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Feel Guilty? Do you need

Spanked?- 45 (Reynoldsburg)

Date: 2010-02-05, 6:26PM EST

Emotional guilt and sorrow can often times be relieved, even permanently, with a simple spanking by an experienced disciplinarian. Saying you're sorry is usually not enough to settle a person's emotions especially if the guilt is strong. Everyone needs the sense of having paid some price for whatever indescretion or misdeed that is causing the emotional stress.
Some people lose sleep nearly every night for issues in the past that continually haunt them. If you are wanting to shed the guilt emotions and the terrible stress that they cause in your life, contact me and arrange a consultation to determine if your guilt can be lifted from your shoulders and allow your life to be freer and more content without the negative stress. Get back on the positive side of life and live life to it's fullest. All information is kept in strictest confidense and participants are welcome to not identify themselves. Reply in confidense and take the first step to freeing your emotions of guilt.


Such a creative spin this guy gives his own fetish. With his insightful "consultations", he is merely here to HELP YOU....really.

* Florence & The Machine - 'I'm Not Calling You A Liar' MP3

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