Craigslist Musical Dedication

I came back and

you were gone :(

- w4m - 42

Date: 2010-02-06, 11:14PM EST

It's been since November last year, and I keep thinking about you, and have found myself coming to that gas station looking for you several times...

I figured I have to take a chance or I'll never know what could be...

You know what kind of car you were driving, and you know what I was wearing, what I looked like. You know who you are....ok, and you caught my interest, making eye contact, acknowleding was a good feeling, you made me smile, and it felt good.

You watched me from the time you were walking into pay for gas, and I watched you while I was on my I was pulling out I waved, as I got on Morse I watched you wave me back, I went up to Easton, and turned around and came back...but you were gone.

You didn't wait for me...if you reply, please tell me what kind of car you were driving, what you were wearing, what i was driving/wearing and what day/time it was.


This may in fact be the saddest missed connection in the history of sad missed connections...

* Clem Snide - 'Loneliness Finds Her Own Way' MP3

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