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clampdown girl in the

black boots - m4w - 26

Date: 2010-03-14, 4:35AM EDT

so i had this plan to come talk to you while you were dancing, but i am a terrible dancer so i flaked and decided to wait until you walked by. then towards then end of the night as you did walk by our booth to leave, some long-haired, drunk idiot from the bar decided to talk shit talk me and i missed my chance to try and say something smoooooth. you looked kind of tall (could have been the boots), were wearing a one piece(?) black dress, had shortish dark hair, and were with 3-4 girlfriends. i am assuming you were single just by intuition, but couldn't believe someone like you might actually be without a dude. i realize that i just described probably 30% of the girls at clampdown, but i never go to ravari and the one night i actually saw someone i wanted to talk to, i got blocked by some ass. that's why i'm posting. i'm not a creep. i swear.


Ah yes, some of the best missed connections come RIGHT after the poster gets home from the bar, and the alcohol and the agony of the missed connection join forces to create an impulsive, poorly worded manifesto...I am so glad to be alive in the time of Craigslist!

* The Clash - 'Clampdown' MP3

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