Coachella Artists O'the Day: 56 Days To Go

Today's Coachella artist of the day is just another great example of why I go out of my way to make it to this festival every year. Instead of just filling their stages with mega big names or flavor of the month artists(granted, there is some of that) they build a show that always seems to pay homage to the trendsetters in music. I have seen artists at Coachella that I would NEVER be able to see otherwise. Artists like Kraftwerk, New Order, Public Enemy, Roky Ericcson, Bauhaus, Jesus and Mary Chain, Prince, Paul McCartney, and so many more. Coachella just seems to be a weekend long love song to music heaven.

All of that rambling brings me to today's artist, Gary Numan. Dude was using synthesizers to make music before anyone even knew what they were capable of. His sonic fingerprint is smudged all over the pop music landscape, from the rise of New Wave to today's indie rock/dance stuff. Much respect.

* 'Cars' MP3

* 'Down In The Park' MP3

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