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Date: 2010-02-25, 3:01PM EST

i am a very spiritual woman. and so i know that i alone create my circumstances. it has been a long time since i've had a serious relationship, and even longer since i actually shared a real connection with somebody. so in the spirit of the "law of attraction" i am putting forth what i desire to be returned to me. this is in no way an offer for a date, or whatever, its just my way of issuing to the universe what i want to have manifest in my life. by posting it to people who will hopefully read the whole thing, i hope that the added brain power (attention and focus) will multiply my own intention and thus make it happen quicker :) i dont think its a mystery that what i want is a man. correction: not a man, THE man. my other half, my twin flame, the only person who can get me completely. i ache for this to be so. i can see how we are together, every detail, and its just beautiful. i want you in my life! so i sat down and started writing down (surprise) some of the qualities that i want in this man that the universe shall make for me. many of these things could fall under the category of "in line with his true self", but for the purpose of specificity, i thought they should be included separately. In no particular order, he will be:

-intellectual and open minded
-reasonable, rational, responsible
-sensible and practical
-have integrity and morals.
-tall, and handsome, preferably darkish in tone (eyes, hair, and/or skin, whatever)
-fun and funny
-deeply spiritual
-working towards aligning with his true self
-understands the infinite creative power of his mind
-encouraging and positive
-affectionate and expressive
-has moxy and can handle my sassy self too
-sometimes spontaneous and generally cheery
-complex and deep
-charming and charismatic
-tactful and honest
-calm, capable, confident
-eccentric, unique, quirky
-talented and skilled in several areas
-passionate about the things he believes in
-has sharp, sarcastic wit and uses it judiciously.
-has generous, giving nature, balanced with healthy self-interest
-into continuous self-improvement
-totally enraptured by every aspect of me :)
-a great kisser, amazing in bed, similar kinks
-financially stable and responsible
-into healthy living (and inspires me to be more so), natural remedies, vegetarian?
-loves to cook and encourages me to love it too
-loves animals, children, and "the small things"
-awake to conspiracies and the like, or at least open minded enough to eventually see.
-has the keys to fit my locks, and the locks that fit my keys
-lives in abundance and gratitude.

So shall it be.

****** I googled's like the existential equivalent of bad tween music...the Justin Bieber of philosophy! (yeah, just throwing Bieber in there to get a spike in site traffic)

* The Tallest Man On Earth - 'Into The Stream' MP3

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