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^^^^GREAT GUY LOOKING FOR GREAT WOMAN^^^^ - 36 (Canal Winchester)

Reply to: pers-750752481@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-11, 10:58AM EDT

Lets see how i can sell myself to you(i feel so cheap lol); i'm 6'5 in great shape--have a great smile ALL of my white's are in the right place(lol)--mixed race--i dont drink nor do i smoke --i have no kids; grown or in another state*lol --i own my home--i have trouble keeping my hair short(just grows to fast)--love to laugh-- have a great sense of humor** or so i'm told? i love the outdoors---fishing-camping-water skiing-boating*-hiking--walking in parks--outdoors is the best--could be your best friend but i'm hoping to find more since i have alot of friends?? looking for a serious relationship & understanding that getting to know one another is key to having a lasting one*** drop me a line or two along with a picture & i will do the same; until then--TTYL :) P.S. to the young lady to whom i've been chatting with and you know who you are** i did tell you from day1 that you are to young for me :) your 18yrs old & will be getting out into the world-- enjoy life for what it has to offer-- we are going in two different directions--i'm looking to settle down and have a family--you need to head off to college like you family wants you to-- i know you dont want to hear that-- but thats whats best for you(you will see in the long run) and yes i'm glad that you think i'm sexy!!! you are too, but there's way more to it than that :( you'll find a guy your own age-- eventhough your not answering your phone, now that i've told you that you need to find some1 your own age(and thats best for you)i did enjoy our talks on the phone-- you will see that the things that your family & i have been telling you are true!!! AND "NEVER" GIVE A MAN THE POWER TO CHANGE WHAT YOU KNOW TO BE RIGHT INTO WRONG!!! NOR "NEVER" GIVE HIM THE POWER TO HURT YOU!!! YOU KNOW MY NUMBER IF YOU EVER NEED A EAR JUST TO LISTEN? :) AND DONT BE UPSET WITH ME-- I'M ONLY TELLING YOU THE "TRUTH"---hope you read this & understand?? If i dont hear from you again-- "STAY SAFE & BLESSED" and go to school!!!!!!! lol lol


So...he is sort of breaking up with one girl, while at the same time fielding offers for more girls...all in the same post...he is an evil genius!

Seven Mary Three - 'Margaret'

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