puss eventually but not you! Yes, my future hopes are real! Why does that scare you? What else should they be?? I also want to know if being with you is right for the rest of my life, but not using my bat needlessly as the instrument of determination!!! One lovely woman is all I want / need!! You just can't sit on the bench talking Baseball, that is not how you win! Why not have some honest fun and be a serious participant? If you strike out... so what, did you give it your best effort?! Can a person really succeed if they don't put all their effort into what they are trying to accomplish? NO, I don't think so.... the outcome will show that exact effort given!

I am playing to win. I hope to find an attractive woman, at least somewhat slendar and healthy (fit), as I am too.

I'm just making a request to love again before I start pushing daisy's up.... that's all!

Please forgive me, I have good intentions toward all.


What an IDIOT! Don't people read these out loud before submitting them? And I can't believe he was able to stretch the baseball metaphor out in such a long, dreadful way.... T

The Hold Steady - 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' MP3

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