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I Don't Want Sex, I Just Want To Wash Your Car - 34 (Bexley)

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Date: 2008-11-14, 10:07AM EST

You're a professional businesswoman in charge of a department at work, or a group of employees. Some of the employees are male. Aren't there times where you'd like to take it out on these guys? Make them wash your car or mow your lawn? After all, you're in charge at work and have underlings to do the mundane tasks; why not extend that to your personal life?

I placed a personals ad recently on Yahoo looking for a dominant woman. The ad read. "Don't Want Sex, But I Do Want to Wash Your Car". Got alot of responses, but noone serious. Maybe I was looking in the wrong lace.

I too am a professional male, type A at work, but in my off-time, Id like to find a female that is looking for a more submissive male to serve her wishes. Maybe it's time you went shopping! Wouldnt it be nice to have a man carry your bags without bitching while you shop in leisure? Or maybe you love flowers, but hate the physical task of putting in a flower bed? Thats where I come in?

Skys the limit...only to your imagination!

I'll say it here too...I Dont Want Sex, I Just Want to Wash Your Car"

Send me an email at your convenience


You never, EVER see women post ads like this...I think that speaks volumes about the male gender(I am sad to say)

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