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In love with my cousin - m4w - 32 (olathe)

Date: 2009-08-15, 2:34AM CDT

It has been almost 6 years since i first meet my cousin for the first time,back then she was 20,i didn't know that she was my cousin and started a close friendship,later on,my mom told me that in fact she was my first cousin,from that moment on everything change for us cause the family was always against our close friendship if you know what i mean,we stop seeing each other for almost 3 years and then i saw her in a family reunion and she told me that she had a boyfriend but still was feeling something for me,our family always opposed to our feelings feeding us traditions and family standards.
well i just completed a long research and found out that first cousin relationships are legal and perfectly normal ,in fact even marriage is legal in 38 states,but now its too late because she has a boyfriend.
can someone please tell me if this is right or wrong cause I'm going crazy trying to bare the fact that we could be happy and thanks to lies and lack of information we didn't.
what do you think?,please let me know if something like this ever happened to you,or something similar,I'm very interested in your opinion that is going to help me decide what to do next.


3 billion women on this planet...and he falls for his 1st cousin...

The Lucksmiths - 'First Cousin' MP3

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