Craigslist Musical Dedication


Date: 2010-03-03, 5:42PM EST

one large one on his arm
one near the groin of a tazmanian devil and an E for his wife's name near the large tat..although he says the E is for his high school
brown hair (what is left of it), goatee, tall, overweight, eats that pinch tobacco (puts in the bottom of his front lip), two older kids (might have younger ones, too), has a this the guy?
If so, my cousin went out with him. He semmed nice. I know he was in the Army and he works fr Nasa. Is this the same guy all these posts are about? Please email me.


A Tasmanian devil groin tattoo AND he works for NASA? Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most interesting man in the world.

* Joseph Arthur - 'Speed Of Light' MP3

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