Redifing the Ipod age

OK, I am going to totally show my age here...but I am getting old, and I am at peace with it. But I digress. Does anyone else out here remember 'sniglets'? If not, are much, much younger than me!(feel free to click the link there, it will give you a brief stufy in ancient pop culture history).

Living in this insane age of on-demand information as we do, I think what the world needs now is a new Rich Hall. I am constantly coming across situations that call for a word, but alas, no word exists. Take the walk I was on last night as an example. And this is one that happens to me ALL THE TIME. I was walking along the side of a street when a funeral procession was rolling down the road, and just as the current song on my mp3 player ended, the shuffle brought up 'The Funeral' by Band Of Horses the procession was RIGHT THERE. I have these amazing musical coincidences happen all the time,and I can't be alone. I mean most of my music obsessed friends are just like me and ALWAYS have their Ipod's in their ear. This has to happen to everyone sometimes.

And this phenomenon needs a word. I would like to nominate:
Ipodepity - The fateful meshing of life and the shuffle mode.

Or how about when your Ipod plays two oddly related songs back to back. Like just today my shuffle played Lykke Li's 'Dance Dance Dance' and T Rex's 'Cosmic Dancer' back to back...again, this sort of thing NEEDS to be called something. I have literally tapped out all of my excess brain power in coining "ipodepity" feel free to share your suggestions on this one, or any other Ipod related circumstances that deserve their very own definitions.

Band Of Horses - 'The Funeral' MP3

4 Response to "Redifing the Ipod age"

  • Janet Says:

    How many songs are on your IPod? I have regularly been disappointed with the quality of the shuffle (playing the same several songs with over 1000 options).

    As for the coincidentally played songs... I propose "podidence" as the noun.

  • Blair Says:

    Podidence is golden!

    I actually have a Zune...i think there like 15,000 songs on there Still, somehow, every third song is a Pixies player shows big time favoritism

  • Xav Says:

    Mmmm, and what about when your ipod decides to be you friend for once and shuffles in exactly the right songs for your mood?
    It almost feels like the little thing has a soul and tries to say "cheer up, mate".
    When it happens, I'm almost scared of even pausing it off and break the spell...

  • Blair Says:

    Haha...they are amazing, I swear some days there is a mood detector chip in there!