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guitar playing singer - w4m

Date: 2010-02-20, 10:19PM EST

I can't remember your name but I can't forget you. I first saw you play almost 2 years ago when I was out with friends. You had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. We only talked for a few minutes but you asked intriguing questions. I wanted to talk much longer.

Later that summer I saw a band and thought you were singing, but couldn't be sure it was you and I couldn't stay to find out. I also think I saw you out walking downtown with your guitar a couple of different times over this summer. I kick myself for not stopping and asking if it was you.

You're tall with a beard, and you have a kind of brooding quality. You said you write your own music, but play cover songs more because that's what people in bars want to hear. You were funny but seemed very sad. I would like to see you play again if you're still in the area. For some reason I think you moved to Newark from somewhere else.

If this sounds like anybody you know of please let me know.


OMG! I totally know this guy:

* Glen Hansard - 'Cry Me A River'(Justin Timberlake cover) MP3

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