Coachella Artist O'the Day: 73 Days To Go

Before getting to today's artist, a quick history lesson may be required as I realize that many of you who stumble across this blog can't even remember living in a pre-internet age. I promise I'll be brief. Many, many years ago the channel on your cable tv known as MTV 2 used to play something called "music videos." The reason MTV 2 was created was because it's mother network, MTV, which also used to play these music videos, ceased doing so. Instead of music, MTV started to produce nothing but really bad reality TV - mostly focusing on the dating lives of extremely annoying 20yr-olds. They came up with SO much bad programming, in fact, that they then had to overtake the MTV 2 airwaves as well. True story.

The reason I bring all this up is because on of my earliest MTV memories revolves around today's Coachella artist of the day - DEVO. I remember being mesmerized, and probably a little frightened, by the guys in the band playing the song 'Whip It', all dressed in black and wearing what i thought were flower pots on their heads. Sweet, sweet nostalgia.

* Devo - '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' MP3

* Devo - 'Girl U Want' MP3

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