Musical Movie Review: "Funny Games"

This is a remake of a 1997 Austrian thriller of the same name(both directed by Michael Haneke.) and it features the SCARIEST bad guys I have seen in a thriller in a long time - two white, upper class looking young men who are ripped RIGHT out of the pages of J Crew. Horrifying I know. Add to their already creepy look a penchant for homicide and sadistic torture, as well as a flare for psychological terror, and you have two excellent bad guys. The yuppie maniacs are played by Michael Pitt(excellent as the dominant one) and Brady Corbet(as the not so smart one).

Naomi Watts and Tim Roth play the rich vacationing couple who are unlucky enough to cross paths with the two heavies. Once the villains make their way into the couple's lives, 90 minutes of terror are right behind them. Very bad things.

An above average thriller that is well worth renting.

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