Break Up

I have to admit that when I hit PLAY on this one, I really wasn't excpeting all. I mean I LOVED Pete Yorn's debut record, but have been less than blown away with his stuff since then. And the only thing I had heard from Scarlett Johansson was her far from thrilling album of Tom Waits Covers.

But what would life be without the plesant surprises? The nine tracks on 'Breakup' are some of the best Pete Yorn stuff I have heard in years, and the harmonies between the two really work. Is it the album of the year? Probably not, but still really good.

* 'Someday' MP3

1 Response to "Break Up"

  • Angie Says:

    I love Scarlett! She's my favorite Hollywoodite. I've only heard part of the album (haven't had time to sit down and listen to all of it), but I like what I've heard so far. I was sorry her Waits covers didn't work out so well because I know she has a good voice, but I'm glad to see this second attempt was more successful. I hope she doesn't stray too far from acting. She's a phenomenal actress.