As the occasional great movie finds it's way into my life, I will sometimes show some love to said film in blog form and set music to my ramblings. This is one of those times.

Thanks to the modern marvel that is my Xbox 360 I am able to stream netflix movies right into my living room on demand. This invention has been the death of boredom on many a Tuesday night here. Last night's late night feature was 'Gigantic' starring Paul Dano as an introspective bed salesman in NYC and Zooey Deschanel as his quirky,adorable muse.

I am not a writer nor am I a critic, so I will attempt to keep this brief...bear with me. It's basically that same old story. You know the one where the quiet, sweet guy who has spent an entire lifetime obsessing over adopting a Chinese baby FINALLY gets close to his ultimate goal of obtaining an actual Chinese baby, then accidentally meets the girl of his dreams and suddenly there is conflict. Obviously, that was a very trite plot summary, but the point being this is not like every other movie you have ever seen. And while it is by no means the greatest film of all time, it still does a way better than average job of documenting the dysfunction of families and relationships and trying to make them all fit into these, our so-called lives.

Well worth your 90 minutes....go see it, we must discuss.

* Pixies - 'Gigantic' MP3

* Clem Snide - 'Chinese Baby' MP3

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