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Cup O'Joe at Easton Sunday

afternoon - w4m - 37 (Easton)

Date: 2010-03-15, 12:37PM EDT

You: Tall, slim, good looking man at the coffee bar at Cup O'Joes at Easton Sunday (3/14) afternoon. Probably around 2 PM. You stood at the coffee bar awaiting your drink for a moment, right in front of me. I stopped breathing. Brown hair with a bit of curl to it. Green, maybe blue eyes. Ruggedly handsome face.6 foot tall or taller?

I want to say you were wearing a light tan shirt/sweater and jeans? I was too star-struck to notice.

I don't think you were with anyone. I was there, on like the ump-teenth bad first date meet-n-greet. Else I would have stood up and introduced myself. But that would have been rude to the young gentleman who was there filling me in on the elaborate life of his houseplants.

Regardless, if I never find you again. You gave me HOPE. I've been going out on first dates, maybe second dates, wondering if I would ever find anyone in the Columbus area that might tug at my heart strings again. You did. And then I lost sight of you.

Knowing my luck, you were probably gay. . . . . . .

I was the girl at the coffee bar with the geeky guy in an orange shirt. I am blond, with straight hair and bangs, shoulder length. Full lips, blue eyes. Mid 30's. Wearing a blue v-necked sweater. . . . .

Oh, amazing man . . where did you go? Give me hope there are men like you in Columbus .


* The White Stripes - 'One More Cup Of Coffee' MP3

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