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Can You Feel Anything When I Do THIS? - w4m - 40 (Dayton)

my hobbies are scrapbooking and soon quilting.i aspire to get more tattoos,when i'm able to and from my brother,he's a tattoo artist.my attachment is my beautiful 4 year old little girl.my triumps are my 7 parenting certificates and being healed from the lord jesus of depression from 18 years,yea.what my friends from church admire in me is the glow now in my face,the happiness and peacefulness.i like to eat and i dislike when the cold weather hits my ears and makes them hurt, when i'm walking home from the store.i guess my cute fault is when i'm dancing with my daughter to her jack's big music show moments.my personality is friendly but strong.and my love style is romantic and passionate.


All aboard the excitement train!! Scrapbooking AND quilting...and parenting certicifacates! Thank Jesus that she is writing this AFTER he saved her from depression...she must have been much less exciting then.

The Caulfields - 'Devil's Diary'

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