Glen Hansard and I both love the Pixies

I have seen Glen Hansard 4 times now(twice w/the Frames and twice w/Swell Season) and on three of those occasions he mentioned his love of the Pixies. In fact at two of the shows he played Pixies songs, 'Where Is My Mind' and 'Cactus'.

After seeing the Swell Season again at Coachella in April I came home and I've been listening to Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim ever since...such a brilliant collection of music. EVERYONE should own these records...everyone.

Here are a couple of clips of Glen paying tribute...with the Pixies originals right behind the video clips:

Pixies - 'Cactus' MP3

Pixies - 'Levitate Me' MP3

1 Response to "Glen Hansard and I both love the Pixies"

  • voyno Says:

    thanks for the sweet vids.

    I think I have been living in an internet niche cave, i've never heard of Glen Hansard!