Walk, revisit, repeat

One of my absolute joys in life is the simple act of taking a walk. I love grabbing my mp3 player, turning it on shuffle, and then just take off walking. It is so great to get lost in my own head for a bit, all the while rocking out to a great soundtrack.

And a killer side effect of this love of mine is that every time I do take a walk I stumble across a handful of awesome songs that I had totally forgotten about. Luckily for me, I am in horrible shape - so I get totally winded before too long, allowing me to remember the tunes that made me smile with sentimental glee. And now, the miracle of blogging...I will share last nights gems with you:

God what a great rock album Gish is...and did it REALLY come out in 1991?? Man the years are falling off like leaves...

Smashing Pumpkins - 'Tristessa' MP3

Why's 'Alopecia' record is easily one of the coolest albums of the year...but this is a track I hadn't paid much attention to. I have this really bad habit of getting stuck on certain songs on albums I love...my resolution for 2009 is to work on this.

Why? - 'Fatalist Palmistry' MP3

Long live Ted Leo. Really. Does anyone right better, more infectious power pop songs than he does? This one is from last year's brilliant 'Living With The Living.'

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - 'A Bottle Of Buckie' MP3

Tulsa reminds me so much of Nada Surf, in the best kinda way. That's another one where I sort of obsessed over one track and lost the other album songs in the process, so I was quite grateful when 'Shaker' popped up via the shuffle.

Tulsa - 'Shaker' MP3

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