Coachella Artist O'the Day: 20 Days To Go

Of all of my friends that I am meeting up with at Coachella next month, I dare say that I am the least excited to see Thom Yorke. It's not that I hate Radiohead. I mean, I see the talent...but their songs have just never resonated with me. No connection. And to tell you the truth, I don't think I have ever even heard a single note of his solo stuff. But since he is playing late on Sunday night, I think I may just check him out. By the evening of the third day of Coachella, I am usually so blissfully exhausted that by the time the sun sets on Sunday evening I just grab a patch of grass on the polo field near the main stage. In fact, last year I fell asleep during the Cure's set...until I was jarred awake by the sound of my own snoring. How rock n roll is that?

My blog my rules right? So instead of posting a solo Thom Yorke song I am going to post my favorite radiohead song. I also love the fact that someone heard this song and thought it would perfect for a 'Lost' fan vid. God bless the internet and super fans. Pick a song...any song, and do a youtube search for it. My research shows that there is a 90% probability that said song will have a Harry Potter clip attached to it. Feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below.

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