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I do ,do you? (out in the cold)

Reply to: pers-697158725@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-27, 3:59PM EDT

to look into your eyes, I could swear you care. But I am good at being wrong,as you know this already! I wish I could erase you from my mind.you have taken over all of my senses completly. I no longer see! I no longer hear, I only feel you. Its a sad sad day, dont think it will ever stop raining. I havent seen the sun in months. Noah's flood wasnt shit compared to mine. shards of pain rip through my soul. tearing and bleeding, I waste away. No love at all for me in this world. I am all alone. only thing I carry is a pocket full of pain and the memory of my most precious. You know who you are, please dont go far. I need you. I love you.I miss you. I want US to be US! not you and me, or him and her. I want to hear you say I DO! I want this dream to come true! I love you and only you and that will never change no matter what, not even if I never see you again. I could never love another woman other than you, I shouldnt love you. but yet.......... I DO!


So is this person lonely? Or sad maybe? I wish they would stop beating around the bush, STAND UP and vehemently TELL the world how they feel! Sitting there all listless and passive won't find your missed connection my friend...

Cat Stevens - 'Don't Be Shy'

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